Polymer Clay Ideas You Have To Try

Polymer Clay Ideas You Have To Try

Apr 28, 2020Manuela Mitevova

Modeling clays isn’t just for kids. In fact, designers and artists use it regularly for sculptures and pieces which are displayed in museums worldwide, so there really is no reason you should keep avoiding doing some arts and crafts with the material. It’s colorful, it’s fun, and it’s highly addictive, so make sure you stock up on enough colors to make all your projects happen. Let’s look at some polymer clay ideas you just have to try!

A Fake Plant

Make your home pop with a good dose of colorful plants that you will never have to water or take care of! What is more, if you are allergic to certain plants, you can still enjoy having them around you. Sort of! Grab some clay and get creating a beautiful collection of flowers!

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All you will need for this project is a few colors of polymer clay and your imagination. First, make the pot by taking white or grey clay and shaping it into a pot-like form. Fill it with brown clay to mimic dirt, and then add colorful pieces on top to make up a flower or plant!

Choose a few colors like green, red, purple, or anything else you like, and proceed to shape flower petals or succulent pieces out of them. Now, just start arranging them on top of the clay pot to achieve your desired look! And you have yourself a nice little plant or flower!

A Tea Bag Holder

If you are a tea lover, you must know the struggle of always having to fish out your teabag string from the cup. But what if there was a way to secure it so that it never drops into the hot water? You can make a little gingerbread man to help you out, and you will have yourself a pretty little kitchen accessory!

Take a few colors of clay that are suited for a gingerbread cookie, and proceed to put it together to your taste. You can decorate it to make it look like a traditional gingerbread cookie, or you can think of your own idea and make it look more unusual and modern.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that his hands need to form a U shape, so as to be attachable to your cup. Once you are done, just hang the gingerbread man on your cup, and twist the tea bag around his head.

Fake Pastries

Pranking your friends can be fun, especially when some arts and crafts are required for the process. This fake macaroon trick might be very funny, but also quite useful if you want to display a tray of colorful macaroons at your home for style, but don’t want to keep buying them on a weekly basis. 

To make a fake macaroon, pick the color of clay that stands out the most, and shape it into two round pieces. Then, take another color for the filling and roll it out. It’s best it contrasts a little bit with the base. Put the filling in the middle of the two bases, and you have yourself a pretty little pastry to display (or prank your loved ones with).

Macaroons are very often used as home decorations, especially at parties, where they can adorn the dining or living room tables, but if you want them to stay there, and not for people to eat them, fashioning them out of clay rather than dough might be your best shot!

Custom Glass Jar

Sometimes, the generic products we can buy in stores just don’t cut it, and it’s time to get creative with our ideas to make what we buy stand out. We really like using glass jars for our drinks, especially in the summertime, but they often lack that special something that would make them pop. Let’s change that!

Choose a few different colors of clay, and take the lid from your glass jar. You will have to pick one main color for the base of the clay form and mold it exactly to the shape of the lid. From then on, you can get creative by embellishing it with small colorful dots or stripes. 

Your imagination is the boss here, so don’t let yourself be influenced by whatever you have seen anywhere else, just create your own version. You will enjoy drinking your drink from it, even more, knowing it’s entirely your piece of art. Not to mention these glass jars make perfect gifts!

Custom Glass Jar Differently

We just love the way these polymer clay creations can spice up our glass jar, so here is another creative way we are definitely going to try. A bit more out there than the previous one, but quite a fashion statement if you ask us. Let’s put a donut on that lid!

Similarly to the previous glass jar lid project, you will need to use the lid of your jar to measure the clay. Take a light brown color to make the base, and keep adding on layers until your creation resembles a donut. Push the straw through the lid, and you are done!

Once again, this is a creation that will turn an ordinary product into an extraordinary piece of craftsmanship, so if you are looking for a good gift for your loved ones, this can be just that. The custom decorated glass drinking jar is creative, cute, and useful. What more can someone ask for?

Donut Keychains

Making cute things out of polymer clay is a great way to spend your time, and while there are simply too many creative ideas to choose from, one of our favorites has to be the donut keychain one. It lets you make a special friendship piece for you and your friend, so go ahead and try it!

You will need a few colors of clay. Firstly, get some light green or golden one for the base of the donut. Shape it into a small donut form with a hole in the center, and lay it down so you can start decorating it with different colors. You can pretend to put some white icing on it, or drizzle it with small color balls.

Then cut in half, push the keychain onto the top of each piece, and your project is ready! Give one part of the keychain to your best friend, or anyone else you deeply care for, and you will forever be connected with a piece of handmade art that will remind both of you of each other!

Marbled Mirror Cases

Have you ever noticed mirrors tend to have very boring designs on the back? While we wish more companies made the mirrors they sell prettier, we will just have to make them ourselves. With polymer clay, there is an easy way to make our pocket mirror stand out!

Take at least two colors of clay and make them into rolls. Cut these rolls thinly, and mix up the pieces well. For the next step, you will need to make the mixture as flat as possible, so you can use a rolling pin or pasta maker. Don’t make the clay too thin though, as it will start tearing.

