Genius Life Hacks For Any Situation

Genius Life Hacks For Any Situation

Apr 03, 2020Manuela Mitevova

What would life be with people coming up with the most genius uses for everyday items? As a human race, we thrive when we get to exercise our creativity, and it’s even better if it all turns out to be greatly useful. Some of these hacks are simply too good, and we wonder how come we never thought of them ourselves, while in the midst of struggling with chores or even basic daily activities. 

Post-It Note For Drilling

Some things sound like they make no sense at first hearing, but this one trick really works. If you are afraid of making a mess whenever you have to drill even a small hole for a picture frame, you might want to consider the post-it note hack which will magically serve as a clean-up assistant and gather all the wall residue!

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Stop Your Carpet From Moving

Carpets seem to have a mind of their own, and sometimes they keep moving through the whole room, sneakily changing location. But there is a way to keep them in place. Simply velcro them to the floor, and no matter how much walking you will do on it, or how much your kids or pets will try to drag it around during playtime, it will stay put!

Only One Battery

Someone online discovered that you can get your mouse functioning with only one battery if you put it like this. It apparently tricks the gadget into thinking that there are two batteries. Of course, you can expect your battery life to run out quicker, but it’s great in a pinch. Sometimes, you don’t have time to run to the store.

Paperclip Your Tape Roll 

Tape rolls are notorious for getting all shifty and pretending they have no end for us to grab on, but we have a way to out-trick them! Take a paperclip and pin it to the end of the tape when you cut it, and you will never have to spend an hour looking for the invisible end ever again. Victory!

A Bagel Carrier Out Of A CD Case

Another genius use for old music items! If you ever thought a CD spindle case resembled some foods, we bet it was bagels and donuts, and for a good reason. Actually, the case is shaped perfectly to become a snack or lunch carrier, so go ahead and throw out your old CDs and get yourself this vintage-looking Tupperware alternative.

Duct Tape For Opening Lids

Sometimes, some lids are just impossible to open. No matter how long you will try, they will not move a bit, so you have to employ a different strategy. Enter the magical duct tape! Just stick it around the lid and pull with force. The tape will do all the work for you. Now that’s what we call the man of the house!

Egg Board For Computer Cooling

If your laptop tends to overheat, there is no need to buy a special and overpriced stand to cool it down. Use something you will most likely already have at home- an egg paper board! Its shape is perfectly matched for the size of most laptops, and it will provide sufficient air ventilation for the bottom!

Duct Tape Cable Zip-Tie

Organizing your cables can be a nightmare, but there is an easy way to make them recognizable, without having to go out and buy zip-ties or any other products. Just use duct tape and color code them that way! You can use permanent markers or other tapes on top of the duct tape for the color!

Dental Floss Cake

We are not suggesting you use your dental floss for baking, but for cutting and serving, it is the perfect little accessory. It will not only cut more precisely and cleanly than any knife out there, but it will also make you look like a true baking pro. Next time you are having a party at your place, take out this trick in front of everyone!

Bottle Opener With A Twist

If you happen to find yourself without a corkscrew and in dire need of opening a bottle up, grab a hammer and a nail and make it happen anyway. This might be even more satisfying than opening the bottle in a regular way, so definitely give it a try next time you are having a party!

Microwave Two-In-One

Whether you are extra hungry and need to warm not one, but two, bowls of food at the same time, or you are warming up food for two people at once, microwaves don’t seem to cut it. There is never enough space to fit two bowls in there, but don’t despair, there is a solution. Simply raise one bowl onto a glass and voila, double warming is in process!

Organize Your Cables With Toilet Rolls

Don’t just throw out your toilet paper rolls. There is so much good they can still do! For example, they are perfect for organizing your cables beautifully. You can even color-code them by painting them a different color, so you will always have quick and easy access to the exact cable you are looking for. 

Secure Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper gets undone all the time, and while it is annoying, it is also very simple to fix. Take a piece of toilet paper roll and cut it open lengthwise. Then just wrap it around the paper, and you will never have to deal with it unrolling on you. It will be easy to store, and easy to put back whenever you are done with it!

Boiling Water Block

How many times have you walked away from a boiling pot of water for just one minute, only to come back to the water had spilled out of the pot? There is a simple solution for this and you will never have to be so attentive again. Take a wooden spoon and place it across the pot with water. The water will never boil over!

Clean Your Headlights

You wouldn’t expect toothpaste to be so versatile, but it is! You can use it as headlights cleaner, and it works like magic. Just apply some of it to a sponge, and rub until you see the difference. Don’t forget to run the lights over with some water afterward, and you are ready to go!

Peel Eggs Effortlessly

If you sometimes struggle with peeling your hard-boiled egg easily, without the yolk bursting, we have a trick for you! Add a teaspoon of baking soda into the cooking water, and you will immediately notice the difference. The shell will slide off effortlessly, and you will always get to eat only the prettiest of eggs!

