Married Couples Texts That Are Hilarious

Apr 30, 2020Silvia Fonseca

Certainly, you still remember the time that you had to think twice before answering the messages of your loved one. After a while, all of that changed, and some of the messages end up being funnier than anything. Check out some of these hilarious messages between couples.

Pregnancy Test

Image Credits: Twitter/nocontextmsg

Upon seeing his girlfriend's "news" on a Tuesday morning, this boy was unable to hide his confusion with her "pregnancy test." Thankfully, this boyfriend has no idea how pregnancy tests work. Much less thermometers, as far as we can tell.

Married Life

Image Credits: Twitter/Joshhafner

When you are married, it is essential that you support your partner at all times, even if it is with just one like in their new Instagram photo. This is definitely what being married means, and this husband is doing it right, for sure.

I'm Wife

Image Credits: Instagram/sallymcconn

Sometimes writing a wrong word can make you and your partner have a good laugh at the misunderstanding. Especially if the phrase sounds hilarious with the word. Look at this case that the husband misspelled the word WIFI as WIFE.


Image credits: Reddit/NovaRemix4

The thing is... he (she) did not even mean it. That's the fault of autocorrect! It's easy to make a mistake when you're using the same letters. Will this person be able to prove it? Would his wife understand that it was an error? Well, only time will show..

Wrong Number

Image Credits: Reddit/hyperclaw27

Some couples are not actually couples. It was just a mistake that ended up being comical but it could be much more if they gave themselves an opportunity. In this conversation here, the interaction between the two people ended up being more intense than expected.

I Like You

Image Credits: Instagram/ivaslav

There are some people who do not know how to express well what they are feeling. In this case, the person was very sincere. There are not many things he likes. In the end, the response was quite funny because of the sincerity.

Sharing the News

Image Credits: Facebook/Krista.Ulyansky

In a serious relationship, it is necessary to know what is essential in life and share those moments with each other. Certainly, the reopening of your favorite pizza place it's something you have to celebrate with excitement with your significant other.


Image Credits: Deviantart/lolitalempika

There are times when a silly and innocent message becomes funny because your partner is canny. This was the case for the image couple. Seriously, this person thought super fast and made this amazing joke.

Laundry Day...or Week

Image Credits: Twitter/DanielleBuckley

Washing clothes is often a tedious and monotonous task, so everyone ends up taking a bit too long to do it. But this husband has gone too far, forgetting to do it for so long. At least everything became a hilarious message.

No Lettuce in the Sandwich

Image Credits: Reddit

Some messages make you love your partner even more, and almost make you go "awwww." But then, they say something that ruins everything, don't they? Well, but no matter what, you still love them, for sure, even without lettuce in the sandwich.

Love Messages

Image Credits: Instagram/lexgooglemcdoogle

When a couple starts dating, they send all of those passionate and cute messages, especially on anniversaries. As time goes by, this changes a bit, and the messages start to be more ... let's say, direct, like the one in the image.

This Isn't Gonna Work

Image Credits: Instagram/alexbranning

It is also not always that your partner agrees with your plans. There are times when planning some activities together really doesn't fit their plans. Some stuff really doesn't work for them. And they have very funny ways to refuse it.

One of the best things in life is to receive a text message from the one you love. But, as we saw, these messages do not always go as planned. They often end up being unexpectedly hilarious. Do you have any of those funny and loving stories to share too?

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