Cleverest Hiding Places For Your Valuables

Mar 26, 2020Manuela Mitevova

Securing your home while you are away can be a challenge, and it is vitally important that you hide your valuables well. The old hiding places just won’t cut it these days, and you will have to put some extra thinking into where you hide what you hold dear. Did you know you can install a secret tile in your bathroom, or that a peanut butter jar can be used as a decoy in your pantry? Check out the most inventive hiding places with us!


Who would have thought the computer keyboard could make such a good hiding spot? If you are using a desktop computer, and your keyboard has the additional digit section on the right, you might want to consider using it as a spot for stashing. Just unscrew the part you want to hide your small valuables under.

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Hidden Outlet

No one in the right mind would even think about poking around an electrical outlet, so if you hide your valuables there, it’s pretty much guaranteed no burglar will ever find them. However, you will need a special kind of fake outlet for this, but they can be bought easily online. 

Doorstop Hiding Place

The only problem we see with this hiding hack is that it is so inconspicuous, that we might even forget we hid anything there in the first place. The old doorstop hiding spot is perfect for storing a few small items which you don’t want to be found, and while it may require a little bit more handyman knowledge to get this one right, we definitely think it’s one of the best ways to keep important things out of sight.

Secret Drop Down Space

If movies have taught us anything, it is that furniture has a lot of potential for secret hiding places. From invisible doors to secret drawers, we’ve seen it all, and this drop-down compartment that you can install in your home seems like a great way to keep some important documents safe.


You should definitely not hide your valuables in perishable vegetables. However, you can get your hands on a fake plastic lettuce, with a secret compartment for your documents and money. You can store it in the fridge, and we bet no one is going to think twice about checking it. Just make sure not to make a salad with it.

Nappy Confusion

Spending time on the beach or at the park can put you at risk of getting robbed while you are busy enjoying yourself, but there is an easy way to keep your valuables safe. Bring a baby nappy with you, and put all your keys, money, and other important items inside. We guarantee you no one will even get near a full looking nappy.

Secret Book Compartment

Probably one of the oldest tricks in the book- the secret book compartment, has been used for centuries by people wishing to hide their valuables out of sight. You can easily turn this into a DIY project, and all your things will be safe and sound on your shelves. No burglar has ever started flipping through books, especially if a home has many of them.

Plant The Key

If you’ve ever left a spare key under the pot next to your front door, and didn’t get robbed while you were away, we congratulate you. You should not use that place as a hiding spot ever again! Instead, make a little waterproof compartment for your key, and disguise it inside the pot itself! 

Hidden Drawer

Hidden drawers don’t just go together with old houses. You can have a few of those secret hiding places in an entirely modern home too. Just make sure you pick furniture pieces that look absolutely inconspicuous, and you can rest in peace that your valuables will remain safe.

Hoover For The Win

The last place anyone would probably look in for valuables is the inside of a hoover. It’s dirty, dusty, and overall not the best hiding spot anyway. Or is it? You can actually safely store valuable documents here, as the space in the hoover is pretty large. Just don’t forget to take them out before you start hoovering.

Picture Frame

The good old picture frame can’t go unmentioned in our best hiding places! There are so many ways to hide your valuables behind pictures, but one of our favorites is to install a special compartment into the frame, which will give you more space for storage of what you hold dear.

Sticky Notes

You won’t be able to fit a great lot in this hiding place, but we guarantee you no one will discover whatever it is you put in there! Sticky notes, when stacked up, can be cut into, and you can place a few bits of valuable jewelry or candy in there. The most important thing is not to accidentally throw them out during office cleaning!

Lip Balm

If you are planning a beach getaway and will need to leave some money on dry land while you go take a dip in the ocean, you might want to consider having a good hiding place for them. You can easily use an old and empty lip balm for this. Just make sure you clean it thoroughly, and it will fit your money perfectly.

Peanut Butter Jar

While we don’t necessarily recommend you store your valuables in an actual jar full of peanut butter, there is a trick you can use to turn it into a perfect hiding spot. Just clean the jar out and line it with some white paper so it is not see-through, and keep it stored in your pantry like per usual. 

