New Surprising Ways To Use WD-40

Mar 26, 2020Mourad Awad

One of the most flexible of all of the household products is WD-40. This Teflon based aerosol is a staple in just about every home in America. You probably already know that there are a ton of ways to use WD-40 around your house, but do you know all of them? We're going to count some of them down today, and we'll bet there are a whole bunch that you've never seen! Curious? Let's get started!

Lubricating Scissors

Image credits: Lively Blog

Oh my, how annoying is a pair of scissors that just won't budge? How am I going to craft a happy birthday card for my great-aunt Giselle? Well, I'm guessing you know the answer. Simply spray some WD-40 where the two blades meet. Giselle is going to be one happy lady. Last year, I didn't know about this useful trick, and my scissors wouldn't budge, so I couldn't send her my blessings.

Removing Rings From Your Hand

Image credits: Onegoodthingbyjillee

Although you may be the type to never want to take your wedding off, sometimes, you have to. If you leave it on your finger for too long, it can be extremely difficult to remove, unless you have WD-40 at your disposal. Simply spray some on your finger and pull on the ring a little until it slides off. Just don't let your wife know. 

Fish Lures

Image credits: YouTube/Rich Manana

No, we don't advise spraying WD-40 in your hair before going scuba diving. It might look good on the beach, but it's not going to attract all the fish towards you. However, you can spray your fishing lures, as they will shine, and this will attract fish towards them. This amazing spray will have you swimming with the fishes (no, not that way).

Removing Gum From Shoes

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When are people going to stop spitting their gum on the sidewalk? It is rude, disgusting, and outright selfish. If you are the unlucky victim of this awful encounter, let the gum dry, then spray some WD-40 until it peels off. There's a special place in hell for those who dispose of their chewing gum on the ground! 

Waterproof Shoes

Image credits: Pinterest

When winter season hits, nobody wants their boots to be completely wet! If you have dealt with this before, next time, for an extra layer of protection, spray some WD-40 on your shoes before you go out, making the water slide right off. Your boots will thank you for this one! You don't need more than one pair of boots all winter!

Eliminating Lipstick Stains

Image credits: Pinterest

Not many people want to walk with a lipstick stain on their shirt, whether they've been unfaithful or not. Sometimes, throwing it in the washing machine doesn't do the trick. If you encounter this, just spray some WD-40 on a cloth, rub it on the stain, and watch it rub right off. Is there anything this magical spray can't do?

Opening Rusted Locks

Image credits: YouTube/LivingMagazine

The rain season is finally over, so you head to the shed to get some things. Unfortunately, you locked it a while ago, and the key won't even get inside the hole. Ah, rusty locks - what a predicament. WD-40 is a great lubricant to fight this issue. Spray some into the keyway and this should allow the key to push into the lock. 

Removing Bumper Stickers

Image credits:

Some of us may have been down that road before, thinking, "I want to raise awareness for Green Peace, let me put a sticker of it on my bumper!" You may have tried taking it off with soap and water. If you have, you know it doesn't really work. However, WD-40 will make it peel off like a banana skin! Perhaps it's now time to raise awareness to a new issue? The destruction of the Amazon, maybe?


Image credits: Youtube/5-Minute Crafts

Nothing is more annoying than when your zipper can't make the 'zzz' sound. When your zipper is acting more stubborn than your teenage daughter, just spray some WD-40 (on the zipper, not your daughter) and watch it move with ease. How many times before have you discarded an item simply because the zipper was broke? Not anymore!

Remove Oils From Clothes

Image credits: Wikihow

What is it about oil that makes it harder to remove than my depression? Wow, that got a little deep. WD-40 can really help in this situation. Not for the depression, for the oil. Spray WD-40 on the oil stain and wait a little while, before finally wiping it off.  

Protecting Shower Heads

Image credits: Pixabay

How many of your shower head's pores are actually releasing water? Many of them may be blocked by now. Go have a look for yourself. If they are blocked, spray some WD-40 on the inside, and the pores will quickly open up. Try it out! It'll have you feeling like it's a complete, brand new showerhead! 

Keeping AC Compressors Clean

Image credits:

This is helpful especially when you get a new air conditioner! No one wants to breathe polluted and dusty air, so what's the solution? Simply spray the front of your air conditioner with WD-40 as this will prevent the collection of dust. This spray can do so many things, it's almost magical! The only other product we can think of that is useful in so many ways is baking soda.

