Hilarious Pictures Of Angry Animals

Jul 07, 2020Peter File

What’s worse than working in the office? Working in the office on a Monday morning. Right… we all know the pain - and sometimes it’s not just limited to Monday, it could be any other day of the week, you know, raining down on a sunny day, that sort of thing. So, to brighten up your day, we compiled a list of cute animals for you - who seem to understand your (our) struggles. You are not alone.


Image Credits: Imgur/KasekaVlad

If you are wondering what you look like amidst a heated argument, all angry and stuff - you can look into the mirror, or just refer to this photo. This Shiba is a perfect embodiment of the angry face… which is common on Mondays, especially after your boss just gave you some extra workload.

“Told you to bring an umbrella, Gary.” 

Image Credits: Reddit/LalaLissa

An advice from us - it is always a good idea to have an umbrella in your bag when you go out, cause depending on where you live, the weather can be very unpredictable. The last thing you want is to have it raining down on you when you are about to go on a date for example. You definitely do not want to show up to an event looking like this cat does. 

“Don’t you ever invite Mary to our house for dinner, Mike.”

Image Credits: Reddit/jedaam

Talking about girlfriends… sometimes, jealousy can be a thing in a relationship, and it is not healthy. And oftentimes the argument might just be pointless, but it is just part of it that we all have to go through. Our advice here (for guys mostly) is that next time when it happens, try and appreciate how cute she looks when she is angry, maybe after a while, you won’t be that angry anymore yourself.

“Did you just say I look fat in that dress?”

Image Credits: Reddit/petplus09

To all the dudes out there who have/ had a girlfriend, this kind of look should not be an unfamiliar sight. Being in a relationship is fun and all, but sometimes, it is like sailing in an uncharted territory, where a single mistake can cost you an arm or leg… or sleeping on the couch for the night.

“What happened last night?”

Image Credits: Reddit/loki_kitteh

Going to work after a night of partying is no fun - been there, done that, and still make the same mistakes over and over again. But the morning after is like listening to a Nickelback song - if you don’t think too much about it, it isn’t too bad. Also, you can tell someone is hungover by looking at their eyes - weary eyes, just like the cat’s here.


Image Credits: Piximus

If the judgment day ever comes, I wish the judgments will be shown through the judging face from the puppies… in that case, maybe I won’t feel too bad about the mistakes I have made. While we might think that dogs are loyal companions, maybe underneath they are judging us as well.

“Where is my personal space???”

Image Credits: Reddit/Felfriast

If angry birds have a real counterpart in our world, this would probably be it. Or it’s more like grumpy birds… I don’t know. Anyway, I can kind of understand the expression - deep inside I feel the same when someone I do not know gets too close - man, you gotta respect that personal space. If I can smell your breath, you are definitely getting too close.

“Kyle. This is the tenth time I have heard this joke.”

Image Credits: Imgur/MyMindIsWastedHere

This is the face of annoyance, passing cold, passive judgments over someone. You know, sometimes a facial expression goes beyond words - no a word has to be spoken, and you know it’s time to shut up. This is how it looks - maybe consider practicing this expression in front of the mirror, it will probably be useful at some point.


Image Credits: Reddit

Okay boomer. This is the face old people make normally whenever they are passing an aggressive judgment on something that you did - such as walking on their lawn, or sitting down at the metro when there are no free places. Not great, not terrible...just annoying.

“Stop looking at the smartphone, son.”

Image Credits: Reddit/Munky_B

This photo here is Frankie, where the owner calls him Grumpy Frankie...or as we prefer, Cranky Frankie. Frankie is 15-year-old - which is approximately 70 years old for us. So yes, this time it is a real grandpa - so it is plausible that it is making comments as our grandparents would make.

“Wanna take it outside?”

Image Credits: Instagram/pompous.albert

Cats are known to be grumpy - or at least our beloved grumpy cat is. However, this one seems to be actually angry, and he/she was about to start a fight. This situation resembles the ones I saw outside a bar, where a drunk person is trying to pick a fight with someone innocent - and this puppy looks innocent enough.