Enjoy Stemless Strawberries

Strawberries are a delicious summer snack, and we love munching on them. However, we are not such fans of the stem, which is why we had to find an easy way to get rid of it. Using a straw, preferably a reusable metal one, we can slice right through the middle of the strawberry, and take the stem right out!

Homemade Lantern

If the evening calls for something more ambient and romantic, you might want to try this simple lantern smartphone technique! To make your room appear better lit, just place your phone under a water bottle and watch the light get distributed nicely and smoothly. The torch on our phone has never looked so good!

Fill Any Container In The Sink

Sometimes, we need to fill a big bucket with water, but it just doesn’t seem to fit in the sink. With this simple trick, you will be able to fill pretty much anything! Use a dustpan to drive the water precisely to where you need it to go! This is definitely a genius household hack and we will be using it often!

Oreo Hack

Dunking Oreos into milk is one of the greatest joys of life, but there is no need to get your fingers all wet! Use a fork to help you out, and you will have a dunking tool that will serve you well. We wish we knew this trick when we were kids, but we are definitely going to spread the knowledge now!

Easy Fire Starter

Finding yourself in a situation where you desperately need to start a fire but have nothing but Doritos and a lighter on you, can be a strange situation, but you can make it work! Did you know Doritos double up as a great fire starter? We don’t know what that says about how healthy they are for us to eat, but we will definitely give this trick a try one day!

Homemade Speaker

Sometimes, we just don’t have access to a good speaker, but we would still like to watch something on our phone and not have to listen to the terrible phone speaker quality. If you are ready for some light arts and crafts, you can manufacture a genius speaker set! Just take a piece of toilet paper roll and two plastic cups- the bigger the better! Make a hole in each cup to fit the toilet roll, and one hole in the toilet roll for your phone, and voila, speaker done!

Grill Marshmallows At Home

No need to go camping to have the ultimate grilled marshmallow experience! You can imitate it at home by grilling your marshmallows over the stovetop. It’s easy, and it tastes just like if you were to do it in the wild, with an added bonus that you get to enjoy them on your comfortable couch!

Hammer Safely

Making sure the nail stays upright while you hammer can be a challenge, and it can often lead to injuries. However, with this simple trick, your fingers will be safe! Use a clothespin to hold the nail in position! It will not only keep it firmly in place but also distance your fingers from the hammer impact!

Stop Your Bin From Leaking

We’ve all been there. Off to take out the trash when we realize the whole bag is dripping with liquids. There is a simple way to fix the problem of leaking in your trash bin though! Simply line the bottom of each trash bag with a few pages of a newspaper or any other highly absorbent paper. This will soak up all the moisture and liquid from the garbage, and you will never again have to clean up the whole house after carrying the bag through it.

Pool Noodle Bumper

If your garage doesn’t have too much space to maneuver, and you are afraid of scratching your car on the walls one day, fix it the easy way! Get yourself a few pool noodles and secure them to the walls around for added cushioning. Just make sure you get the height right!

Scent Your Wardrobe

If your wardrobe tends to get a bit stuffy, it’s time to scent it up! Natural scents from herbs like lavender work best, as they retain their scent for years. So get ready for a little craft project! Grab some loose and dry lavender, get a few pieces of cotton fabric, and tie or stitch the fabric pieces to fit in as much of the herb as possible. Then just place it in your wardrobe and smell the difference!

Condiments For Camping Trip

There is a lot to look forward to on a camping trip. Making delicious food outdoors is definitely one of our favorite experiences, but we do tend to struggle with bringing all the necessary condiments with us. With this simple trick, that struggle is a thing of the past! Using small kids water bottles to fill just the right amount of ketchup or mustard for our food basket is genius!

Store Your Cables

Another easy way to store a few of your cables neatly is by using an old sunglasses case. It is the perfect size for the essentials, and it will keep everything you need on a daily basis close to you. The cables will also not get tangled up if they are well stored, so go find an old case and get organizing!

Waterproofing Your Shoes

Come fall, rain becomes more of a daily occurrence, and our feet tend to get wet pretty frequently. This is a footwear mistake we are not making anymore though! After waterproofing any kind of shoe with wax, you can rest assured that no bad weather will ruin your day. You can use natural beeswax for this, and it is as easy as rubbing it all over the shoe!

Sunglasses as Phone Stand

Sometimes, you just want to relax while watching something on your phone, but holding it for a long time in your hand can be very uncomfortable. We bet you never thought of this makeshift phone stand before. Just take your sunglasses, keep them folded, and put your phone on top. No need to build intricate stands from multiple items!

Distinguish Your Luggage

If you’ve ever had trouble spotting your luggage at the airport luggage belt, we don’t blame you. The majority of suitcases and bags look identical, and it can be hard knowing which one belongs to you. However, with this simple trick, you will never grab someone else’s bag again! Just tie a piece of colorful fabric on the handle, and you will recognize your belongings right away.

There seems to be an infinite number of genius inventions out there, and all are using very basic household items. These hacks are all proof that there is a clever and easy way out of almost every situation, so go ahead and give some of them a try! You might be surprised how simple things can be once you use a little bit of old school hackery!