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Apr 20, 2020Peter File

There are order and balance to everything - work, life, health, the force...but sometimes, things aren’t the way we want them to be. Expectations only go so far; in reality, life is less than perfect. The same goes for a lot of things in life. And as human beings, it is pleasant to look at things that are in order - but frequently they are not. So sit tight, buckle up, as we embrace the journey to trigger your inner OCD (you have been warned).

So Close, Yet so Far

Image Credits: Reddit/Jambo679

Designing plates is an art in itself - I mean, people literally buy them only because of the patterns (remember The Narrator from Fight Club?) But this...why would anyone create such atrocity? I mean, is it complicated to create even spacings with all the machinery we have these days?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Upside Down

Image Credits: Reddit/4ac0ca4

Whoever packed the books like this is a very sick person. Well, first of all - how difficult is it to put the books in a paper case like that? I mean, you only have one job can you possibly put that one upside down?

Wasted Efforts

Image Credits: Imgur

This is infuriating on different levels - apart from the atrocious cutting, there's also the meaning it entails. Whoever made this cake actually spent the effort marking the edges of each slice, but then... this. What kind of monster would do this? Seriously? I hope whoever baked this cake didn't have to see this.

Broken Lines

Image Credits: Imgur

We believe that things like this are done intentionally - and acts like that should be made punishable by law. It doesn't matter who did it, be it a random pedestrian or an actual road worker - how difficult it is to leave it there at the right place? Come on, it's almost a natural instinct. 

Planning Ahead

Image Credits: Imgur/shitstormtrooper

Whenever you do anything, be it a construction project, building a model plane, or just cooking as a whole, it is important to plan ahead. If you need a reminder of why it is important to plan ahead - here you go. Especially with constructions, where there is no tolerance for errors, even one inch of difference can make a world of difference. 

You Had One Job

Image Credits: Reddit/DuckTheMemer

Whoever was laying down the tiles… you had one job. One job. If they were all laid with a random pattern, it wouldn’t be that much of a deal. But this? Why would you do that? The person who did this - did you really hate your job that much? Perhaps consider a change of career?

Are there any comments needed?

Image Credits: Pinterest

Well, yeah. Probably, not only perfectionists can notice that error. Maybe it's actually a piece of art and the artist actually did that intentionally? We can only hope so... 

One Cent of Difference

Image Credits: Reddit/crusaderreddit

Filling up your gas tank with the exact amount of money might be difficult, depending on the gas station. But it’s really annoying when it was about to be the exact amount… but then it was not. Like one cent? What if you don’t have change? You will be getting a lot of coins in change, which is always unpleasant.

Milk Carton Designer... Why?

Image Credits: Reddit/they-are-my-poptarts

Okay, as someone pointed out, this is what the design is supposed to be like. But honestly, this might not be the best design when it comes to alignment. Isn’t it supposed to be centered? It looks misaligned when it is aligned towards the right.

Worse Than Pineapple on Pizza

Image Credits: Reddit/TheProGamerAce

This should be considered a crime against humanity. Putting pineapples on pizzas is one thing? But eating a pizza from the crust first? What kind of monster do you have to be to do that? It doesn’t matter if it has cheese crust or not - doing so is just plain wrong.

Skimping on Cup Lids

Image Credits: Reddit/Professorfuckhead

Whoever made these cup lids obviously didn’t do a good job...bad quality control perhaps? Yea...if it works it works. But still! It is so weird to look at lids that have an off-centered straw slot! This is simply unbearable. This is why you don’t skimp on cup lids if you are opening a restaurant or a fast-food chain.

OCD Trigger

Image Credits: Reddit/Mackteague

This is an OCD trigger...literally and figuratively. It’s obviously done on purpose - but why would anyone do that? Like what kind of evil person to think of this? OCD can actually be a serious condition for some people! Whoever did this is a very inconsiderate person for sure. We surely hope that someone put it back in place.

You Really Had One Job

Image Credits: Reddit/ElectronicCarrot

Okay...we get it. Laying tiles can be hard work at times, it’s still a lot of work, especially if you have a big area to cover. But’s just one job though. Whoever did have one job. Like…why would you leave one just like that, in the middle of all the tiles? It might not be visible if it is at the corner - but it is right in the middle!

Car Volume Knob

Image Credits: Reddit/DrugOfGods

We are accustomed to the on-off switch symbol to be vertical - look at your computer, your TV, your rice cooker… it is normally when they are placed vertically - but in this rental car, somehow it also doubles as a volume knob - so when you turn, it also turns… we are mildly infuriated by this, to be honest.

Failed DIY

Image Credits: Reddit/Sparky_404

The house owner here really should have hired a better electrician… or if it is DIYed, perhaps consider hiring a proper electrician. There really is no logical explanation behind this atrocity. Honestly, how difficult is it to align the socket properly? If it’s an angle off that’s acceptable, but tilting 45 degrees? Nope.

Illiterate Road Sign Worker

Image Credits: Reddit/imapie31

This… well, whoever was working on it did a very bad job I would say. Yes, luckily, it doesn’t matter that much to drivers since it will be improbable for them to see the sign. But upon closer inspection - it even stated that to be the top! And now it is upside down… The person who did this - don’t you know how to read? 

Not This Again... Really?

Image Credits: Reddit/LapToast

This is why planning ahead is important - if whoever laid the tiles did think ahead, this would not happen probably. Every experienced personnel should at least measure the distance before doing so, so that disaster like this will not happen. Seriously, take our advice - before you do anything, plan ahead, and make sure you know what you are doing.

The Tree of a Sad Life

Image Credits: Reddit/wren42

While some people might say this is just the way it is with the design - we wholeheartedly disagree. As we said at the very beginning, there is a balance to everything and this… this is outrageous. The tree should be in the middle! Unless the tree grew after the semicircle, this does not make sense at all - why would anyone do that?

Why Clock Why?

Image Credits: Reddit/MinerDiner

Design can be an intricate topic - for example, this clock here. Was it done on purpose? Or was it a DIY project that went wrong? We can kind of picture someone trying to make a clock, and it went like this “Oh well. Just cut out a piece of wood, though I might have messed up the circle... It doesn’t matter. A clock is a clock. Why bother?”

Here you go. Is the inner OCD coming out yet? We hope you feel fine after reading this...cause we started questioning everything in life after compiling this list? Wanna challenge your friends somehow? Or pull a mild prank on your friend? Why not share this article with them? Maybe it will trigger their inner OCD as well. Sharing is caring, right? 

Source: Reddit

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