“Did You Just Take The Last Cup Of Coffee?!”

Image Credits:Reddit/Hellsong26

I feel like this has some meme potential - you can pretty much insert any passive-aggressive statements there with a shock element to it and it will pretty much fit. Like “Did you just go on a date with that hot receptionist?!” or “Did you just order a pizza with pineapple on it?!”

“Let me down! Let me down!”

Image Credits: Reddit/urafoot

As a kid, I didn’t really enjoy being held up in the air - and I think the kitten understands that feeling. And as an adult, this is also the same face I make whenever I am forced to go on a rollercoaster or something - also the reason why I never check the photos of the ride after I get off.

“Where is your manager?”

Image Credits: Reddit/NinjaInUnitard

This picture was taken in a pet hotel - so we can assume that this cat is a customer there. However, he/she doesn’t seem to be pleased with the service there - you can see from its face that it is about to write a complaint letter, likely because whoever took the picture entered the room despite the “Do Not Disturb” sign.

“Let me go!”

Image Credits: Reddit/ohsodave

If there’s a look of agony for cats, this would be it. This little fluffy buddy here certainly does not enjoy being pinned down on the ground and touched. Though we do not speak cat language, we can tell that it is asking whoever was holding it to let go.

“Did you finish the monthly report?”

Image Credits: Imgur/CIA2001

This cat here has this look of authority and control that exerts dominance over those whom he made eye contact with. The same thing can be said for some of the managers you know at work - that deathly stare, man… You do not want to miss the deadline with that kind of manager.

“Let me in, Larry!”

Image Credits: Reddit/petplus09

Ever pulled a prank on some friends by entering a place and left them outside? Yes...it might be immature, but hey, we were all young, once upon a time… (or if you are still young, congratulations) this picture here might be able to help you recall those cringy yet bittersweet moments.

“Did you just eat the last piece of cake?”

Image Credits: Imgur/NastyNateandthewatermelongang

This here is the look of confusion and disappointment. From its eyes, you can almost feel the audible confusion that’s coming out, and at the same time with a touch of disappointment, or perhaps anger… or perhaps both. A perfect resemblance of someone’s face upon discovering the last piece of cake is gone.

“Did you just finish that burger in one bite, dude?”

Image Credits: Pixabay

The look of shock and horror as you witness someone you know just achieved something that is seemingly impossible, something beyond human comprehensions - such as finishing a regular-sized burger in one bite. Overwhelmed by shock and terror, you just continue staring into nothingness. We wonder what this dog actually witnessed to make a face like this.

“Yes, boss. The issue has been taken care of.”

Image Credits: Reddit/lesterkanopff

Dogs are loyal companions, and we are curious if they are loyal to other dogs as well, you know, cause they always come in a pack. We can picture this doggo here, being a loyal soldier to his group - look at that stone old eyes of his. You don’t wanna mess around with him, and trespassing is a bad idea. 

“You are making a mistake here and you will pay for it, sonny.”

Image Credits: Reddit/u_vetra

There’s a somewhat unspoken rule about dogs that the smaller they are, the more aggressive they can be. So never, ever underestimate a dog even though they might have a smaller statue, or you might regret it dearly. For example, this one we have here, with his eyes piercing through your soul as you look at him in the eye.

“What on earth are you doing in the house, Michael?”

Image Credits: Reddit/V3D33P

Parents can be strict sometimes, and blowing bubbles in the house can soon turn into a mess - therefore most of the time parents don’t really condone it when kids blow bubbles in the house all over the place. If it is not allowed, and they caught you doing it in surprise like this? You are in for trouble.

“Hold on. Did you forget about your wallet again?”

Image Credits: Imgur

This is not exactly an angry look - it is more of a look that consists of annoyance and mild confusion. We all have this one friend who is always short on cash/ forgot his wallet and asks if you can pay for him first. Once or twice is okay, but if it happens all the time, it does get annoying. If you don’t have a friend like that, either you are lucky… or you might be that friend.

“No way! I missed that bus again!”

