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Mar 29, 2020Peter File

Restoration is a craft in itself - and as human beings, we do grow attached to things for various reasons… a wedding gift perhaps, or the chisel your grandpa gave you. There’s an inexplicable sentimental value to old things, as nostalgia is a beautiful thing. With that in mind, it is always heartwarming to see someone bringing old, worn-out items back to life, and not go to waste. Here we compiled a list of things that were restored, to show you how a bit of elbow grease and perseverance can bring something back to life. 

Restored Vise 

Vise would be a familiar sight for those who enjoy fixing stuff - it is basically a clamp to hold something in place while you are working on it, and you can see it in any workshop. Here Imgur user MarcSlonik dismantled the old vise, cleaned off the rust, and practically rebuilt it from the ground up. Dedication, my friend.

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An Old Pan

This truly proves that everything can be restored with just a bit of work. Redditor BrowsofSteel explained that this pan went through a house fire, which would normally make people throw it out completely. However, he decided to restore it to its previous glory! “It was my first time seasoning a pan. Food doesn’t stick to it readily and I suppose that means I did all right.”

An Old Iron

Yes...while it is possible to just buy a new iron in the shop, there’s something special in using an old appliance that was used by your family, as it is part of your family history if you think about it. Here, Redditor 2BitNick restored his grandma’s old iron to a pristine condition. While a lot of people think that yellowed plastic is irreversible and throw them away - it is actually fixable.

The Pair of Nikes

Another user on Reddit, known as best guy, posted their restoration project involving an old pair of running shoes. Most people throw away their sneakers after too much use, but there are ways to salvage your old things. “Overall, it was a nice experience mostly done in the early hours before work. I love sneakers, and felt like scratching that itch in a different way to the usual new purchase.”


There is just something special about a good old zippo lighter - the iconic “cling” sound when you fling it open, and the smell of gasoline that users grew accustomed to. While they do get worn out over time, they can actually last forever, given the right treatments. For example, what Redditor nothing_fancy21 did - a good old polish can easily bring back its glory.

Kawasaki 1979 KV75

Restoring old automobiles is a lot of fun if you know what you are doing - or in this case, a small motorbike. Luckily, a motorbike actually requires less effort to restore… but judging from the pictures, Redditor teeteesmith spent quite a lot of effort on it, and we are amazed by the result. Respect.

Air Impact Wrench

There’s something special about passing on items between father and son, be it a hammer or in this case, an air impact wrench. Redditor smiffhouse decided to restore the two air impact wrenches that his father gave him, all the way from polishing the bare metal to a new layer of paint. And believe it or not - it only took him 4 hours in total.

Vintage Desk Lamp 

If you are into design, the evolution of table lamp designs over the years is actually a very interesting topic, as each era comes with a distinctive look and design that’s unmistakable. Here we have a desk lamp from the 1920s that Reddit savageblunder restored, where everything was stripped to bare metal and polished.

Vintage Arctic Fan

This is another restoration project from Redditor savageblunder, and this time instead of a vintage desk lamp, it is an old arctic fan. From the picture of its original state, there is visible rust all over the fan, but he took care of it, he was even able to put a new layer of paint on. And it is as good as new.

Revere Pan

We throw away cookwares easily these days, but with the right care and treatments, they can actually last forever. Redditor tpstephens92 came across this Revere cookware somewhere, which was top of the line back in the days, with a copper coating for fantastic heat conduction...that was not visible in its unrestored state due to the years of abuse. But with a bit (lot) of elbow grease, he managed to polish it back to a mirror shine.

Ansonia Bangor Clock

Vintage clocks have an elegant look to it - after all, it was a relatively luxurious item back in the days. Redditor savageblunder (again) came across this vintage Ansonia Bangor Clock for $5 and though it took a bit of work to restore it, it did not disappoint. The clock was made in cast iron, which is insanely heavy and they are prone to rust, so extra credits to restoring this clock.

Old BBQ 

Grills, like ovens, are insanely difficult to clean after years of use, all that grease that was stuck over the years under high heat. However, Redditor RagingBoel managed to clean it up properly and restore it to its former glory. Lucky for him, the outer layer of the Webber kettle is some form of porcelain, so less precaution was needed while polishing.

Old Mixer

We all have old kitchenwares lying around the house, never seeing the light of day again. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Imgur user NarcolepZZZZZZ decided to restore his mom’s old mixer - dismantling the whole thing and fixing the wiring, then proceeded to whiten the plastic and put it back together. Done! Good as new.

Monkey Wrench

As a man, it is always pleasant to see old tools being restored to its former glory...with all of that rust gone. Redditor Darengin did an amazing job restoring this old monkey wrench from the 19th century - before, with all that rust, we bet the bolt was hardly turning. But again, with a lot of elbow grease and potentially some vinegar, it looks good as new now.

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookwares swear by them... for a good reason. Cast iron makes excellent cookware due to different reasons - they are durable (they last forever), they are great in retaining heat...etc. Need some proof? Look at the restoration by Imgur user Grayrune. While people love complaining that food tends to stick to cast iron pans - it won’t be sticky if the pan has been properly seasoned.

Leather Shoes

Again, in the modern age, we tend to throw away shoes whenever they look a bit worn - but that should not be the case, especially with leather shoes, as they last for years given proper care and maintenance. For example, the shoes here that Redditor thefringthing found in the thrift store - with leather shoes, a bit of cream and polish can do wonders (and of course, elbow grease).

Army Boots

Thrift stores and flea markets are great for good finds if you know what you are doing. Redditor realwoke found this pair of boots in the thrift store for 10 bucks, which turns out to be an old pair of Swedish Army boots from the 1960s. Despite the rugged look at the beginning, with a bit of saddle soap, shoe cream, and a few layers of shoe polish, they can also be brought back to life. 

Here they are - proofs of how a bit of effort can do wonders. Do you have any vintage items lying around? Perhaps it is a good time to look at them and perhaps try and restore them. Know someone who has some old stuff lying around their house? Why not share this article with them? 

Source: Reddit, Imgur

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