Funny Design Mistakes

Funny Design Mistakes

Apr 13, 2020Peter File

Design is an intricate subject - it is one of those things that everyone thinks they can do it, but only a few actually have the ability to do so. It’s basically like politics; it’s the kind of thing that is easier said than done. When it comes to designs, there’s the balance between form and function, lacking either one can lead to a bad product in the end, no matter how beautiful/functional it is. Here it's a compiled list of designs that are...intriguing and baffled everyone quite a bit, to say the least. 

Bathtub Placement 

It's hard to know if this is the designer’s fault or the worker’s… or perhaps neither, cause it looks more like a failed DIY project. Whenever you attempt a DIY project, planning ahead is of utmost importance - or you might end up having something like this. Like seriously, how are you supposed to use this? You just get out of the bathtub and walk downstairs?

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Wheelchair Access Denied 

They really should have thought it through, those who designed the toilet, or those who put a sign on the door. The whole point of an accessible toilet is, well, to be accessible for those in need - now imagine if you are in a wheelchair, how are you supposed to go through that bump, that small step? Put a ramp there for god’s sake.

Into The Fence

This is how you spell bad urban planning. Honestly, we could actually create an actual article dedicated to idiocies like this, from all over the world. Sometimes we can have a good laugh about it, but people do live with atrocities like this every day - and this one here can actually be dangerous. Imagine you are riding a bike at 20mph and run into the fence like this - not good, not good at all.

Dress Fabric Placement

The good thing about making your own clothes is that you can pretty much make use of any fabrics you can lay your hands on. However, as simple as it might sound, you still have to be careful with the cuts you are using - for example, the pattern would look pretty great if it was placed higher. But here...not really.

Parking On Hardcore Difficulty

As if parking itself is not frustrating enough already, the parking lot here decided to make it extra frustrating by having a weird flow in place. According to Redditor borgeron, pulling into the parking lot requires you to keep right, where the country itself requires you to keep left. Solution? This atrocity. 

Low Self-esteem Mirror

If you are an introvert, or just couldn’t stand looking at yourself in the mirror, this could be for you - though for others we don’t see any sense in this. Here the mirror is all the way offset to the right - so let’s say if you just washed your face and looked up, you won’t see yourself. Our theory is that there was supposed to be another mirror there...but who knows, maybe the owner is a real introvert.

Interesting Ticket Office

This picture was taken in Chile, and it is a ticket office at a local stadium - yes, since it’s has a height of 1.3 meters, you have to squat down in order to buy a ticket. Bad design? Well, at least they are doing some exercises, right? 

Panoramic Toilet 

Wanna have a scenic view while doing your business? There you go - a bed is certainly a good view. We honestly do not understand what’s on the designers’ minds sometimes. Why would anyone think a see-through at a toilet is a good idea? And facing the bed itself? I do not see the benefits in this either way - why would anyone enjoy looking at someone doing their business while trying to sleep?

Windows For Doggos

This...baffles us, but judging from how specifically it was designed, there could be a reason behind it that we do not know of. While we would appreciate having windows in the room where there can be airflow, natural light is also one important thing. However, having windows that low don’t give you much natural light - but your dogs would probably appreciate the view from there.


Again, this is something that is off on so many levels, and a potential inner OCD trigger. Now, first of all - isn’t it supposed to go to Low setting first after turning it on? Okay, let’s say you have the High setting on first, isn’t it supposed to go from High > Medium > Low? Why would it jump from High to Low, then Medium? Whoever designed this - why?

Wash Someone Else’s Hands? 

Hygiene is important, especially during the flu season. One of those things everyone should do to stay hygienic is to wash their hands. As much as someone could appreciate the sign here that depicts the correct way to wash your hand, why did the hands have different colors? Are you supposed to help someone else wash their hand as well?

Lack of Functionality 

Talking about form and function, this here again is something that did a great job with the form, but at the same time, the design renders it entirely impractical. Yes, it is a beautiful calendar - but due to the way it was printed, you cannot see anything unless it is lit at a certain angle. You might argue it is a minimalist design, but everyone would think otherwise.

Invisible Door Handle

Door signs are helpful, cause sometimes you don’t know whether to push or pull the door - but this one… not helping at all. How are we supposed to pull the door? There’s no handle - and if we push it, will it open? We begin to suspect that this was a deliberate prank from someone who really hates their job.