Image Credits: Piqsels

Again, depending on where you live and your job, sometimes you have to catch a bus to work in the morning (unless you drive to work). But depending on the country, the bus schedule can either be a solid reference or an approximate indicator at best. If it is the later one, there might be times where the bus arrives early, and even if you run for your life to catch it, it's not enough.

“What did you say? I double dare you.”

Image Credits: Imgur

We are not entirely sure if this is an angry face or not - but regardless, it sure looks intimidating, in a very distinctive way. You know, that kind of smile from someone that is a little psycho, and you can never guess the intention behind that evil grin. This looks just like that., like The Joker’s smile. Not the Joaquin Phoenix joker of course, but the one with Jared Leto.

“I shall avenge my family.”

Image Credits: Reddit/Cpt_Patrik

This might be the angriest looking doggo on our list thus far. We are not sure what triggers this doggo, but it has to be something quite traumatic. A sight of his mortal enemy perhaps? Or just a regular Monday morning where everything stands in your way? Guess we will never know. 

“Am I a joke to you?”

Image Credits: Reddit/Ade1001

This look of disapproval, of the struggle against the eternal ridicule of life… or simply our regular Monday mood, in either way it is too relatable. It looks as if the fish really hates the life inside the fish tank, longing for a life that’s beyond the 4 sheets of glass - we too, fish. We too. If we can get out of this place...

“No Mark. I am not talking to you.”

Image Credits: Pinterest

While we don’t understand if the bowtie serves a purpose here, we do understand the look of contempt from this puppy. Though we are not sure if it is natural that this puppy always has one eye looking sideways, we can feel as if he was saying “No, I am tired of this. I am not talking to you anymore.” Which inevitably happens every Monday at work.

“Did you just say that we are working this weekend?”

Image Credits: Pixabay

Suspicious, with a slight touch of disapproval, is how a cat looks naturally- hey, they are cats after all. However, this is also the face we make when we find out that we are working overtime. Yea, yea...sometimes it is extra money (if you are lucky enough) - but weekends should be reserved for friends and families.

“I did not hit her. I did nooot.”

Image Credits: Pixabay

Ever seen the movie The Disaster Artist with James Franco? What about the movie it is based on, the infamous The Room? Like other cult movies, it is not for everyone. But if you somehow did manage to sit through the movie, you might have recognized the famous line “I did not hit her. I did nooot.” This is how the protagonist looked when he said it, but this cat has better acting.

“Man. Did you just see that?”

Image Credits: Pixabay

We are curious about the thing that drew the attention of this orangutan? Like, what happened and what did he actually see that led to this surprised look? It is a mix of anger and horror - which is a unique mix of emotion which doesn’t happen too often. Did he just witness something important that changed his life? 

“This is mine!”

Image Credits: Pixabay

Ever went out for food and your friend/ family member tried to steal food from your plate, and you had to shout at the top of your lungs to try and fend for yourself and your food? No? Well, you are lucky then. Just in case, if that happens in the future, just give them the same look as here, and they will probably back off.

“Were you late for work again?”

Image Credits: Pixabay

If the other cat that we featured on this list was a male manager, this one would be the female one. They might look different, with less of an authoritative presence, but you should never lower your guard. The hierarchy exists, and there’s still the chain of command - if you messed up, you messed up, and there’s no escape from the death glare.

“Get your own drink, Kyle!”

Image Credits: Pixabay

Apart from food, sometimes your friends might also try to steal your drink - imagine a Friday night out, your friend finished his drink, and couldn’t be bothered to get his own… so in your exhausted, and possibly intoxicated state, you try to let out a ferocious shout to signal that this is your drink. This is how it looks.

“Where is my taxi?” 

Image Credits: Pixabay

So...continuing after where we left off. After denying your friend’s attempt at stealing your drink, you partied a bit more and finally decided to call a taxi. However, it was a Friday night after all, and instead of getting you energized, as you initially believed, you are just dysfunctionally exhausted after those drinks. In your lucid state of mind, grumpy and distraught, you looked for a cab, but you cannot tell whether it’s just a normal car or an actual cab. This is that face.

