Dogs Being Weird

May 06, 2020Manuela Mitevova

Dogs may be humans’ best friends, but that doesn’t mean we always understand what is going on in their little heads. Quite the contrary. Humans are actually very oblivious to the strange behavior of dogs. We are very far from comprehending their world, which is why we are often startled at the shows they put on. But secret get-togethers or pole dancing practice are simply the things that make up the fabric of dogs’ lives. Don’t believe us?

Just Chillin’

Image Credit: Instagram/mat.hood

What’s one to do on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon but sit back and relax? This dog has it all figured out. He is the epitome of relaxation, spread out on the sofa, enjoying the soft cushioning under his body, and looking forward to his afternoon treat. Life could not be better.

Stop And Smell The Flowers

Image Credit: Instagram/bear_themightychion

Now here is a dog who has it all figured out. Unlike humans, who are always rushing about to get to their next appointment, this dog has learned the subtle art of stopping to smell the flowers and enjoying life at a slower pace. It’s the little things in life that count, and he knows that all too well. 

Yogi Master

Image Credit: Instagram/cedarcide

Yoga has successfully infiltrated every nook of our society. Even dogs are doing it! This one seems particularly gifted at performing the Upward Dog pose, and it’s no surprise. He has some natural predispositions for it. Humans can only watch and learn from this bonafide yogi master.

Power Nap

Image Credit: Instagram/doggy.lovings

Power napping is an important part of the day for many, and this dog is on board with the idea too. After all, honoring your body and letting it rest whenever it needs to is one of the prerequisites for a happy and content life. If sleep overtakes you just when you are about to start the engine of your car, don't worry, power nap right then and there like this little fella. You will be fresh for the road ahead in no time.

Tough Life

Image Credit: Instagram/safyra_levell

Dogs don’t have it all that easy. They, too, have some personal struggles and challenges, and sometimes, it gets a bit too much. This dog has been caught mid life contemplation, trying to simply take a breather from it all. Dogs have their own ways of dealing with stress.

Cool Down

Image Credit: Instagram/Sqawkes

Summer months can be unforgiving to all- humans and animals alike. This dog knew he had to do something about the unbearable heat, so he climbed into the only refreshing pool he knew of- the toilet. It might seem gross to you, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Pole Dancing

Image Credit: Instagram/Squawkes

Dogs have the right to have hobbies too. Who are we humans to judge them for their choices? Clearly, this poodle would like to practice his pole dancing skills in peace, but his owner is not big on privacy. It’s about time we started treating dogs with the respect they deserve. 

It’s Called Love

Image Credit: Instagram/Squawkes

We need to set aside our human ways of looking at things for a second. This pair of dogs seem to be involved in some strange sitting situation, but before we conclude that it’s downright disturbing, we should consider the fact that maybe that is how dogs like to sit naturally, and we are just not aware. Anything is possible in the dog world.

Fashion Icon

Image Credit: Instagram/phil_at_101

Street style is a serious business, and this dog knows it. Ready to get out into the streets and attend all the prestigious fashion shows, he surely is dressed to the nines. Bold accessory- check, attitude- check, perfect posing- check. The fashion world needs more style icons like this. 

Do Not Disturb

Image Credit: Instagram/justbeing_bianca

Humans can be very rude sometimes. These dogs were clearly expecting some privacy for their secret meeting, but it seems like that was too much to ask for. Important issues about chewing shoes and peeing on the carpet need to be discussed here. It is no place for a human. 

Binge Problem

Image Credit: Instagram/jakemacdog

Food is addictive. Every living thing is affected by that. No question. This dog seems to have been enjoying his meal so much that he was ready to lick every last inch of the packaging just to make sure nothing has been left behind. If that means crawling into the food bag, that’s what shall be done. 

Plant Me

Image Credit: Instagram/maxtheboomerdog

Dogs get confused sometimes. This particular one is set on becoming a plant, and he has even devised a plan of how to do it. As he has observed, plants are kept in pots and baskets. If he gets in one, it must mean he is a step closer to becoming a plant. Should work wonders. 

The Fighter

Image Credit: Instagram/ambrose_sweatpea_cutest

Dogs don’t need enemies. They can be their own if they need to. This dog is even fighting himself. He seems to be involved in a fight of one participant. It might seem like he is on the verge of using too much force, but he surely knows what he is doing. No knockdown in sight.

Natural As Ever

Image Credit: Instagram/huggos_and_kisses

Dogs don’t understand what our human objects mean. They have no way of knowing what a hair roller is or how to use it correctly. This dog had a different idea for it. Sucking on it and chewing it might bring him closer to understanding what humans actually do with this strange thing. He might be onto something.

Hide And Seek

Image Credit: Instagram/Rungirlrun_809

Much like kids, dogs, too, don’t really get the idea of hide-and-seek all that well. Thinking that if they can’t see you, you can’t see them, is what gives them away most of the time, and it’s also the case here. This dog thinks he is perfectly hidden under a curtain, but little does he know that the human is just pretending to search for him. Classic.

We might never fully understand why dogs do the strange things they do, but that’s ok. With mystery also comes a genuine surprise, and that is sometimes priceless. Our beloved dogs can bring us weird moments, but we all love them for it. Let them go about their antics, and your entertainment will be guaranteed.

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