Interesting Facts About Astrology

Mar 19, 2020Silvia Fonseca

Things like ascendents, love compatibility, and predictions for the future usually attract the attention of those interested in zodiac signs. However, the astrological universe and the zodiac signs are much more than clichés about each sign. Do you want to know some incredible mysteries and curiosities about this field? Keep reading!

First Records

The first discovered and deciphered documents about astrology date from the 7th century BC, in the first dynasty of Mesopotamia. However, the version of astrology that people currently know just appeared around the 5th century BC, when the signs of zodiac appeared.

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Origin of the Word

The word zodiac comes from the Greek and means "circle of little animals." The zodiac is represented by 12 star-constellations that describe the trajectory of the sun throughout the year. Every one of these constellations has a name that is the same as the astrological sign it represents.

The First Sign

According to astrologer Paula Bueno Brandão, at the time of the creation of the zodiac signs, the first one on the calendar was Taurus. Nevertheless, over time this has changed, and today, the sign of Aries is considered the first in the circle.

Astrology and Astronomy

Astrology and astronomy have always been a bit mixed. The disconnection of the two areas of research, which gave astronomy the status of exact science, only occurred very recently. That is why great astronomers of the past were also astrologers, like Tycho Brahe, Galileo Galilei, and  Johannes Kepler.

Power of the Stars

The belief in the power of the stars became so great throughout history that, until the 18th century, medical courses included astrology classes in their curricula. This originated a science, at the time, called medical astrology. It studied the connection between diseases and astrological signs.

Three Wise Men

It is believed that the three kings who would have brought gifts to the baby Jesus were, in fact, astrologers. The conclusion is reinforced by historians. They say these characters in the gospel of Matthew are inspired by priests of Zoroastrianism, a Persian religion based on astrology.

Roman Empire

Roman emperors had a habit of never doing anything without first consulting the stars. A classic example is Emperor Hadrian, who used to make predictions for himself. So astrology was present in many great civilizations and even influenced important decisions.

Aries and Bravery

An interesting thing that astrologers say is that many Aries have in common is some type of scar, usually on the head, that was obtained during childhood, as a result of the tendency to bravery from an early age. You don't believe it? Ask an Aries, you know.

Taurus and Wealth

In astrology, Taurus is also believed to know how to handle money very well. In addition, some research in this field of studies has shown that people with the sign of Taurus are more likely to have high salaries and successful careers.

Balanced Librans

Among the most balanced and harmonic signs of the zodiac are the Librans. Due to their diplomatic and kind nature, they tend to get along very well with all the signs of the zodiac, thus being more friendly and able to relate well with others.

Born the Same Day

Babies who were born on the same day can be of different signs. It all depends on the exact moment when the person was born, which can happen in a period between two signs, that is, between two different positions on the birth chart. And to define it, even two minutes can make all the difference.

Types of Astrology

The most common use of the term astrology almost always refers to western astrology. The word astrology may have a different meaning for people, depending on the culture from which they come. This is because different cultures have their own astrology systems, which differ slightly. 

Beginning of Astrology

Among all the glorious civilizations, the Sumerians are the ones who laid the foundation for studies of the zodiac. They were the first to recognize Mars as the planet of force and war and to connect with humans. They were also the first to see Venus as the planet that expresses femininity and fertility.

Origins of Astrology

China and Greece were among the first countries in the world to recognize great importance to astrologers. Since ancient times and perhaps beyond, astrology was linked to the understanding of a relationship between the seasons and the apparent movement of the stars, which led man to worship them.

Astrology Trustworthiness

Astrology has already been frowned upon, due to some misleading astrologers who take advantage of people. Because of that, many people do not believe in this field, thinking that all professionals are like that. But, make no mistake, there are many respectable astrologers, and this is a profession that requires a lot of study and dedication.

Many believe that astrology is just the horoscope that we read on the websites. However, as can be seen, this study goes far beyond of traits of each zodiac sign, and there are many interesting facts about the subject. Which one of those facts surprised you the most?

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