Mirror Toilet

Having see-through glass in a toilet is bad enough, do you know what else is bad? Mirror ceiling/floor. In an age where we believe common sense to be a common thing, it appears that it isn’t so common for some people, or this case, designers. Imagine walking into a toilet, looking up the ceiling, only for your glace meeting with another. How embarrassing it can be.

Out From the Back

We also suspect this to be a deliberate joke from the designer himself. Designing a slide shouldn’t be too difficult, but to spice things up, why not put it through an elephant statue? But a slide needs entry and exit, where should we put them? Why not the front and the back? It makes sense right? Yes and no - look at the end result, cause this is what you get.

Nightmare Elevator 

What’s worse than getting stuck in an elevator? Getting into an elevator like this. Have you ever had this kind of anxiety dreams where you cannot find the floor you would like to go to? This is the real-life manifestation of such nightmares, where the floor numbers are all scattered around, and you won’t be able to find the floor number you need.

Squatting Seat

We don’t understand why someone would put a seat there - there seems to be enough space between two seats to move the front one backward. But someone decided it would be a great idea to move the seat all the way forward so it touches the wheel, basically; alternatively, he/she could have just turned the seat around - problem solved.

Catastrophic Staircase

Again, back to the topic regarding form and function - is it pretty? Absolutely. But from a practical standpoint, this is absolutely horrible. Basically the whole thing created a bottleneck for absolutely no practical reason - it is like driving on a four-lane highway and merging into two - you see our point. It would be a miracle if there is no stampede happening with this stair design.

"Should I Walk My Dog Here Or Not?"

Yet another confusing sign...designers, why? As a warning sign, it would be less authoritative having a cartoon dog icon as opposed to a stern policeman, which is good. However, if the sign actually warns people not to walk their pets there, perhaps better not use a dog as the icon? Or possibly make the small warning sign there bigger? 

Not His Job

This is the pinnacle of idiocy. It's easy to picture a conversation like this. Boss: “Can you put some braille signs here?” Worker: “Say no more.”. Results? This. Braille signs are for people with visual impairment, that require touching the signs and feeling the dots. Having them printed out does not do a single thing.

Postmodernist Design? 

Remember the lines about form and function at the beginning of the article? This here is functional enough, but the form… okay, fine, beauty is subjective, and we will let you be the judge. But by the way it looks, the lack of a regular pattern made it seem...strange? This one looks like something coming straight from some lucid dreams, which is cool in a way?

You Had One Job, Editor

This is wrong on different levels - first of all, if you are writing a book, why would you put a link there? Let’s say it was a blog that was later published as a book, wasn’t there an editor or proofreader to take a look at it first? How did it go through so many stages and got printed out? Or perhaps it was an eBook that got printed? But in that case, you wouldn’t have the link there in the first place. So many questions...

I Came In Like a Wrecking Baaaaaaaall!

This is certainly something that has chosen form over function - yes, it certainly looks cool to have a swing in your house. But honestly, there isn’t much of a difference between this and a wrecking ball. If this is designed to actually wreck a house, we’d say this is genius; if not, this is kind of ridiculous. Oh. And make sure the stairs don’t collapse first - we are pretty sure the staircase cannot withstand the weight.

Not My Job

Imagine moving to your new flat, refurbished, where it will be your place for years to come... only to walk into the bathroom and discover this. This is what Redditor SeattleFicus went through with the bathroom design - specifically the shower head placement. It could be the design team's fault, or simply a contractor who simply did not care - either way, this is infuriating, especially if you are moving into a brand new flat.

You Had One Job…

Honestly, we are not entirely sure if this is the designer’s fault, or the manufacturer's - possibly both. Seriously though - it is just a football, and it is as simple as connecting the dots and the lines, how could this possibly happen? Wrong calculation? Wrong size? On a side note, putting color like this on a football is atrocious.

Insecurity Cabinet 

This one honestly just baffles us - the design is flawed to the point it is actually hilarious. So, first of all, what is the purpose of a security cabinet? Store things safely. So how are you going to do it? Put a lock on it of course. But if someone can just unscrew the four screw holding the hinges together from the outside, what’s the purpose of it?


Printing layout is important - and that is why there are professionals out there doing that. If the book is thick enough, the pages in the middle are bound to be smaller than others, and at times they would be overlapped - that is why someone has to do the calculation, to compensate for the page sizes. This was found in a housing catalog - if they couldn’t get a catalog right, we don’t see why we would trust them with the furniture. 

Here are some of the weird designs we have come across. What do you think of them? Do you agree with this? Have you seen other weird things like that as well? If you enjoyed reading this, why not share it with your friends? 

Source: Reddit, Imgur