Hollow Deck Of Cards

One of the most genius hiding spots we have seen is this hollow card deck compartment. No one will think twice to look into a deck of cards when looking for valuables, so it might just be the perfect spot to hide them. Just get another space deck for actual play, and don’t make the mistake of mixing them up!


A freezer is a good

option for hiding certain valuables, although we wouldn’t suggest you put important documents there. The good thing about the freezer is that it tends to be pretty packed with frozen foods, which will make the search for anything of value more difficult for anyone who attempts it.

Curtain Rod

Curtains seem to be more versatile than we all thought! Yet another great hiding spot is in the rod of your curtain, and you can simply stash some small items there without it ever being noticed, or suspicious. The downside is that there are not that many curtain rods in one house and the space in them is quite limited.


You can easily stash your valuables in old appliances,

such as the microwave

, and chances are, no one will ever even think of looking there. Unless the person robbing your house gets hungry and proceeds to warm up something from your fridge, the microwave should provide a great hiding spot.


Our pantries tend to

be filled with produce, glass jars, packs of sweets, and many other things, which is why a decoy container of a few of your valuables will blend right in. Try using a regular jar for some money or jewelry, and place it in the back of your pantry. It will most likely get lost in the crowd.

Hornets Nest

While we don’t suggest you go around poking hornets nests if they are inhabited, we do think you should consider making yourself a fake one, and hiding your keys there. It’s guaranteed no one will attempt to examine the nest for any kind of valuables, you are totally safe from burglars with this one.

Tissue Box

Tissue boxes usually sit on our coffee tables, and they have no other function other than providing tissues. But what if you can change that and

turn a tissue box

into a secret hiding place for your valuables? It’s quite easy to construct a little compartment on the bottom of the box, and that way, you will always have your valuables in sight.

Sock Drawer

Imagine someone having to sort through your sock drawer in order to find something. It’s just too much effort going through so many small items in a drawer, which is why you might want to consider hiding away some small pieces in your socks. It’s quite an overused hiding place, but worth the shot.

Pad Package

This one will only work if you are a female, as a pad package will seem rather suspicious for males. However, it is a great hiding place for some money or small documents or jewelry pieces, and if hidden well in the bathroom, it’s almost guaranteed it will stay there safe and sound.


You might be thinking- everyone knows the

old hiding trick

of stuffing your mattress with money and valuables, but because it’s so outdated, no one will expect you to do it anymore. That is why it’s your perfect chance to hide things there, without anyone giving it a second thought. 


You have to be careful with this one, as you might end up burning your hidden valuables to dust!

Use a candle

you know you will never want to light up, hollow it out from the bottom, and stash your small valuables there. You can create a candle decoration centerpiece on your table, just make sure a lighter doesn’t come near it!


This is one of the oddest, and possibly best, hiding spots out there. If

you own a globe

and are willing to cut into it a little bit, you might just have yourself a perfect little secret compartment. Great for stashing some extra money for future trips or vacations, and it’s completely unnoticeable!


If you don’t shy away from craft projects that might involve a little bit of carpentry, this one's for you. Create a secret compartment in

one of your chairs

, and make sure all your valuables are always safe and sound. A chair seems like the last place anyone would look for important documents!


Who said tiles have to be boring? One

design firm

came up with the idea of the functional tile, and it’s a great concept that can be adapted for any home. Hiding your valuables in a secret tile drawer in your bathroom is pure next level determination to keep your stuff safe!

Hidden Basement

Constructing this secret entryway

to your basement

is a genius way of stashing your valuables in a place where no one would think about looking. It will take some extra work, but the safety that comes with the final product is definitely worth it. A big bonus is that you can hide large items here, much unlike in other, smaller, hiding spots.

Spray Can

If your garage is filled with

spray cans

, you might want to consider using one of them as a decoy hiding place. Simply clean it out of the paint, and use the bottom to add a secret compartment to it. Don’t forget to add a small marble in there, so in case someone shakes it, it doesn’t raise suspicion with its quietness. 


