Mysterious Things Found Underwater

Mysterious Things Found Underwater

Apr 24, 2020Silvia Fonseca

Have you ever wondered what lies at the bottom of the oceans? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that 95% of the world's oceans have never been explored, and still today, this has not changed much. This means that the oceans contain many secrets. You will be surprised to learn that things like submerged cities and mysterious items have already been found under the sea. Do you want to know more about them? Keep reading!

Loki's Castle

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Loki's Castle is a field of five active hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and Norway. Hydrothermal vents are openings along the ocean floor where water that has been heated through the Earth's interior spurts out into the ocean. The water it emits can be as hot as 300 degrees Celsius. Small organisms known as thermophiles thrive in these extremely hot environments.

Strange Noises

A unique, unidentifiable sound was documented in 1991 by scientists. After the first broadcast, 'echo' has been observed in locations around the Pacific Ocean. Researchers say it's the sound of lava falling into saltwater, but they're just not sure about it.

The Colossal Squid

As far as we know, an adult colossal squid is about 12.8 meters long and weighs as much as 748 kilograms, making it the largest invertebrate on the planet. They are very rare because they live in the depths of the Southern Ocean, where human beings cannot go yet. 

Underwater Pyramids

Once a yacht owner saw a sign of his boat stating that he is passing over an object with a square format. What was his surprise when he went to check it out and discovered an underwater pyramid. The discovery occurred in 2013, and the structure has about 60 meters in height. Some suspect that it is the location of the city of Atlantis.

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