What If Your Dog Could Text?

Mar 27, 2020Silvia Fonseca

What if your dog could text you? What do you think he would send? Certainly, hilarious things that would make you laugh, like funny questions and fights with the postman. Dogs aren't the smartest when it comes to texting but they definitely are super funny. Check out some of these messages sent by dogs to their owners.

Dog Drummer

Some dogs don't take their owners going to work very well. This dog, for example, is well determined to prevent its owner from working on Monday. He even decided to bury all his clothes to make sure that he doesn't have to go to a job tomorrow.

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Mood Swing

A dog's mood can change very quickly. As you can see in this case. Sometimes dogs just need a little ball to be happy, or not even that. One image might be enough if your dog knows how to text.

Good Girl

This dog is so cute that many people want to pet him. Especially kids. But it seems that he is not very happy with this and desperately asks its owner to be rescued. And the worst part is that he is being mistaken by a good girl when he is batdog.

Moved Chair

There are times when your dog does not stop barking at a certain piece of furniture for no reason, right? Now you know why. You have probably moved this furniture to a place that does not please him, he just can't send messages about it like the hilarious animal above.

Out With Friends

Like us humans, dogs also like to go out with friends. But some of them have stuff to do among friends that are truly hilarious. Like this dog that wants to go out with his snowy friend to bark at pigeons.


Every time you open a new snack, your dog comes running, begging for some food, right? How would this scene look like if your pet knew how to text? It would certainly be exactly as in the messages above. Super funny!

Text to the Wrong "Person"

This message was to be sent to the dog but ended up reaching the wrong recipient ... the owner's mother. This mother was not very pleased to receive this wrong message that was to be sent to the dog.

Afraid of a Shadow

Your dog, like any other, certainly freaks out with anything that he sees. Even the shadow of the sun in the kitchen makes him scared. Surely, if he could send you messages, he would send several terrified about it that would be very funny.

Super Dog

This dog wants to become a superhero or at least gain some powers by participating in animal tests. His owner is trying to warn him of the risks but the truth is that dogs are not so good at assessing the odds of things going wrong.

Good Boy

This good boy is a little frustrated with the standards of perfection imposed on dogs, well, according to him. So, he would certainly say these things to his owner if he could publish a book or send text messages.

Dog in a Dress

Would this man's mother find it as funny as we would if this owner put the dog to wear a dress for their dinner? It would definitely be hilarious, but not all mothers have a sense of humor, so she might think it's not that funny. 

Dog or Human?

Apparently, this dog has no idea that he is actually a dog, not a person. Perhaps it's because the ability to send text messages makes pets too human. Or at least this dog in question has become too human. But it has also made him hilarious!

Doggy and the Sock

This dog is not only able to send text messages, but he has also watched the Harry Potter movies. But that does not mean that he is less bored when he is home alone, quite de opposite, actually. However, his jokes are much funnier.

Bacon Color

This dog may be tech-savvy enough to text, but he definitely doesn't understand how things work when it comes to choosing a new paint color for his owner's home. Good, but at least it was worth the attempt to help.

Dog Writer

Legal copyrights? That dog definitely didn't understand what that means. And not even JK Rowling has escaped the confusion created by this hilarious animal. Maybe he can write a book about that instead, right?

You can't help but laugh at these messages written by dogs. Many dog owners also spend time thinking about what their dogs would say if they could speak. What about you? Do you think your dog would say things like that if he could text you?

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