Common Household Items That You've Been Using Wrong This Whole Time

Did you know that there are many very common household items that you've been using wrong this whole time? When repurposed the right way, these items can solve many pesky little issues. Here are fifteen everyday items that are probably somewhere around your house that you can use in a much more efficient way, with a cool hidden purpose!

Loop In Back Of Shirt

Image Credits: Livestly

Image Credits: Livestly

First of all, it's important to mention that this trick doesn't apply to garden-variety shirts. We are positive that you own at least one nice, collared shirt that has this mysterious loop at the back, in the middle. We can thank the Navy for this loop. While they were out at sea, men in the Navy would have loops on their shirt so that they could hang them on hooks. In the 60s, the loops were also used by college students to hang their shirts and keep them wrinkle-free while exercising at the gym. Today, these hooks are put on shirts as a sign of class and quality.

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