Animals Making Funny Faces

Apr 24, 2020Roshanak

The internet loves looking at animals. Anything regarding a pet is normally filled with “likes” from all over the world, but people love it when it’s something odd. Pet owners know that their precious creatures have amazing personalities, and some can be pretty goofy. These images prove that they also have a sense of humor. Let’s take a look!


Image credits: Reddit/cl0utchaser

Some people like small dogs, while others prefer big ones. Meanwhile, Chihuahuas can be energetic, jumpy, grumpy, but this is just adorable. From many different angles, it seems like he is smiling for the cameras, and it’s absolute perfection. You can see the vibrant personality of this cutie in his eyes!


Image Credit: Pinterest

This bear seems a little bit dazzled, and it looks like even he doesn’t know what is going on! What is most surprising about this picture is the length of the bear’s tongue, which by bear standards, looks unnaturally long. It might be that the animal just wanted to show off his strange genes to the passers-by!


Image Credit: Imgflip/Laineybug1421

Koalas are one of the cutest creatures we have on this planet. They feed solely on eucalyptus, and while this koala was having her lunch over at her favorite tree, someone took her by surprise! You know that feeling when you are so stunned you just gasp and stare with your mouth open? Well, koalas know it too!


Image Credit: Reddit/AdaHawkes

Otters seem to have quite an acute sense of taste too, and it looks like this specimen has just eaten something that didn’t agree with him! His face is exactly identical to the one you would probably make when biting into a pretty disgusting meal. It doesn't seem like the animals at the zoo get a proper culinary experience!


Image Credit: Reddit

This squirrel is all of us when watching our favorite show, only to be stunned by the sudden plot twist. No information on whether the squirrel is a TV show fan of any kind, but she certainly looks like she has seen something which took her by surprise! Some things can not be unseen!


Image credits: Imgur/jwhite93

Imgur user jwhite93 showed a picture of this beautiful German Shepherd is just a little bit odd. He likes to smirk all the time by tucking his lip above his teeth. It’s almost a very human expression as if he is smiling just a little for the camera. Some dogs can actually smile full by lifting their lips, but others just open their whole mouths and act happy.


Image credits: Reddit/northforthesummer

Anyone with a dog will tell you that they do this weird shake when they are all wet. That’s why you have to be careful after bathing them as they might get everything wet. It looks like this little guy might have fallen in the lake looking for his ball. Luckily, most dogs can swim, and someone captured his weird face in movement.


Image credits: Reddit/Gwelly

There’s nothing cuter than a dog running, and people always upload videos un slow motion where you can see how their bodies move. This picture captures how a big dog’s cheeks can go crazy while they are running with their mouths open. It’s so goofy, and you can tell that he is having a great time outside!


Image credits: Reddit/tocksyk

Everyone makes weird faces when they are sleeping. It’s something no one can control, but there’s something about pets that makes it even cuter. This cat is having the best nap ever, but one of his eyes and his mouth are open. That makes it even odder. It almost seems like he has noticed that his human decided to interrupt him to take a picture. “Let me sleep, hooman!”


Image credits: Reddit/DrAbro

All pets want to steal your food. But Redditor DrAbro revealed that this cat is so obsessed with shrimp that he makes this face whenever there’s a shrimp cocktail on the table. Meanwhile, that’s not too different from the faces of most humans who see the waiter coming with their order. Everyone loves food!


Image credits: Reddit/sdrtheking

An online user, Redditor sdrtheking, explained that this his dog follows him to the bathroom and makes this face while there. Some pets have to be with their owners at all times. It might have something to do with the fact that humans accompany them while they do their business. Therefore, they could think that humans need some company too.


Image credits: Reddit/worldofjorts

When you have a pet, you get used to it following you. Some like being with you in the bathroom, but this one looks like it’s judging his human for his stinky business. Well, buddy. You were the one that chose to go inside and accompany your owner at this moment. Aren’t Bull Terriers just adorable? Redditor worldofjorts sure thinks so!


Image credits: Reddit/hyp1r

Of course, it seems like this Sphinx cat is posing for Jack to paint her “like one of his French girls.” Sphinx cats are already considered pretty weird as they don’t have any fur, but this one might be the ultimate weird champion. It’s making a funny face and reclining in his tiny chair like a human lying down.


Image credits: Reddit/Rmcdani

One online user, Redditor Rmcdani, decided to use his dog to test the new car seat, and it looks like his pet was really not up for it. He might have had to return that one to the store because someone is really scared to be on it. On the other hand, the dog seems pretty relaxed otherwise. Some other canines would never allow this to happen.


Image credits: Imgur/Jstluv92

You probably have seen all the amazing shots of pets online and wondered why your own dog cannot take a good picture to save his life. Well, not every animal can stay still, and Imgur user Jstluv92 posted that his dogs always make weird faces when he tries to take photos of them. Some humans do that too, though.


Image credits: Imgur/ToiletMuscles

Have you ever laid down in bed and had a scary thought? Well, this is probably the face you made at that moment. It seems like this cat is worried about something. Maybe, he forgot to complete something for work or his wife’s anniversary. Either way, it seems like he is truly scared, and it’s hilarious!


Image credits: Imgur/triculious

Of course, taking a picture of an animal in movement might result in some of the funniest faces ever. This dog was in the middle of a huge sneeze when his owner decided it was time for a photo. It looks so strange because it’s almost like he is smirking and talking about something. Meanwhile, he is just so cute!


Image credits: Flickr/Julie Falk

You might think that this squirrel is having a delightful time eating his sunflower seeds, but that’s not necessarily the case. Squirrels have pouches in their cheeks reserved to store food. They can then move it easily to their homes. Luckily, Julie Falk captured this awesome shot that looks like he is stuffing his face with food!


Image credits: Imgur/Jstluv92

As mentioned earlier, it seems like some pets see the camera and get ready to make the oddest face possible. This cute little guy decided to smirk for the camera, but it just makes him look strange. It’s still hilarious because you can tell that he has a huge personality. Sometimes, you wonder what they would like as humans. This is Imgur user Jstluv92's other dog. 

These pets were absolutely adorable, but the cats were some of the funniest. Let us know which picture was your favorite. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love seeing other people’s pets online. See you next time!

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