Immediately after rolling, you will see the marbled effect created on the sheet. Just stick it to the back of your mirror, and your project is done! You can apply this technique to other items you might want to decorate this way. If they have a smooth surface, they will work better, but no limits should be given to your creativity.

Customize Your Spoon

You can easily turn boring old cutlery into a work of art! All you need is a little bit of colorful polymer clay and a healthy dose of creativity. This craft project will work for any spoon, fork, or knife, you might have laying around, but we suggest you use your dessert spoon or fork for it!

Let’s make some pastel macaroons! Grab a pastel shade of clay, and roll two small balls. Use this as the base for your macaroon, so flatten them and glue together with a little bit of white clay to mimic a filling. Repeat with two more colors so you end up with three macaroons in total!

Now, carefully try to pierce through your dessert fork or spoon through the middle of the macaroons, stacking them one above the other. You will create a beautiful handle that will rival any dessert on your table! You can do this to all of your cutlery if you like, just use your imagination!

Customize Your Friend’s Spoon

If you often have friends over for coffee or tea, you might want to make a few designated dessert spoons or forks for them too. They will feel even more welcome in your home, and you will always have their personalized piece waiting there for them. It’s a beautiful friendship act!

This time, we will try to make a cupcake out of the polymer clay. Take a more bold color for the base, and shape it into a small cupcake form with your hands. Make sure you leave a dent at the top, which is where the decorative filling will sit. When you form the base, cut a few lines into it to make it look like it just came from the oven.

To make the filling, choose two bold colors and roll them out thinly. Then twist them together to create a two-color effect, and arrange the roll on top of the cupcake base. Now, just use your creativity to add as many decorations onto the filling as you would like! 

Cactus Jewelry Stand

Jewelry is notoriously difficult to store, and putting all your rings and bracelets into a drawer just won’t do. Did you know you can make your own jewelry stand with the help of polymer clay? It’s simple, and it will make all your decorative pieces stand out. Let’s get crafting!

First, make the base for your stand. You will need a piece of white clay, which you make into a ball and then flatten out, twisting up the edges. Then take a natural green color and make around 4 balls, which you then need to roll out into rolls. They need to be different sizes, so roll one for the base of the cactus, and the other as its branches.

Now, you need to put the cactus together, so just imagine how cactuses look like in reality and get building. Attach all the branches, and then fix the whole clay plant on top of the white base. You can choose to decorate the cactus further with line cuts or colorful balls, and your jewelry stand is ready to be displayed!

Mushroom Jewelry Stand

If cactuses are not your thing, you can also try and make a mushroom jewelry stand. It’s equally pretty, and even more playful looking, so it will definitely brighten up your home. Make sure you display it so everyone can see your beautiful creation once it’s done!

Get some white polymer clay, which is the main ingredient for this project. Just like for the previous stand, you will need to make the white base for it first. Take a white ball, flatten it out, and twist the edges up. Then roll out three rolls of white clay. Take some bright red clay now, and from small red balls, make mushroom-like shapes to fit on top of the white mushroom stems. Attach the two together.

To finish up, dot the red mushroom heads with tiny white balls. Then, just attach the whole mushrooms onto the stand, and your useful jewelry decoration is ready to be used! This one might not fit very small rings, but it's definitely good for small necklaces or bracelets of all kinds!

Minion USB

Losing USBs is a serious problem! The small pieces, which often hold a lot of our information, can be easily lost in our bags, or around our home, but there is a way to prevent that. What’s more, you can turn your USB into a true work of art, with just a little bit of help from polymer clay.

To make this UBS Minion inspired cover, take a piece of yellow polymer clay and roll it out into a small but thick roll. This will serve as the body of the Minion. You have to pierce your USB through half of the yellow body so that the USB can still be inserted in the computer.

Now comes the fun part! To make your Minion a Minion, you will need to decorate it. You will need white and brown clay for the eyes, red clay for the mouth, and blue clay for the glasses and clothes. Decorate while looking at a picture of a Minion, so that you get it exactly right!

Makeup Brush Stand

If you want to make your makeup brush stand a little bit more special than just putting them in a glass, we have just the project for you! Use polymer to fashion out a modern-looking and colorful stand, which will hold all of your brushes in one place. It will also look like a piece of art in your bathroom or bedroom!

You will need a whole lot of colors for this one, and the bolder the better! Tear small pieces apart and put them all together into a big ball in order to mix all the colorful pieces. Now, flatten it out with your hand so it starts to resemble a stable stand. Cut off the rounded sides to make the stand look more angular and proceed to make holes that will hold your brushes.

How many holes you make, or even how big the stand is, is ultimately up to you, and up to how many brushes you will need to display on it. Use your creativity, and don’t be afraid to show this stand where people can see it. After all, you made a simple makeup brush stand into a contemporary art piece!

Polymer clay has infinite uses, and we love how it can add a color pop to our home. Whether it is creating fake plants, pastries, or making friendship keychains, we are now hooked on this wonderful arts and crafts hobby. So what are you waiting for? Get creative too!

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