The Sweetest Kids And Animals Photos

The Sweetest Kids And Animals Photos

Mar 28, 2020Manuela Mitevova

Animals and kids simply belong together! Not only are they the cutest creatures we have on this earth, but they are also some of the most intuitively intelligent, which makes for an unbeatable combo. There are so many benefits to the relations between animals and children, and they should be exposed to each other as often as possible. Here are some of the cutest photos capturing deep love!

Deepest Bond

There is so much that goes on in the relationship between animals and kids. They develop one of the deepest bonds imaginable with them and are able to go out and discover the world with a partner next to them. Being able to feel like part of the bigger picture is one of the best feelings a pet can offer a child.

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Outdoor Time

Having a pet means a lot of outdoor time, which can be great for kids who might otherwise not find it enticing to get out and play. A dog is going to drag them out for


whether they like it or not, and soon enough, it will become their new standard for passing time!

Animals Against Illnesses

Having a dog while young, especially during the first year of life, proves to have tremendous health benefits on kids. The kids’

immunity develops much better

and is more resistant to diseases. Just another reason to let your baby cuddle with your dog as much as possible!

Childhood Dreams

Animals can make your kid’s dream come true in many ways! Some children like to think they are certain animals themselves, and feel they belong more to their world. By allowing them to experience it full-on, you are allowing them to see the world from their point of view, and live their dreams, even if just for a moment.

Bath Time Camaraderie

Bath time is a difficult ordeal when it comes to both babies and pets, but together they can face it better! If you ever thought it was hard getting your pet in the water, try doing it while your baby joins in the action. Laughs and heartwarming moments are guaranteed, and you will even stop to take cute photos like this one!

Empathy And Compassion

One of the most important things animals teach kids is to be

empathetic and compassionate

towards other beings. If kids are exposed to animals from a young age, they learn to cohabitate a space with them, without being naughty, and they are also more likely to develop the same sentiments towards humans.

Taking Responsibility

Having pets can teach kids tremendous


too, and they often start caring for them like parents without adults having to even ask. The instinct to protect the small and young lives strong in kids, and they keep proving over and over again that despite their age, they can take on the responsibility of assuring an animal’s safety and wellbeing.

Yearly Check-Up

Leave it to kids to surprise you with their level of responsibility and knowledge about how the world works. They know very well that doctors need to check humans and animals alike, to make sure they are in perfect health. If you ever catch your child checking the heartbeat of your pet, you might have a future medical professional under your roof!

Babies And Dogs

You don’t have to tell a dog twice to fall in love with your newborn baby. Dogs are so geared towards being hyper-protective, that they will take on the role of a third parent as soon as they see the baby, so you don’t have to worry about anything bad ever happening to your child!

Understanding Basic Needs

Kids can also learn pretty quickly about the mundane, but necessary, aspects of having a pet, such as regular feeding or bathing for example. Understanding early on that life comes with more boring parts that are needed for survival, and not everything is just about fun and play, teaches children a grown-up worldview.

Partner For Adventure

Kids need partners for their little and big adventures, but if a child doesn’t have siblings, this can get tricky. Owning a dog can be wonderful in this situation, as the two can become buddies who can build their own worlds together. Constantly discovering something new, and never up to any good!

Cuddling Time

Hardly anyone does quality cuddling time better than pets. Dogs especially are geared towards showing the most affection for their owners, and they cling to babies like there is no tomorrow. If you want to make sure your baby is protected and safe at all times, get yourself a loyal doggo!

Getting Into Trouble

There is no denying that kids and animals have something big in common- they love getting into trouble! Whether it is by doing arts and crafts on the furniture or tearing apart all your shoes, kids and pets have a thing for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. And they stick together in the process! 

Non-Verbal Communication

Kids, just like animals, have their

own way of communicating

with the world. This kind of communication is often non-verbal, and they rely on touch and other senses to convey emotions and meanings. Animals can help children feel understood in a world where adults require only spoken words!

Developing Intelligence

Animals are incredibly intelligent creatures, and we often don’t give them enough credit for that. They can teach children so much and should be given the space to do so.

Studies prove

that children who are more exposed to animals develop much better cognitively, so go ahead and get your kid some quality animal time!

Animals can help kids develop in the best way possible, and kids, in turn, learn how to be responsible, young humans. Exposing young children to animals has so many benefits, that we are surprised animal care is not one of the subjects in schools. The cuteness that comes along with the relationship is just an added bonus to warm our hearts!