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May 05, 2020Roshanak

Marketing is important for many businesses, including restaurants. You just have to catch people’s attention. What better to do it than with a clever sign? You can use a funny message or an interesting pun. Have you ever had a taco emergency? Do you want to “fill up” your jeans with Mexican food? Let’s discover some of the best restaurant signs ever made!


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Many establishments have these kinds of boards where businesses can change the message using letters. However, those are always susceptible to people stealing the letters or rewriting some things to naughtier stuff. It’s funny until the restaurant is left with only a handful of letters and has to get creative. Well, it’s still funny then.


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Honestly, you cannot avoid the logic here. If there are no customers, then the restaurant will go out of business. This is the kind of sign that will probably make a lot of people pick this restaurant, especially when they are driving around during lunchtime or dinnertime. Sometimes, the simplest message is the best.


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Unfortunately, it seems like the pretty billboard with the restaurant’s logo got ruined. It happens with time, but it’s a huge part of their marketing. Luckily, a few words are enough to convey the situation. The restaurant is, in fact, still there, and apparently, the food is good. Another simple message that will probably go a long way while they repair the logo.


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Have you ever gone to dinner with an indecisive person? Maybe, this restaurant made this sign for those kinds of people. So, if you’re walking around, trying to choose which restaurant to pick, you can see this message and go right for it. Obviously, if the choice is between bears or pizza, everyone would pick pizza.


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Every single restaurant with light marquees has had this problem before.  However, it’s awfully convenient that this place is promoting “New York Style” pizzas, and only “Za” is light up. For anyone that doesn’t know, a lot of New Yorkers called their pizza “Za” for short. Maybe, it’s not a marquee problem, but an actual strategy.


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Anyone with a friend that is really into a specific diet or lifestyle has experienced what it’s like to eat with them. Some are just cool people, but others can get annoying. This sign was probably dedicated to the less-than-friendly people who disagree with other people’s choices. Just let people eat what they want.


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Some of the best restaurants ever don’t even have anything regarding food on them. They are just meant to make people stop and read them. Once they laugh, they might notice the restaurant and go inside. Meanwhile, this message is absolutely correct. Cats love to push things off surfaces, and everyone finds it so cute!


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There are funny messages, puns, songs, and some limericks to discover in the world of restaurant signage. It’s fascinating that people can turn anything into something about food. This is a funny saying that’s a little naughty, but this restaurant turned it into something cool to promote their spot. Job well done!


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While the restaurant was probably thinking about filling your belly up to the point where your jeans don’t even close, this sign could mean something else. It seems like they could have chosen something else to promote a Mexican spot. Either way, better wear any tight clothes when you visit this restaurant.


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It’s a great idea to let customers know about certain things before they enter the establishments. Some cultures are very different, and although the U.S. is very diverse, some people might not be familiar. It’s commonly understood that Greeks love to yell, celebrate, and throw plates when they are happy. But still, the fact that you have to put up a sign is pretty hilarious.


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A pretty cool aspect of Trip Advisor, Yelp, and other review apps is that you can make a pretty informed choice if you’re ever visiting a new town. However, there are some people called “trolls” that will live bad reviews just because they can. It’s not always true. Luckily, some restaurants have turned it into a joke.


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It’s definitely a hard choice, but life comes with all sorts of choices. You just have to roll with the punches and pick the best two. This is another sign that just attracts people’s attention without saying anything about the business. Which one would you choose? Functioning government and nice weather are good picks, but some people are really serious about the World Cup.


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This is the kind of message that would definitely bring in a lot of people. Many restaurants have a special soup every single, and there’s nothing like this one. Naturally, “tears of our enemies” is just a joke, but it does make you feel invigorated. It’s as if nothing can stop you from reaching all your goals in the future thanks to that bowl of soup.


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While there morning people and nighttime people, nobody likes getting up in the morning to go to work or school. Luckily, this restaurant knows that most of their customers like to be left alone until they have their breakfast coffee. Most days cannot start without it. It’s awesome when establishments cater to their clientele.


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Another great aspect of restaurant signs is that they sometimes reference their main competitor without actually mentioning the name. In this case, the message is also referencing a story called ‘Three Little Pigs’. The pigs are trying to build houses that a wolf won’t be able to destroy, and the wolf always says, “I will huff and puff and blow your house in.”

These signs were absolutely hilarious, and they definitely make you want to visit those places. Let us know which one was the funniest in your opinion. If you liked this article, share it with your friends that need a good laugh today. See you next time!

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