“Where’s my building?”

Image Credits: Pixabay

Now...after you get off from the taxi, you are somewhat relieved of the fact that first, you made it there, and second, you finally get to breathe some fresh air...but wait? Where am I? The area looks faintly familiar, but not altogether recognizable - another episode of Deja Vu? As you stumbled around in distraught, looking around the area...mildly infuriated, you realized you got off at the wrong place. 

"The weather report said it isn't snowing today..."

Image Credits: Imgur

If you ever lived in a snowy country, you will probably understand the struggle. Yes, it is beautiful to see the landscape covered in snow - but it's also annoying if the snow is all over you. Those who live in a snowy country will understand, cause this is the usual look on a regular winter day. Wait - did we also mention the water soaking through after the snow melts?

"Get that stupid hat off me. It's not even my birthday."

Image Credits: Instagram/huskyanuko

Sometimes, if you are lucky (or unlucky, depends on how you see it), your workplace does host birthday parties, to help you cope with the trauma from the mundane everyday work. But depending on the workplace, it can be a real blast, or in this case, a bad cliche. For example, that manager you never liked pretend to be a nice guy that one day, and sing a birthday song mixed with numerous jokes at your expense. We feel you. 

"Overtime? My movie plan is toasted again."

Image Credits: Imgur

It's five o'clock in the afternoon, you are about to go in an hour, straight to the cinema for whatever movie that just came out. Then the manager stepped in, and said "Hey. We need this done today. It's urgent - think you can get this done before eight o'clock tonight?". Frustrated, with a touch of agony, this is how that feels. We know your pain. 

"Seriously. HE is getting a promotion?"

Image Credits: Imgur

Is there a colleague you dislike? No? Stop lying - we all have at least one. And we believe that it happens to you at some point in your life, where you overheard gossips that irritates you, like for example, someone you dislike and believe is totally incompetent is somehow getting a promotion instead. It's a mix of surprise and anger, like this bird here.

"Did you just leave the coffee machine empty again?"

Image Credits: Imgur

If you work in an office with an old fashioned coffee machine, you will know the struggle - someone took the last cup of coffee, and couldn't bother to make a new batch. So you walk all the way to the pantry, just to realize the coffee pot is empty, and you have to make a new batch. It's worse if it happens on a Monday.

"Shouldn't have put on hair gel this morning."

Image Credits: Imgur

Rain is annoying enough, but more so if you are using hair gel and you forgot your umbrella. While hair gel is useful is getting that hairstyle you saw on the TV, it's not that practical if you think about it. And if you happen to walk under the rain with your hair set with hair gel, this is what happens. Advice? Don't use hair gel. 

"Good lord, Jeremy. Did you put fish in the microwave again?"

Image Credits: Imgur

This is a picture of a bigger cat, and a bit beyond angry, as we would categorize this as being infuriated instead. And that got us thinking - what are the things that really annoy us? And yes, as the smell from the pantry was spreading throughout the office - it's probably that one guy who microwaves fish in the pantry.

"I don't know who you are, I don't know what you do..."

Image Credits: Reddit/dittidot

Have you ever worked at customer support? If not, well, good for you. It is one of the most frustrating job out there, and for different reasons. There are times when the customers are frustrated, they in turn get you frustrated as well. And after a lengthy conversation, you wish you have never been born at all (or he/she never been born at all, either way). If you know people who did work at customer support - this is their face amidst a frustrating call. 

"The weather forecast is not reliable these days..."

Image Credits: Imgur

Raining down on a sunny day...that happens more often than you might expect. So seriously, take our advice, and always bring an umbrella with you. Yes, sometimes you can wait it out, but if you are in a hurry, you will have to run like a madman under the rain in order to get to places - and you will look like this. 

Here are some of the cute yet grumpy animals we have found - did your day get any better? We certainly hope so - whatever happens, tomorrow will be a brand new day and a brand new start. Nothing lasts forever - but do you know what lasts forever? Cute animal photos. If you enjoyed looking at them, why not spread the love and share it with your friends? 

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