Dig Faster, Not Harder

Image Credits: Wikihow

We've already seen how useful WD-40 can be in many situations, but what on earth does it have to do with a shovel? Well, we're glad you asked. If you spray your shovel with WD-40 before digging, you will be able to easily slide in and out like a hot knife in butter! You will definitely place first in the village's digging competition!

Fixing Water Stains

Image credits:

Sometimes, it's nearly impossible to see yourself in the mirror after a hot, steamy shower. Even after you try to wipe it off with your fingers, it leaves water stains that make it look like you've got leprosy. Don't worry, you probably don't, and wiping WD-40 on these marks will show you that. At least we hope they will. 

Keep The Fridge Gasket Supple

Image credits: DC Fridges

You really don't know what a fridge gasket is? Well, neither did I, to be fair. After a little Googling, I found out that it's the rubber part that creates suction allowing your fridge to remain closed. This gasket is absolutely crucial, but the amount of gunk it collects is unreal! To deal with this, apply the thin nozzle on the WD-40 spray and get into those crevices. It will wipe the mess away really fast.  

Clean Gum From Hair - Without Cutting!

Image credits: Pxfuel

This doesn't only happen in movies. Gum can get stuck in your hair anytime! If this annoying occurrence ever happens to you, let the gum dry for a while, then spray WD-40 all over it. Don't forget to cover your face! Gum in your hair does not always mean an embarrassing trip to the hairdresser! It's time to take things in your hands!

Shining Up License Plates

Image credits: Pixabay

Whether you are a collector of license plates, or you just want yours to sparkle like whitened teeth, WD-40 could be your best friend. Spray some on a cloth, wipe your plates, and don't forget to smile for the speed cameras! If only WD-40 could hide your license plate from these annoying speed traps!

Super Glue Removal

Image credits: Pixabay

Whatever you do, make sure not to show this to superglue manufacturers! It's supposed to be the strongest adhesive out there, but it has its own Achilles heel - WD-40! When you are working with arts and crafts, for example, super glue can get stuck in the most annoying places, and now you know how to battle it!

Guitar String Protection

Image credits: Electric Melody

WD-40 can also keep your guitar strings in great condition. Spray some on a cloth and gently slide it down the strings until they're nice and shiny. "Maria, Maria! She reminds me of the West Side Story!" Unfortunately, it's not gonna turn you into the next Carlos Santana or Jimi Hendrix. It will protect your guitar strings, though.

Controlling Splinters

Image credits: Pixabay

This one applies to all the witches out there and their flying broomsticks. In fact, anyone who uses a wooden handle can take advantage of this wonderful spray! Just apply some on the handle, and rub thoroughly with a cloth. Anyone up for a game of Quidditch? These are no Firebolts, but they'll do the trick!

Baseball Glove Conditioning

Image credits: Pixabay

Most kids (well, American ones, at least) can relate to how tough it is to break in a new baseball glove. If only there was a way to speed up that process. Boys and girls, do I really have to say it? Yup, WD-40 is the solution once again. Spraying it on the leather glove will cause it to go soft and be ready in no time.

Cleaning and Protecting Leather Sofas

Image credits: Pixabay

WD-40 can do miracles for leather. Sometimes, after a while, they need a little attention. This spray will have it looking new in no time. Don't go crazy and spray it all over the place - just like Russian vodka, make sure you use it in moderation to get the best use out of it. More is not always better!

Clean Hairbrushes

Image credits: Pixabay

Wait, relax. Don't go pulling your hair out just yet. Here, we mean removing hairs from your hairbrushes. Spray them with WD-40, then put them in water to soak it off, and the hair will come off with ease. How many hairbrushes have you thrown in the past for this reason? Under all that hair, they may have still been in great condition!

Fixing Crayon Stains

Image credits: Pixabay

Kids are often very expressive, and they are not shy to let their creative juices flow wherever they are. When you come home to a new art piece on the wall drawn by your five-year-old, after putting them in the naughty corner, spray some WD-40 to wipe it off easily. Who knows - your kid could be the next Banksy, and you may have just erased a masterpiece. But probably not.

Protecting Bird Feeders

Image credits: Pixabay

If you've got a bird feeder, you may sometimes deal with squirrels stealing the food off it. So, how can you make sure that the bird feeder only feeds the birds? This method is kind of mean, but it is not harmful at all. If you are okay with it, spray some WD-40 on the bird feeder, and it will be too slippery for other animals to climb on top of it. 

