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May 06, 2020Peter File

A long time ago, your name normally indicated your family background, as well as your social class - take Smithson as an example, which originally means the son of a smith, literally. However, times have moved on, and our name no longer bounds us - you can do almost anything you want (given that you have the relevant quite a bit of luck). However, for some people, their name still seems to indicate their career choices - here are some of them. 

Art Cashin

Image Credits: Imgur/LogicDude

For someone who works in financial service, having Cashin as their last name should be a good omen, and having Art as the first name? Even better. We wonder if his middle name is Of. You know, Art Of Cashin...okay, we will see ourselves out. We suppose we can say that he is...really Cashin... okay, okay. 

Hyman Shocker

Image Credits: Imgur/WullieBlake

For someone that served in the army, having the name Shocker can be a blessing or curse. Of course, it sounds cool, but it'd probably be the laughing stock of the drill sergeant as well. Not to mention that the full name sounds like "Hi man! Shocker!". It's his real name? or did he earn it, though? 

Darren Flood

Image Credits: Imgur/enginette

What is the most befitting name for someone who works in the plumbing business? It'd probably be Plumber, but Flood would be a close second. We are not sure if the management from Plumbing World had anything to say about him when he was hired. 

Arron Farr

Image Credits: Imgur/LogicDude

As if being a runner is not enough, having a name that sounds like "I RUN FAR!" definitely helps make the case. Imagine during a TV interview, when some interviewer comes asking for your name... "Hello. What's your name?" "I run far." "No sir, your name, I am pretty sure you can run pretty far." "No. Ar. Ron. Farr. Arron Farr." Not sure if he also runs fast, though. 

J. E. Pope

Image Credits: Imgur/LogicDude

Is there a more religious last name than Pope? Nothing that really came to our mind. However, it would be even more befitting if it was a Catholic church...though we don't think they'd allow this name there. Another question, though - what does J and E stand for? 

Faris Atchoo

Image Credits: Imgur/LogicDude

What's the sound you make when you sneeze? Exactly. It seems that Doctor Faris Atchoo found his true calling through his last name. On the other hand, we wonder if he ever tried pulling this prank whenever someone sneezes, like after someone sneezes, he immediately goes, "What's that?" That'd be epic. 

Will Tickel

Image Credits: Pinterest/Amanda Genetti

If you don't know what a chiropractor is, well, they're basically doctors that deal with the treatment and diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders. So the name Will Tickel really comes with a comedic twist regarding this profession. Imagine making a rough diagnosis and saying, "My name is Dr. Will Tickel, and this will tickle."

Ella Trout

Image Credits: Imgur/LogicDude

This might actually be connected - if she actually came from a fishing family, her last name might be connected with the fish, especially if they engage in trouts fishing and trading. And if you are curious, here's what happened - on that day, a heroic act was performed.

Vickie Pullin

Image Credits: Imgur/LogicDude

How do you move a sled? Yes, pulling. However, we suppose it's not Vickie that's pulling the sled, but it was dogs who are doing most of the hard work. So instead of Vickie Pullin', it would be Pullin' Vickie...see what we did there? Heh heh...okay, no one's laughing. We will work on our sense of humor. 

Sam Sung

Image Credits: eBay/ayesamsung

If you ever wondered at some point in your life whether Sam Sung is a real name, here's your proof. Don't believe us? It's on the news, and it seems that he left Apple perhaps he's working for Samsung now? Maybe. But the name definitely comes with its perk, as he sold his last name card for a whopping $2,653.00 on eBay.

Never Wong

Image Credits: Pinterest

Being a tutor in a tutoring center, there's no better name than Never Wong. Naming culture can take an interesting turn, and this is a fine example from Hong Kong. Imagine introducing yourself as "I am Never Wong." That confidence, man, that confidence. Not sure how his students think about it. 

Admiral Sir Manley Power 

Image Credits: Pinterest

For someone who serves in the military, Manley Power is one of the best names we can think of - maybe that's part of the reason why he became an admiral. If you think we are joking, Admiral Sir Manley Power is a real person. Surely a man filled with manly power. 

Paul Schwinghammer

Image Credits: Imgur/LogicDude

You see, sometimes we really wonder if the names are made up. A builder called Paul Schwinghammer? You have got to be kidding. So, after a bit of Googling, it turns out that Paul is indeed a real person, and this is his real name. He is the president and owner of Hallmark Homes, Inc., based on what we found. Respect man, gotta schwing that hammer. 

Peter France

Image Credits: Imgur/LogicDude

It would only be appropriate for a book about French literature to be written by a guy called Peter France. But seriously, is that his real name? Is he French? If this is his real name, then what's the origin of it? Does his family come from France, that's why they named themselves France? Too many questions, not enough answers. But one thing is for sure - he is destined to have a career with French. 

Dr. Ashley Seawright 

Image Credits: Imgur/LogicDude

If Dr. Ashley Seawright has a TV commercial, we have the perfect line for it - wanna see right? Come to Seawright. An eye specialist called don't see that every day - see what we did there? See. Sea. See? See, right? Okay. Fine. We probably should stop thinking about a career at comedy. 

Here they are! People with a chosen career the day they were named...or perhaps the careers chose them, either way. Do you know anyone with a similar name? A friend or colleague, perhaps? Why not share this with them to show them that they're not alone?

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