No need to skip on hygiene if you want to use your deodorant as a hiding place. Simply use

an old deodorant stick

! You will want to hollow it out from the bottom, while keeping the top on, which will make it look like the deodorant is still in use. Then just fill it with whatever fits in there.


This one will require a little bit of technical tinkering around, but it will make a great hiding spot!

Take a clock

which you can easily hang in one of your rooms, without it seeming too out of place, and open it from the back. Take out the mechanism, and fill it with valuables. No one will notice it is not ticking anymore.

Murphy Door

This hiding place goes the extra mile!

The Murphy door

is a hidden door solution, which lets you not only hide your valuables behind it but also makes you feel like you are a wizard living in an enchanted house full of secret entrances and openings. If you really need a good place to hide important things, the Murphy door is the answer.


You might be wondering where exactly is there enough space on a curtain to hide some valuables and the answer is- at the bottom edges! There is a little fold that lends itself perfectly to stashing a few small items, and chances are, it will be the last place for anyone to look.

Frozen Meat

This hiding place tip is not for the faint-hearted! You have to be pretty dedicated to hiding some important valuables inside meat, and then freezing the whole pack! However, the lengths some people will go to to protect what is important are quite impressive. Be careful not to cook those steaks though!


Birdhouses are quite

common in many people’s gardens, and that’s why it was about time someone thought of yet another genius use for them. Not only can they provide shelter for birds, but they can also keep your keys, or other valuables safe. Forget about hiding your keys under the doormat!

Plant Pot


things in plant pots

might be an outdated way to go about things, but it is quite effective. Especially if you have a lot of plants around the house. You can either hide some small pieces inside the actual dirt of the pot or, you can construct a fake plant pot that will store all your valuables.

Plush Toy

Plush toys

are one of the oldest hiding places. Many even come with secret compartments already installed, as children like to hide their trinkets there, but this also proves very useful to us adults. If you have a full house of toys, this hiding trick might be the most effective, so go ahead and stock up!

Soda Can


soda cans

into perfect hiding spots is easier than you would think. You can turn it into a craft project for the weekend, and you will end up with great stashing places for your valuables. Make sure to keep the cans in the kitchen, or in the pantry where they belong, and they will go unnoticed.


You might have noticed that most trophies are hollow, which makes them perfect hiding places! It’s unlikely anyone will go ahead and pick one up to look if anything is hiding inside, so as long as you can fit a few valuable pieces inside the trophy, go ahead and do so. It’s one of the easiest ways to hide small objects you don't want disappearing.


Pens won’t give

you much space to work with, but you can still fit a few bills there comfortably. All you have to do is take out the insides, properly clean the pen, and it is ready to be used as a secret hiding spot. Make sure you have other pens to write with before you do this.

Air Vent

It’s time for some decoy action! Installing

a fake air vent

in your home will allow you to store valuables there, something you should definitely not do with a functioning vent. Your airflow might get interrupted, so better be safe and simply install a vent that you will keep solely for storage purposes.


Some households do go the extra mile to make sure their valuables are taken care of. This family converted an unused fireplace into a fully functioning safe, and it seems to fit into the house so perfectly, that they will hardly have to worry about anyone getting hold of their vital documents.


Sliding mirrors are freely available in any household store, which is why they are one of the most accessible hiding places for your home. You can install them in one of your rooms and hide important items there. The bathroom might be a bit too obvious, so better put it somewhere else. Don’t forget to look for a mirror that seems as inconspicuous as possible. 


The staircase offers

much space for any regular storage, and it should be used! However, one of the ways to adapt your staircase is to hold important items. While children might enjoy playing in this secret hiding place, you can also stash quite a large amount of valuables there. 

People can certainly come up with genius ideas when it comes to hiding their valuables. Creativity counts more than ever when it comes to thinking of the best places to store your documents, money, or jewelry, so don’t hold back when designing your own perfect hiding spot at home. We hope you got inspired by our picks of the cleverest hiding places!

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