Cleaning Piano Keyboards

Image credits: Curitan Aquili

Admittedly, grungy pianos do look pretty cool, but when it's in your home, you probably want to keep it clean and shining, just like the rest of your furniture. For those (nasty) keys that are no longer shining, spray some WD-40 and wipe away the dirt. Unfortunately, it won't suddenly have you playing like Stevie Wonder.

Cleaning Grills

Image credits: Pixabay

Mmmm, there's nothing more delicious than a barbecue in summer. However, nothing kills the vibe quicker than gunk on the grill causing the meat to taste like your socks after you've been to the gym. Pretty disgusting, I know. Spray a little WD-40 on your grill before lighting it up, then scrub it down with a brush before wiping it off with a clean cloth.

Stuck Legos? No Problem

Image credits: Pixabay

Sometimes, it feels like there's nothing more difficult than separating Lego Pieces. Well, that was true until WD-40 stepped onto the scene. Just spray the pieces that are stuck together, wait a few seconds, and pull them apart easily! When you're done, wipe your child's tears away, but don't put any WD-40 on them.

Stuck Flower Pots

Image credits: Pixabay

Pot plants are not Lego pieces, but they're very similar in some ways. When they stay stuck together like siamese twins, spray some WD-40 on them and separate them like when two naughty children are punching each other in the face. If those pots have been stacked like those for a while, there is a higher chance of them getting stuck.

Clean Tea Stains

Image credits: Pixabay

No matter how much you love your caffeine, tea and coffee stains on your kitchen counter can make your kitchen look disgusting, even if everything else looks clean. So, what's the solution? Well, you guessed it. Spray the affected with WD-40, and after a few seconds, wipe it with a clean cloth, before cleaning the entire countertop after use. It couldn't be easier!

Shining Up Artificial Plants

Image credits: Bob Vila

Before you get overexcited and begin spraying all the plants in your home with WD-40, we would like to clarify that we're talking about fake plastic plants. To make them look shiny and more real, spray a drop on the plant and gently wipe away.

Removing Ink On Fabric

Image credits: Pixabay

Are you the type of person who puts a pen in their pocket, and then totally forgets about it? Yes, we know the outcome - blue ink all over your trousers. Don't fret, as it can be removed; spray some good old WD-40 on the ink stain and wipe in circular motions until it's totally gone.

Clean Sticker Marks

Image credits: Bob Vila

You may not use CDs and DVDs anymore, but if you're old school and still do, you've surely run into this problem before. For some reason, stores sometimes put stickers under the CDs, which is absolutely infuriating. If that happens, spray some WD-40 on a cloth and wipe away with extreme care. Oh, and get yourself a Netflix account. We're in 2019, you know.

Removing Chair Marks Form The Floor

Image credits:

Chairs have one purpose and one purpose only, which is to be sat on. Oh, and to play musical chairs. Anyone would agree that it's a pain in the neck when chairs leave marks on the walls or floors. Once again, WD-40 is your solution to this problem. Spray some on a light cloth and gently rub until the stains disappear completely.

Clean Residue From Luggage Handles

Image credits: Pixabay

Of course, you can't blame the airline staff for putting stickers on your luggage; you could risk losing them if they didn't do so. However, when you're back home after a long trip, the last thing you want to do is fight with your luggage to get those stubborn stains off. Make your life easier by using some WD-40 and wiping that stickiness clean.

Remove Stickers From Plates' Bottoms

Image credits:

Stickers can be annoying in many places, such as your luggage handle, but also on plates. You may have experienced using hot water, extra-strong soap, or a hard scrub, and noticing that there is still some stickiness. Try cleaning them with some WD-40; just make sure to wash them off with water afterward. You don't want to eat some chicken drizzled in WD-40. 

Remove Dust From Mosquito Nets

Image credits: Bob Vila

Mosquito screens are absolutely vital on hot summer nights when bugs come out to play (and annoy us). What would we do without them? Unfortunately, these screens easily get mucked up with dust, and that's not healthy. Just spray it thoroughly with some WD-40 and wipe it well. The treatment should last you a long while.   

