Weird Photos On The Road

May 11, 2020Peter File

Driving can be a frustrating experience, especially if you are stuck in traffic. However, if God takes something from you, he also gives something back (that’s what they told me). So even if you are having a long exhausting road trip, or just stuck in traffic, there are always sceneries to keep you amused - and not in an ordinary sense. Here we compiled a list of things people see on the road, and boy, aren’t they fun.

Look, Mom! No Hands!

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Moving furniture around is a daunting task - while normally that involves a truck, or a car at least, this person decided he does not need any of that. I sincerely hope he did not crash, cause that is some circus level stunt. I also get to wonder - did he do that to protect the environment?

Poor Judgement

Poor judgments can go a long way - or the opposite, literally. In this case, the car is now stuck on a footbridge due to some very poor judgment. However, so many questions left unanswered - why did the car think this is an overpass? Why did the driver think it is normal to drive over the grass to reach an overpass? How does it even resemble an overpass? Too many questions. 


People leaving their pets in the car is not an uncommon sight - although it is something we do not suggest, as it can lead to suffocation. However, usually, there are doggos, maybe cats...but a snake? Seeing a snake in the car by itself is strange enough, but a snake roaming freely? We suspect that the snake might not be a pet, but simply sneaked into the car...


At first sight, I thought this is in Eastern Europe - as I have witnessed plenty of similar things in that part of the world. As it turned out it was in Pennsylvania. While normally the ladder would be attached to the luggage rack on the top - since there’s none on this car, the driver simply slid it over the backseat. Too long? No problem - will let the doors open. This is the time when the line between genius and stupidity gets very blurry. 

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