Proof That Teachers Are Funny

Apr 24, 2020Manuela Mitevova

Teachers might not be regarded as the funniest professionals out there, but on closer inspection, we think this notion should be reconsidered. Students keep revealing more and more teacher pranks and hilarious notes, and we just can’t get enough of them. After all, teachers are humans too, and even though their humor may be cringeworthy, it is truly remarkable sometimes.

There’s No Cheating In This Class

Image Credit: Twitter/josephxmorales

These students should have realized that their teacher was not being careless. If they normally watch you like a hawk during a test, then something is going on if they decided to just leave the room. However, this teacher went way beyond the call of duty to check which students would start copying their answers.

Caught Sleeping In Class

Image Credit: Reddit

We have all fallen asleep in one class or another. Life being a student is very hard, and some subjects might not be our favorite. Teachers normally get incredibly mad about that. However, this professor decided that a picture was in order. The remarkable thing is that the kid was so deep in his sleep that he didn’t even notice.

Don’t Bother Me

Image credits: Imgur

Teachers are really super busy, although most would encourage questions. However, a lot of them have a million things to do and check during their school hours. It seems like this person did not want to be interrupted unless a major emergency was happening. Although, even in an emergency, he prefers not to be bothered.

Extra Credit

Image Credit: Reddit/e8odie

Leave it to professors to outsmart you in any way. This one thought of an evil, but extremely interesting plan to give his students extra credit, and we are in awe of this move that seems more like a social behavioral study than anything else. What would you choose from the two options?

Drake For The Win

Image Credit: Tumblr/himynameissamanthaa

As a teacher, you need to know what your students’ soft spots are. Whether you use them for your benefit, or for light humor that will score you some bonus points, the choice is up to you, but this teacher opted for the second option. That iconic Drake album cover just can’t be reinterpreted enough!

Email With A Selfie

Image credits: Twitter/nikkilaoo

Maybe this teacher made that picture her automatic signature on her email app, although that might have been a mistake. Luckily, it’s a hilarious picture of her doing a sort of “duck face”, and we’re sure most of the kids ignored or had a laugh about it. Teachers that don’t take things too seriously are often the best ones.

A New Kind of Substitute Teacher

Image credits: Imgur

Well, it’s hard to say what the story behind the tree is, but it’s still so weird. Someone online posted it saying that it happened during final exams. Maybe the teacher was not willing to supervise the test and decided to add a bit of humor to make his students feel a little more comfortable. Either way, it’s very entertaining.

The Thoughtful Math Teacher

Image credits: Reddit/WillNewbie

It seems that one math teacher decided to hand out these notes to their students, and it also explains a common principle of geometry. Unfortunately, parallel lines never meet, but non-parallel lines meet once and never find cross each other again. There’s a lot of poetry to be found in math if you dig into it.

The Witcher

Image credits: Reddit/besterich

Anyone who has enjoyed Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ probably sang ‘Toss a Coin to Your Witcher’ for several weeks after the premiere. This teacher was a fan also and decided to add a bit of humor during the tense moment of collecting phones to stop cheating. It’s hilarious, and we hope it brought a smile to the students’ faces.

No Time For Stupid Questions

Image credits: Reddit/ginger-loving-asian

Unfortunately, any teacher will tell you that kids will normally ask them to repeat what they just said. This teacher had enough of that and just decided to put it on the board. However, we would bet that some kid asked the question even if it was right there. Some people really need to pay attention and listen better.

The Fan of BadlandsChugs

Image credits: Reddit/Limb12

Only a few people will know about this meme. It refers to a Youtube channel called “BadlandsChugs”, and this person is called Eric Booker. He is a competitive eater and rapper. His channel is hilarious, and it seems like this teacher was a huge fan. However, we have to wonder why he decided to draw that moment. Maybe it was during a test.

Never Forget a Name Again

Image credits: Reddit/PonyUpDaddy

The world changed when Beyonce released her song ‘Single Ladies’. The line “if you like, you should have put a ring on it” has been referenced all over, and this is one example. However, this teacher was even funnier because they decided to put the ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch instead of the regular video. In it, Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, and Bobby Moynihan play Beyonce’s backup dancers.

Never Use Comic Sans

Image credits: Reddit/James332233

For some reason, teachers really hate Comic Sans, although most of our readers will probably remember a time when everyone, especially girls, used it for everything. However, at some point, you needed to use Times New Roman or Arial for absolutely everything. Maybe those fonts are easier to read. Either way, we bet these students don’t do it.

Coloring During a Test

Image credits: Reddit/XzXbrockXzX

Have you ever had a test where you didn’t know anything? If so, you probably just sat there running down the clock to avoid looking like you finished too early. Luckily, this teacher understands that struggle and added some cartoons to make the test a little more fun. Do you remember how to solve those logarithms?