Maintain Gold And Brass Lamps

Image credits: Unsplash

If you have a gold and brass lamp, you may just have watched Aladdin one too many times as a child. Anyway, we just want to let you know that the genie is not likely to ever come out, but if you still want your brass lamp to be shiny, rub it down with some WD-40 and see your reflection on that gold piece. 

Lubricate Collapsible Furniture

Image credits: Pixabay

It's time to say goodbye to the days of cursing metal folding chairs and ironing boards. We've all been there! Whip out that bottle of WD-40 and spray the joints to avoid them squeaking, getting jammed, and becoming rusty. When you're done, wipe it down with a dry cloth, and you're good to go! Bye-bye squeaking, bye-bye jamming!

Restore Metal Figures

Image credits: Pixabay

Metal figurines may not be everyone's thing, but if they are, you're probably familiar with the rust that comes with them. When they're left indoors, they're not really at risk but left outdoors, it's a whole different story. Spray them with WD-40 every now and then to keep them shining like never before. What's the point of having these beautiful figurines if they're full of rust?

Clear Up TV Signals

Image credits: Pixabay

TV antennae may seem a little old school, but many people still use them. Since they are located above the roof, they often become rusted and dusty, resulting in a bad signal. So, it's worth it to do the painful trip to the roof once in a while and wipe it down with WD-40. Then, you can watch your soap operas in peace. 

Exterminating Bugs

Image credits: Jims Pest Control

It's common knowledge that cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast. Or was that a myth all along? Anyway, if they can, perhaps WD-40 is their Achilles heel, as they certainly can't survive that. Cockroaches are nasty creatures, and if you allow a couple in your home, you will soon have their whole family moving in too!

Clear Drains

Image credits: Pinterest

A clogged up drain is probably one of the most frustrating encounters that can happen at home. Instead of crying about it, or calling a plumber who will charge you for doing practically nothing, take matters into your own hands and spray WD-40 into the drain. Don't use the sink for around 20 minutes. Then, marvel with the results. 

Stop Mildew

Image credits: Unsplash

Have you ever had beautiful wooden furniture that looks amazing but suffers from mildew? This usually happens at the bottom of chairs or tables, where the legs touch the floor. To deal with this, give the wood a light spray with the miraculous WD-40 and you will forget mildew ever existed at all. Thanks again WD-40!

Clean Silly Putty From Furniture

Image credits: Unsplash

As a parent, it's great to allow your kids to play and explore the world by themselves. However, unfortunately, that means that their toys often end up in places they shouldn't. If you find some silly putty stuck on the sofa or on your furniture, spraying WD-40 will allow you to remove it easily before it becomes permanently stuck to the furniture. 

Prevent Mildew Growth On Water Features

Image credits: Unsplash

What do all fountains have in common? Well, that's pretty easy; they all have water running down their sides, usually during the whole day. Do you know what this means? It means that mildew will inevitably grow there. If you want to say goodbye to mildew, spray the base of the fountain with WD-40 when there is no water. You will definitely see long-lasting results.

Remove Smoke Stains From Walls

Image credits: Pexels

When you leave a candle too close to a wall, it can leave an annoying smoke stain. Sometimes, scrubbing it with some soap is enough to remove it, but many times, it just won't cut it. When the stain is extra stubborn, rub it with WD-40 and watch it quickly disappear. No one wants their house looking like the inside of a fireplace.

Remove Paint From Floors

Image credits: Pexels

When you paint a room in your home, the aftermath is usually a nightmare, as you have to clean up all the paint on the floor afterward. To help you deal with this, spray the paint specks with WD-40, and gently wipe away the mess. You'll thank us later. 

Protect Patio Doors From Sun Damage

Image credits: Pixabay

Unfortunately, sun stains are actually a real thing, even though many people don't realize they exist. They often become part of the patio glass door and windows, without even knowing what it is. Even if you feel like the sun stains may never come off, there's always a solution - WD40. Simply spray the stains with some of this magical liquid and wipe them away forever.

Lubricate Valve Stems

Image credits: Getty Images

It's extremely hard to pump up air in your tires if the nozzles are full of rust. It is difficult and annoying, but also detrimental to them. So, to prevent this, spray some WD-40 on these parts to keep them in great condition. How are you supposed to run away from a hot pursuit if your wheels aren't even pumped properly?

We hope you found at least a few new uses for WD40. It really is a miracle product, and deserving of its status in every home. If you found something new, please share it with your friends! We're sure they'd love to find more uses for their cans too! Thanks for reading!

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