Funny Kitchen Mistakes

Apr 03, 2020Hayden

Some people are great in the kitchen. It's amazing to watch one of those people work. It's like watching a virtuoso play an instrument. Most of us have had a few mistakes along the way, and that's OK. It happens to everyone. There are a few people who should not ever step foot into a kitchen again. This article is dedicated to them. This one is for those people who can't even boil water without destroying the pan! Are there really people like that? We'll show you some!

Banana Bread

Image credits: Reddit/bitterrabbitbook

This is not how you make banana bread. If you'd like to know how to make good banana bread, here's a recipe and nowhere in the instructions does it say, "stuff bananas in bread". Also, those are not ripe bananas and everyone knows that you're supposed to use super-ripe, almost-rotten bananas in your banana bread. This seems like a waste of bread and bananas.

Enlarged Ducks

Image credits: Reddit

Unfortunately, that’s a common mistake when it comes to baking. You have to leave room for the bread to grow, as the yeast will do its work. However, it also seems that this person might have added a little too much yeast or baking powder. In the kitchen, it’s all about practice, practice, practice!

The Mug Cake

Image credits: Pinterest

You have probably seen that there’s a huge trend online in regards to mug cakes. They are quick treats that are ready in less than ten minutes, and you only need to use your microwave. Betty Crocker even sells some awesome flavors. However, this is what happens to people who really should be banned from the kitchen.

No Pizza Pan

Image credits: Tumblr/superpersonalthings

This picture should be considered a crime against food because this person just ruined a perfectly delicious-looking pizza. Although cooking doesn’t have to be as precise as baking, you really need to use common sense. Cleaning melted cheese from an oven can be a huge hassle. So, better luck next time!

A Loaf Spiced With Glasses

mage credits: Reddit/MyLoveBox

Someone made a crazy mistake here, although you really have to congratulate the glass manufacturers because they are still intact. Everyone has misplaced their lenses at some point around the house, but it’s hard to imagine someone that would put it on the pan and then magically forget that they are there. Although, they probably didn’t see it because they weren’t using their glasses.

The Fried-Egg Skull

Image credits: Imgur/SwampWaffle

Cooking products have advanced so much that you can actually buy a mold to make your fried eggs look like a skull. However, sometimes things don’t go the way you expect them. This image is the perfect example as the eggs expanded upward, and it looks like a horribly creepy zombie. Next time, this person should use smaller eggs or not add all the egg whites.

Take Out Calorie Bomb

Image credits: Reddit/GearUo

This shows that even take out food can go horribly, horribly wrong. The IDEA of combining a pizza with a full cheeseburger patty is...well...disgusting, but at least it's not fattening. Oh, oops, yes it is, this is a calorie bomb of epic proportions. If you order this kind of a mess, you deserve what you get, but the restaurant should be ashamed of themselves.

St. Patrick's Day The Wrong Way

Image credits: Reddit/norranradd

Look, not everything needs to be green on St. Patrick's Day. Green drink? Sure, OK. Green pancakes? a little gross, but whatever, fine. Green grits or oatmeal or whatever this is? YUCK! It looks NASTY. However, the nastiness of the porridge is nothing compared to whatever beverage is in that glass behind it. It COULD be a smoothie of some kind, but it's more likely that someone dumped a whole bottle of food coloring into some orange juice. Gross.

Sushi Is Hard

Image credits: Reddit/heyitsmark101

Sushi is one of those foods that might not be the best idea to tackle at home. If you do it though, you need to use proper Japanese sticky rice. Don't use Minute Rice as this person did. Even better, just go to a sushi restaurant and have the rolls made by a master. There's a reason why they're so skilled and the food is so insanely expensive.

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Image credits: Reddit/shp0st

People tend to do a lot of weird things with eggs, but this might be the weirdest one. According to the Redditor shp0st who made it, it's a fried egg with ice cream and sprinkles served over rice. What can you say about this? Actually, quite a bit! Did they do this on purpose? Are they actually going to eat this or did they just do it to be funny on Reddit? Which course is this, dessert or entree? See, there are three questions, and there are many more...

That's Not How That Works...

Image credits: Reddit/Eggo-Muh-Leggo

This person appears to be attempting to fry a chicken leg using Froot Loops. Generally, adding Froot Loops to anything makes it taste better, but this might be an exception. Hopefully, they don't burn anything or pop off the chicken. Oh, and remember the thing about green food from earlier? Chicken probably shouldn't be green either.

REALLY Crispy Fries

Image credits: Reddit/TNTFixer

If you don't know how to make something in the kitchen, perhaps it's a better idea not to try. This is what happens when you try and make crispy fries in the oven without "crisping" them first. Really, they look more like the charcoal you would use to make a nice smoked brisket. It probably smells like smoked brisket in the house already.

Not Sonic

Image credits: Reddit/splurg3

This is supposed to be a "hedgehog cake". Really, it's not terrible. Except that it doesn't look much like a hedgehog. And those cold empty eyes will haunt you for the rest of your life. Other than that it's not bad and it has a cute little nose. The chocolate icing is a bit scary, but it's probably fine, right?

Cheap Dinner

Image credits: Reddit/zippyowo

Well, this is what happens when you have nothing left in your pantry. You take the two cheapest ingredients you can get and combine them together. Spam and ramen casserole. This looks just delightful. This is not like adding two odd numbers and getting an even one. Nasty + nasty is still nasty. Yuck.


Image credits: Reddit/autresmusic

If you don't know what aspic is, it's basically a savory jello mold with vegetables and meat in it. There is no universe in the world where this particular one is going to taste good. According to this article, there are three types of aspic: delicate, sliceable, and inedible. It's nice that this person decided to make one that was all three of those things.

You Put Pizza In A Pizza

Image credits: Reddit/myatomicgard3n

This person decided that the topping their pizza really needed was another pizza. Pizza on a pizza on a pizza. At least it all bakes the same, or does it? Was this done on a frozen pizza? Hopefully, that's the case because otherwise, that pizza place has a real problem. Also, as a side note, that meat looks like Spam. Using Spam automatically makes something a kitchen mistake.

Those are the best (or worst) kitchen mistakes that we can find for today. Hopefully, they make you feel better about your own failures when you're making your next meal. It could be worse, you could wind up with one of these! If you liked this article, please share it with your friends! They'll probably feel better too. Thanks for reading!

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