There Are Two Types of Persons in the World

Apr 22, 2020Hayden

It is often said that there are "two kinds of people" in this world. Whether it's someone talking about "haves or have-nots" or Ric Flair saying, "There's me and people that want to be like me", it's a convenient way to divide people up. We're usually hesitant to believe this kind of hyperbole, but these pictures kind of prove that it's true. What does that mean, exactly? Whether it comes to peanut butter or lollipops, there are different ways to do everything. We have pictures to prove it!

The Muffin

Image credits: Reddit/2Grrs1Cub

Really, this picture isn't so much about how you give someone half of a muffin. This is about rude people and considerate people. As Elaine from Seinfeld will tell you, everyone knows that the best part of the muffin is the top. Leaving someone the stump of the muffin is rude. Even homeless shelters don't want them!

Dirty Dishes

Image credits: Reddit/Js229

"One person wants to work later more than the other who is too lazy to turn the water on for two seconds". Listen, a person on the right, you aren't saving water, and you'd BETTER be doing your own dishes later if you do something like this.

To Freeze Or Not To Freeze

Image credits: Reddit/Newemb

It's always better to eat the entire ice cream bar at the same time.'s not so good to get a brain freeze. So, the question is..are you willing to take a brain freeze for a more delicious taste of ice cream? The person on the left isn't, and now they left with some relatively tasteless ice cream, but no brain freeze.


Image credits: Reddit/bakchodbaba

This one could be a lot more extreme..the one on the left, who we'll assume is a man, is actually neat and tidy. Sure, he doesn't have many products, but maybe he just smells naturally good? How does the other person even find anything on their side of the sink?


Image credits: Reddit/RabbitGuySentMe

This probably says something about the reasons someone is in college. We don't know exactly what it is, but someone is there to party and someone is there to study. The person with the marker uses it to highlight party dates on the calendar. The person with the makeup uses it to look nice in class. Or is it the other way around?

Efficiency Is the Key

Image credits: Imgur/besDclh

This is weird. The person on the left is right, and the person on the right is wrong. Who wants to carry around a million little balls of foil unless you shoot them at people through a straw. We don't see a straw here, do you? Crumple up your wrappers and throw them away. Besides, it's better to have one big ball to throw at someone.

Cream or Pie?

Image credits: Imgur/JT2iorH

If you've ever had someone say to you "Just tell me 'when'" and you never say "When," you're the person on the left. It's also possible that they just don't like pumpkin pie. Whipped cream is the perfect way to smother the taste of pumpkin pie and you don't even look rude for doing it!


Image credits: Imgur

Here's a classic. If you are the person on the right, the person on the left drives you crazy. Stores sell toothpaste in twin packs. No one needs to be that thrifty on toothpaste unless they live with someone like the person on the right.


Image credits: Reddit/aKobitz

These are really the two different people at an IT conference. How much would you like to bet that the guy on the left secretly has a game of "Galaga" going when he's supposed to be listening to the Bonus part. The guy in the back with the Mac really seems to regret his life decisions. He should have bought a PC instead.

French Fries?

Image credits: Imgur

If you want to make a big soggy mess with your French fries, do what the bottom person did. There's nothing good in taking a delicious, warm, crispy food and pouring ketchup all over it. Plus, you get it all over your hands and clothes, and that's just gross. Yuck. 


Image credits: Twitter/Madelinextensen

Yes, the bottom one is more organized, but doesn't this kind of take away the spontaneity of travel? It also would seem to be more stressful, which is the last thing you need on a trip. You could make an argument that the top person will feel more stressed out because they can't find something, but that seems like a specious argument.

Toilet Paper Dilemma 

Image credits: Imgur

We think everyone knows that the toilet paper to hang OVER the roll. Why would you do it the other way? You might touch the wall with your dirty hands. Plus, even in the original patent for tear-off toilet paper, the paper hangs over the roll. The only excuse here is laziness!

Do you see any of yourself or other people you know in these pictures? We know that we sure do! There are two kinds of people in this world for everything, including this article. Will you be the kind and considerate one and share it with your friends? We hope so! Thanks for reading!

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