Success In The Tank: The Most Memorable Products On Shark Tank

Success In The Tank: The Most Memorable Products On Shark Tank

Apr 15, 2020Hadil Ghanem

Shark Tank, a globally beloved reality show, provides the audience insight on brilliant products and services while also giving them a chance to learn about investment and entrepreneurship. There are many creative and innovative products shown on Shark Tank that deserve acknowledgment!

Scrub Daddy

There isn’t a single person who doesn’t know this name! The design of this product was brilliant. Not only does the material change texture depending on the temperature of the water for multiple use, but the rigid edges and the smiley face are there in order to make cleaning cups and cutleries much easier and more efficient. This sponge was so well-received because of its multi-functions and due to the fact that it was made to last a long time as it resists bacteria. Hands down, this is one of the best products ever found on Shark Tank!

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Drop Stop

We live in a very busy and fast-paced world, so it is nothing strange that people eat in their cars. The Drop Stop was created in order to minimalize the mess we find between and under the seats during those rushed times. What’s even better about this product is that it stops you from losing your phone between the seats when it happens to slip out of your hand or your pocket. It is one of the most beloved and memorable products because it is ideal for anyone who has a car! What more could we ask for?


Possibly one of the most innovative, yet simple products that appeared on Shark Tank! The IllumiBowl, something you never thought you needed until now, is a night-light in your toilet! Imagine this, you’re having the best sleep, and you need to go to the bathroom. Turning on the lights not only disturbs everyone else in the room, but also wakes you up just a little more than you want. This was the perfect solution, with the different colors available, you can even customize it to your liking! The best thing about this; it even has a germ defense version available!

Baker’s Edge

If you’re a baker or you just love sweets, this is something you’ve been basically dreaming about forever. Everyone loves the crispy edges of brownies! They are just the perfect texture against the chewy center. The Baker’s Edge is a pan that’s divided into sections to give every single piece of brownie that amazing crispy edge! It is non-stick of course, and you can just easily remove the brownie once it’s cooled. Really, one of the best creations out there for that sweet tooth.

Kodiak Cakes

Have you ever dreamed about eating healthy, making sure you include enough protein in your diet, and for it all to taste good at the same time? Well it doesn’t have to be a dream anymore, because the Kodiak Cakes produced the best solution! This company, with multiple products such as pancakes, waffles and even cornbread, have created a way for you to get a quick and sufficient amount of protein in your diet, while also actually enjoying what you’re eating. Basically, anything that makes eating healthy easier is a sure win, and for it to taste good too, amazing bonus!

Squatty Potty

There are products that you don’t think you need until you see them. Many people have come up with solutions for constipation, but none like this! Studies have shown that changing your posture by pulling your legs up into a deep squat solves and eases constipation. The squatty potty is a small stool that allows you to easily place your feet on it for the perfect posture with complete comfort. It is such a simple product, but very well-constructed with the non-slip foot padding and the curve that allows you to conveniently store it under your toilet without taking up extra space in your bathroom.

The Original Comfy

The original comfy is a hoodie and a blanket at the same time, that is, like its name suggests, a very comfy hoodie to snuggle with while at home lounging. This was such a huge hit because of the simple yet ingenious idea of combining the two! This way, if you need to get up to do something, you don’t have to sacrifice your warmth in the process, because well, you’re wearing it!

The Beard King

Tired of the mess you're left behind when shaving? Don't have time to clean up that mess in the morning while you're rushing for work? The Beard King created a simple solution for men shaving, without the unnecessary mess left behind! This product is basically an oversized beard for men! This bib catches all of the beard trimmings after grooming facial hair for easily clean-up by simply turning it on its side into a trash can! No wonder this was invested in!


FiberFix is definitely one of the most universal and useful products ever seen on Shark Tank. This adhesive tape is used for leaks or to fix any surface without having to replace anything or use the whole roll. FiberFix is made out of a material that hardens like steel while also being waterproof for a supposed ‘permanent’ solution for damaged surfaces. Innovative and effective, it is no wonder at all that this was invested in and became one of the most memorable products out there.

Wicked Good Cupcakes

As their name suggests, these cupcakes are wicked good! Wicked Good Cupcakes are amazingly tasting cupcakes that are constructed inside of a small, single-serving jar that is sealable for easy shipping across the United States. One of the most innovative products was created by a mother and daughter in order to spend quality time together and developed quickly once the Sharks saw potential in these cute little things and invested in the duo!

Myostorm Therapeutic Massage Ball

An innovative health and wellness product to come out of Shark Tank, the Myostorm ball is certainly something all of us should consider owning. Meant for deep tissue self-massage, this small but mighty ball will relieve your pains and aches, even if you are no athlete, and simply need something to help you relax every evening. 

Radiate Portable Campfire

We’ve all been there! In the middle of our camping trip, realizing we are not as skilled as we thought when it comes to starting a fire to keep everyone warm. Before you have to face that embarrassment again, get your hands on this genius portable campfire. This Shark Tank product is sure one to appeal to the camping masses!

Locker Boards Mini Skateboard

The pain of having to drag your big skateboard with you every time you go out can be annoying, but the minds from Locker Boards have a solution. What if they could make a super small skateboard, that would easily fit in your bag, and not even weigh you down? Perfect isn’t it?

Kidrunner Stroller Jogger

For all the avid runner moms out there, Shark tank has something for you too! Pushing a stroller in front of you when you go out for a run is not the most effective way to get in a workout, but the Kidrunner enters the scene to revolutionize that! Simply tie it around your belt, and drag your kid behind you. Added weight training is just another bonus!

Tutublue Swimsuit

Having to smother ourselves with sunblock every time we head to the beach is surely a buzzkill, and even then, the protection is not the best. But what if your swimsuit itself acted as your SPF? Shark Tank gave us another great idea in the form of Tutublue- full-body swimsuits that double as full-body sun protection!