Endgame Fandom

Image Credit: Reddit/Superman743

The Avengers are serious business, and even teachers don’t mess around! One teacher, in particular, seemed to have been quite the fan and refused to accept any possibility of spoilers, threatening to fail his students if they revealed anything. This is definitely the way we would go about this, so kudos!

Lady Gaga And Chemistry

Image Credit: Reddit/MeowMeowMatthew

Teachers these days need to be plugged into the kids’ world. This chemistry professor thought the best way to teach his students was to arrange the elements to fit a Lady Gaga song, and it might just be the most genius way to make anyone remember chemistry concepts. 

Open House

Image Credit: Reddit/ La Potaters

Students are scared of open houses at school for a reason, and one teacher made sure he got the best of their fear. Setting up a paid open house menu, he offered his students the option to be praised in front of their parents for a certain price. Definitely a genius idea for some extra income. Which option would you choose? 

Picture Of the Day

Image Credit: Reddit/Jmayne

Some teachers have amazing hidden talents, and naturally, they should be able to showcase them in some way. This teacher, for example, draws an elaborate and beautiful picture of the day every morning, and we can’t help but wonder if his artistic talent gets even the slightest bit of appreciation from the students.

Planetary Update

Image Credit: Reddit/Skwuruhl

While teachers and schools might be accused of not keeping up with the times, and being too archaic, one teacher proved them wrong. He updated the astronomy poster in his classroom as soon as news broke that Pluto was no longer considered a planet, and we salute him for his progressive ways! All for science!

Cat Of The Day

Image Credit: Reddit/CynilAli

Teachers can sometimes be pretty unrelatable, but one teacher found a way to the hearts of all his students. Cat of the day drawings on the whiteboard seems like the best idea ever, especially if they are as cute as Snowball. We wish someone did this at our job every morning!

Mysterious Testing

Image Credit: Reddit/Isai76

If you were to get a test with these instructions on it, you might be a little bit concerned. However, it does seem like there is a great adventure ahead, so we would definitely take this kind of test over a regular one any day. We are extremely curious as to what went on in that class!

The Teachers Strikes Back

Image credits: Reddit/Tredid

For some unknown reason, this teacher decided that he would wear a Darth Vader costume to a lesson, and his students found it completely hilarious. Of course, he might have been trying to scare them due to an upcoming test, and that’s a wickedly evil plan! All the young padawans trembled in fear.

No More Cheating

Image credits: Reddit/JustARandomBot

Unfortunately, every student ends up cheating at some point, and kids these days have it much easier due to smartphones. Luckily, teachers everywhere are looking for new ways to stop foul plays during exams. This is a great way to make sure that all students get their phones when they are done with their exams.

The Weirdest Homework

Image credits: Reddit/atropicalbar

Nobody likes doing homework. Our readers probably remember a time when they had to finish something minutes before handing it in. However, this kind of assignment seems pretty fun. Although, the only one you can really do is conditioning before shampooing. You might have wasted some conditioner doing that though.

No Lost Students

Image credits: Reddit/lmlsaacOk

During a school drill, this teacher printed a cardboard cutout of his face to make sure that his students did not get lost. We have to imagine that their school is insanely big and has a lot of kids. On the other hand, if it’s a small school, it’s still funny because it makes no sense. We love when teachers are weirdly quirky.

The Spare Pen

Image credits: Reddit/marturprobation

When you get to high school, you seldom carry a pencil case on you. Some teens only have a pencil in their pockets to take notes during lessons. They borrow everything else. This young man learned that he should really have a backup. When he asked the teacher for a spare pen, he was given this thing. We bet it was not easy to use.

The Face Stamp

Image credits: Reddit/MarkZuckerbritches

To prove that his students were handing in some work, this teacher has a special stamp of his own face. It’s absolutely insane and hilarious. Additionally, no kids would be able to deceive him because it’s custom-made. We love this idea, and teachers like that make school life a little more enjoyable for everybody.

Tardiness Is Not Really Acceptable

Image credits: Reddit/eriF

Unfortunately, life happens. There are many circumstances that might make you late for school. Most teachers will understand most of the time until it becomes a habit. There’s a running joke on the internet that listening to Nickelback is horrible. So, we can all agree that the last punishment is the worst of all.

No More Stealing

Image credits: Reddit

Sadly, many things go missing in a classroom, and this teacher learned it the hard way. Therefore, he decided to glue his calculator to a brick so that he could lend it to students, and no one would steal it. It’s an ingenious idea. Although it might be problematic if the battery runs out. Maybe, it’s one of those that runs on solar cells?

The Tool Graveyard

Image credits: Reddit/Axel_Ols

This woodshop teacher decided to make a graveyard for all the tools that his students have destroyed overtime. There will always be accidents when we learn, but sometimes, some kids might be a little too careless. Luckily, this professor has a great sense of humor and tools can be replaced easily. Although some of these might be expensive.

