Salt Hacks For Any Situation

Mar 27, 2020Manuela Mitevova

Salt can be your best friend if you let it. There are simply so many beneficial uses for this simple kitchen staple, that we have a hard time knowing where to even begin. Whether it’s for beauty and wellness, or cooking and cleaning, salt can be applied to many situations and help you avoid chemicals. Open your mind and be creative when it comes to using salt outside of the kitchen too! We have some of the best, and unexpected salt hacks for you!

Keep Flowers Fresh

Keeping cut flowers fresh can be a challenge, and you might have noticed they often come with a special pack to be added to their water. No need to add any chemicals though, as there is a simple way to make sure your blooms stay colorful and lively. A pinch of salt into the water will not only kill bacteria that might start popping up in there, but it will also encourage water uptake, as well as feed the flowers with vital nutrients.

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Homemade Toothpaste

Clean beauty is a big trend these days, and we only hope it keeps growing. So many beauty products from the store can be substituted by natural options which you can find at home, and toothpaste is one of them. To make yourself some natural tooth whitening paste, mix ⅔ cup of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of salt, and add a few drops of essential oil like peppermint for taste.

Prevent Clothes From Freeze Drying

If you must absolutely dry your clothes outside in winter, there is a hack that will stop them from freezing and turning to unwearable icicles. Use salt! Add a pinch into the laundry when you rinse it for the last cycle, and since salt has antifreeze properties, it will prevent the textiles from hardening. However, drying clothes inside might still be a better option.

Help Your Fish

Fish tanks can often foster many harmful bacteria that can be dangerous for your fish, but you can help you little aquatic pets not get ill. By adding salt into the aquarium, even if it is not saltwater, will help eliminate nitrite from the water, which can poison your fish. It will also get rid of parasites, so there is really no reason not to try this salt hack. About one-half ounce of salt per gallon of freshwater will do the trick.

Treat Dandruff

Dandruff is a condition many of us have to deal with, but we rarely treat it properly. We have to go to the root of the cause of why we get dandruff, in order to be able to remedy it. Pore clogging is one of the main culprits when it comes to dandruff, and salt can help you unclog those pores by exfoliating your scalp. So go ahead and make yourself a nice head exfoliation mask!

Clean Lipstick Stains From Glass

Salt has been proven to be one of the most efficient natural stain cleaners, and believe it or not, it can also help you clean your glassware from too much lipstick action. Gently rub the glass with salt and a little bit of water, until you see the lipstick stain disappear, and then proceed to wash as you would usually do. This way, no glasses will get those permanent red stains on them ever again.

Sterilize Your Toothbrush

You might have never thought about sterilizing your toothbrush, but sometimes, this can be a good idea. Especially during travels, when the brush might get in contact with some unwanted objects, sterilizing is important. You can easily do this with saltwater. Just soak your toothbrush in a strong saline solution overnight, and it will be fresh and good as new!

Kill Poison Ivy

If you are worried about the poison ivy growing in your garden, get rid of it the easy way- spray it with salt! To do so, combine 1 cup of salt with 1 gallon of vinegar, and heat the solution in order to dissolve the salt completely. After it cools, add the liquid to a spray bottle and attack the poison ivy. Make sure you don’t accidentally spray it on other vegetation though, as it will kill everything in its way.

De-Puff Eyes

Puffy eyes are often a result of too much salty food, which is why this salt hack is quite paradoxical. To de-puff them, you can try soaking two cotton pads in saline solution kept at a warm temperature. The minerals in the salt will help rehydrate your eyes, and you will be back to looking alive and well in no time!

Clean Your Chopping Board

Chopping boards are among the most bacteria-infested items in our households, so you should take special care to clean them regularly. And just washing them with your dishes is not enough! To get rid of all the impurities the natural way, use a mix of lemon and salt. First, dampen the board with water, and then rub it with a mix of lemon and salt. Scrub the surface with a firm brush, and finally rinse with warm water. 

Strengthen Nails

Nails tend to get frail and break, especially in the winter months, and the reason for this is the lack of certain minerals. As we get a much wider variety of foods in our diet in the summer months, our body glows, but the colder months bring along mineral deficiencies. To strengthen your nails by offering them all the minerals they need, give them a salt bath for about 15 minutes every day for a week or two, mixing 3 tablespoons of salt per cup of water. 

Get Rid Of Sweat Stains

Sweat stains can be close to impossible to get rid of, and no amount of bleach seems to work. It’s time to give magical salt a try! Use 4 tablespoons of salt in one quart of hot water, and mix well to dissolve the salt. Soak the sweat-stained piece of clothing in the saline solution overnight, and then rub on the affected place before rinsing. The stain should be gone, and your clothes as good as new!

Extend Dairy Shelf-Life

Dairy, especially if organic, can have an extremely short shelf-life, but there is a way to make your milk or yogurts last a bit longer. Use a pinch of salt for the product you want to conserve, and you will be able to keep it in the fridge a day or two longer than usual. It might alter the taste a little bit, but if you don’t mind a bit of tang in your milk, you should be fine.

Sore Throat Remedy

If you tend to get a sore throat often, you might have exhausted all the possible remedies out there. But we bet you haven’t tried this one! Gargling with salt water is a folk remedy for sore throats, and it is said to help relieve the discomfort of your swollen throat almost instantly. Mix ½ tablespoons of salt with 8 ounces of warm water, stir well and gargle a few times a day until you start feeling better.

Whip Egg Whites Better

You might have noticed that baking recipes requiring whipped egg whites often call for a pinch of salt in the mixture. The reason for this is that salt helps bind egg white proteins together, so that stay firmer, giving you a better batter to make you cake from. If you ever skipped the salt adding part of a recipe because you thought it was useless, now you know better!

Salt has for centuries been used for much more than just cooking, and the folk remedies, as well as household uses which came out of trial and error, should definitely not be forgotten even today. Forget about expensive and unhealthy chemicals for your household, and look to salt for many of your daily needs instead!

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