This one takes us back down memory lane! We loved shoes that magically turned into rollerblades, and this invention is an updated version of exactly that. Rocketskates are electric motorized skates that you can simply change and attach to your regular shoes, and off you go with the speed of thunder!

Genius Juice Whole Coconut Smoothies

We love smoothies, and even though we thought nothing new can be done in that realm, we were mistaken. A Shark Tank product named Genius Juice Coconut Smoothies came out with their USDA Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and soy-free smoothies, and we couldn’t be more excited about the healthy new addition to our midday snack.

Wanna Date? Date Spread

Yes we know, date spread doesn’t sound like the most appetizing thing out there, but hear us out! This particular one named very cleverly- Wanna Date?, is an all-natural and low-calorie option to other widely available spreads out there. It will satisfy your sweet tooth just the same, if not better, and keep you healthy at the same time!

Moink Meat Subscription

If you are a meat lover, we might just have something very special for you! The Moink Meat subscription box is a product that came out of Shark Tank and is targeting everyone who feels like they could use some carefully curated and hand-picked quality meat at their doorstep each month. Count us in!

Space Shake 

If you are following the paleo diet, you know how hard it can be to keep it up on a daily basis, especially when out of the house, This is why Space Shake is genius! It’s simply a paleo-based shake powder in a compact, single serving, form, and all you have to do to prepare it is mix in your preferred liquid. Shakes at work have never been easier!

Coco Taps Drill

We admit our coconut obsession! There is nothing better than a freshly opened coconut on a hot summer day, but opening them up, and drinking from them, can sometimes be a challenge. This is where Coco Taps come in, and we applaud the practical genius of this product, letting you have easy access to a coconut whenever you want.

biēm Butter Sprayer

We always dreamt of making out butter sprayable, and even though that sounds like a weird wish, someone else made it come true! The biēm Butter Sprayer is a simple and functional device for your kitchen which upon inserting a stick of butter, gets you sprayable form of the tasty daily product. Definitely a new staple on our countertop!

Doddle & Co. Pop Pacifier

The Doddle & Co. Pop Pacifier is an absolutely unique and genius pacifier product, and we wish we had one of these when we were little. Designed specifically with the baby and its parents in mind, the pacifier is not only super functional but also very pretty. It comes in different colors, and you can easily wash it in your sink!

Line Cutterz

We aren’t big on fishing ourselves, but we know cutting fishing lines can sometimes be a daunting process. Line Cutterz was developed to eliminate it completely, and because of it, you can now enjoy seamless and easy fishing out with your friends any day. Just another product that was born out of deep expertise!


Yes, the BevBuck is meant to hold your drink at waist level while you are out partying with your friends, and it is genius. If you ever dreamed of having your hands free to do whatever you wanted, but still having a drink on you at all times, then the BevBuckle is a product for you!

The BetterBack

Modern humans site way too much and all this sitting is terrible for our backs. This is why we have to learn how to sit better if we can’t necessarily sit less. The BetterBack product is designed to put you in the right position every time, and you should definitely get this for your office asap!

Third Wave Water Tablets

If you are into third-wave coffee and consider yourself quite the coffee enthusiast, this product is for you. As regular water is mineralized, the minerals can often give your coffee a specific taste, which is definitely something to void if you want to enjoy the pure unadulterated taste notes of the beans! These tablets will make your water tasteless, and your coffee better!

The Peanut Butter Pump

The struggle of taking the perfect scoop of peanut butter to spread on your sandwich can sometimes seem impossible. Peanut butter is, after all, notoriously hard to use, but what if you can get yourself a product that would make all this go away? With the Peanut Butter pump, you can simply pump your perfect portion of your favorite spread, and you are ready to bite into your snack!

Eco Nuts Laundry Detergent

Caring for the planet should be our priority, which is why we have to reconsider many of our choices at home. For example, opting for all-natural, earth-friendly laundry detergent is a small but very important step in becoming more responsible for our planter. These Eco Nuts Laundry balls are a genius invention, and will make your laundry not only clean and fresh but also good for the earth.

ReadeRest Original

For all the glass-wearers out there, this product is a game-changer! The magnetic eyeglasses rest is easily attachable to your top, and it serves as the perfect place for your glasses whenever you are taking a break from your computer, your book, or simply need a little bit of glass-free time.


Bombas is one of the most popular products to have come out of Shark Tank, and we are not surprised. These super functional socks are not only practical and warm, but also very very pretty. Makes for a great gift to your loved ones, or to yourself! And naturally, we suggest getting a few colors at the same time!

The Monkey Mat

Monkey Mat is just one of those products that are so versatile that once you buy them, you won’t stop using them for every occasion. This mat can be used for picnics, for your baby to play on, for your dog to sleep on, and many many others, so if you are looking for something that will serve you a lifetime, Monkey Mat might be it!

The Beebo Hands-Free Bottle Feeder

Some inventions are bound to appear on the market at one point or another. A hands-free bottle feeder for a baby is one of them, and we are glad it is finally here. Now, moms can enjoy more freedom while carrying around their babies, as the self-feeder will do the work for them. 

PiperWai Charcoal Deodorant

There needs to be a revolution in terms of the beauty and health products we use on a daily basis. Many of them contain dangerous chemicals, which is why the all-natural PiperWai charcoal deodorant makes us swoon with happiness. This is a much better option for a deodorant than anything you might already own, so give it a try!

Such brilliance in one list. Some of these products are just so simple, but so innovative! Which is your favorite product on Shark Tank? Where there any other products that were more memorable to you? Don't forget to share this with your friends if you love Shark Tank!