Time to Leave That Class

Image credits: Reddit/kevalavah

We hope that the first slide was a huge joke. If so, it’s absolutely hilarious and must have raised the eyebrows of all the kids in the class. However, if it was real, then we think it’s time for a transfer. No one would use that font for a slide, especially for Graphic Design. We suspect that it truly was a prank from the professor.

Organic Chemistry

Image Credit: Reddit/BootsOfDanger

Chemists are known for their specific humor, so we just have to accept signs like these. They definitely know how to lure the students into their classes, because who wouldn’t want to be free to ask where the chloroform is, without being questioned by the police after? 

Play On Words

Image Credit: Reddit/tmac131

We have to admit, word plays have never been very funny in most cases, but this one is an exception. If you, as a teacher, can squeeze in any Christopher Walken reference into your school life, we salute you! We are also sure that the students appreciated the effort, and always made sure to make an appointment!

The Best Picture

Image credits: Imgur

It seems that professor Bill Heinz did not want to pose for a picture that day. Maybe he got a new haircut and wanted to show it off properly. Perhaps he wanted to make his students laugh at the end of the year when the yearbook came out. Either way, you know that he has a great sense of humor because of this.

Change My Mind

Image credits: Reddit/Ginger_King

A lot of our readers are probably familiar with the “Change my mind” meme, which is a man sitting down, with a table and a sign on it, that comes with a particular statement. It’s meant to start a debate. This professor decided to copy the meme with a very controversial statement about rhinos. Although, we really have to agree with him this time.

It Feels Like She’s There

Image credits: Imgur

Well, maybe that picture really allowed the kids to focus more on their work. They know that their teacher is right there with them. Some kids don’t really pay attention to substitute teachers or sometimes, the school will just play a movie if a professor couldn’t go that day. Either way, this might help during class.

Missing In Spanish

Image credits: Twitter/grace_sheehan

It seems that this teacher got really “worried” about their student when she was absent. Obviously, this is a hilarious joke, and we just love that the professor thought about doing something this funny. It seems like the teacher is probably everyone’s favorite. We have to wonder how many milk cartons had it, though.

Jason Momoa Can Interrupt

Image credits: Reddit/cabbage_fork

No teacher wants to be interrupted during a lesson. They have to keep up with the material, or the kids won’t learn anything in time for tests. It’s a stressful job for sure. However, some emergencies should be taken into consideration. Of course, if Jason Momoa came to class, everything would stop immediately!

My Neighbor Totoro

Image credits: Reddit/venanzimus

You might have seen some teachers dressing up for their class already, but you probably have never seen this. An online user posted about their Japanese teacher, who excels at Halloween. You have to know that this is a character from an anime film called ‘My Neighbor Totoro’. We seriously recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet.

The Cereal Killer

Image credits: Reddit/QuitSweetTalkinHoney

This is a mistake that almost everyone has made at some point. The word “serial” and “cereal” sound exactly the same, and “cereal” is much more common. However, it seems that this teacher takes marking to the next level and explained that mistake in detail. That’s literally what a “cereal killer” would be like.

Teacher Fashion

Image Credit: Reddit/Coltonkemp

Some teachers take their fashion seriously, and we are glad they do. One professor decided to go the extra mile and color match his tie with his PowerPoint presentation. This is definitely the most commitment we have seen anyone make to a few slides, and we have to say we are impressed!

Quiz Shaming

Image credits: Imgur/viotate

It seems like this teacher was inspired by posts on the internet such as “Dog Shaming” or “Kid Shaming”. They are all meant to be fun, but they had to add a disclaimer. These teens decided to volunteer their pictures of why they failed the quizzes or perhaps other errors they made during exams. It’s a fantastic idea, and it breaks up the monotony of school life.

Sam Houston’s Biggest Fan

Image credits: Reddit/Amazincorn

It looks like this person is a huge fan of Sam Houston, a politician and lawyer that lead the Texas Revolution. Obviously, the teacher is a huge admirer and felt the need to add a question about him in the test. However, it looks like all the answers are right in this case. Which one would you choose if you were taking the test?

Warning: Always Times New Roman

Image credits: Reddit/HotelBravo

Here is another example of teachers that really hate everything but Times New Roman. It's mostly to avoid some weird choices that will distract from reading a paper. Additionally, some fonts might make an essay appear to be longer. Clearly, this professor means business. They will set the papers with cute fonts on fire!

Teachers deserve much more credit for what they do, especially when it comes to how funny they can be. Our list of these hilarious teacher notes is just proof that classrooms are sometimes where the best humor is born, and we hope students keep revealing more of these small fragments of their school life to us.

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