Creative and Fail Deliveries

May 12, 2020Hayden

Online shopping is a big deal. That might sound obvious and a little silly, but it is a BIG DEAL. There's a whole lot of anticipation when you order that package from Amazon or eBay about the delivery. You might be following that package with a tracking number but...then...something happens. The package isn't EXACTLY where it should be. Or maybe it's been delivered in just the wrong way. Well, that's what happened in these pictures. Check it out!


According to CNBC, $25 million in packages from Amazon get stolen every day. So, it's natural to try and hide the packages upon delivery. It's a great idea, as long as they tell you where they delivered them. 

Image credits: Reddit/LadyRed159

You'll get to see some of those well-hidden packages later in the article, but this isn't going to fool anyone. Nice try Amazon. At least it didn't get stolen since someone was around to take the pictures. Unless it was the thief, which is a possibility.

Bad Packaging

This isn't the fault of UPS or the Postal Service, but when you're packing a musical instrument, there is definitely a right and a wrong way to do it. The right way is to be very careful, use bubble wrap, use packing peanuts, and make sure it doesn't move.

Image credits: Reddit/disgracefulbirding

The wrong way is to do what this person did. According to the Redditor who posted it, there's a bass guitar in there somewhere. It's SHOCKING that it wasn't snapped in half. No amount of "fragile" stickers in the world is going to protect something like this.

A Classic

Ah yes, the classic package stuff. On Seinfeld, Newman (who was a mail carrier) tells Jerry (who is working Newman's postal route), "Just crease, crumple,'ll do fine." There's an important thing to note about Newman's advice, though.

Image credits: Reddit/Nummero2

HE'S A FICTIONAL CHARACTER! You aren't supposed to take his advice literally! Plus, he gets in trouble for it later. Hopefully, so did this person who seems to think that slamming a shoebox into a mailslot is a good idea.

Well, This Is A Bit Better

Once again, we have a very poorly hidden package. Look, all of you guys who deliver packages have to understand a few things about doormats. They aren't flexible, they don't cover boxes, and you aren't fooling anyone.

Image credits: Reddit/Jacerooo

Also, to make it worse, even if the package was hidden entirely, people stomp and wipe their feet on those mats. Is it really a good idea to put a cardboard box like that underneath a doormat? Also, you aren't fooling anyone. In fact, this one will probably get the doormat AND the package stolen.

Seems Legit

This UPS driver hit on a novel way to hide a package. He decided the best plan was to take a large box (the red one in the back) and put the trashcans in front of it, and then to put some junk on top of the trash cans for good measure.

Image credits: Reddit/OtheDreamer

You better hope this isn't trash day, though. It would be really, really well-hidden if it's in the city dump. Unfortunately, the dump isn't really a great drop-off point for UPS. You might not want the package after it's been there either.

Barbecue Boxes

So, this is a GOOD hiding place. Sometimes, rather than using the doormat, the drivers get even more creative as to where they put packages. You know when we said we'd show you some good hiding places? This is one of them.

Image credits: Reddit/allthejackets

They took the box, which apparently couldn't fit in the mailbox, and stuck it in the patio grill. They even left a note to let the customer where it was. Excellent hiding by the driver here, and a good motivation to keep your grill nice and clean.

Ultimate Package Stuff

Stuffing the package in the mailbox is one thing. You've seen it before, but it was never quite like this. Why the carrier thought this was a good idea is confusing at best. So, for whatever reason, they decided to do this rather than leaving the box somewhere else.

Image credits: Reddit

How is this recipient supposed to get that box out of the mailbox? Do they expect the customer to have the Jaws Of Life sitting in their garage? Or maybe the customer is supposed to cut the mailbox off of the package. Who knows? It's just bad form.

Einstein Express

Of the major carriers, UPS must be the fastest one. At least, according to their own computer service, this package was going to be delivered using Einstein's theory of relativity. There are a few different theories on how this happened.

Image credits: Reddit/420susbus

Maybe if they got rid of their big brown trucks and had all of their drivers drive Deloreans, this might be possible. That might also cause confusion though because what if the package was delivered into a different timeline?

Plastic Packaging

Amazon has started shipping somethings in little plastic envelopes rather than the big corrugated cardboard boxes. Gone are the days when you would order a small item like a flash drive and have it delivered in a cardboard box.

Image credits: Reddit/RockTheShaz

No, instead, they put it in a plastic bubble wrap envelope. That's no excuse for what this driver did though. People have awnings in front of their doors for a reason. The driver could have just put it by the door instead of in the area where it was raining all day.


This is the result of what happens to you when you get sick of having bad deliveries all the time. You put up traps like this. It has to look pretty irresistible to a would-be package thief, and they've even helpfully labeled the cash and TV boxes.

Image credits: Reddit/InconsequentialColor

There's only one problem with their plan. That dog looks a bit too cute and cuddly to ward off any attackers. Also, a scary attack dog should probably not wear a Santa hat, but that could lure the thieves into a false sense of security or something.

Interesting Signature

Sometimes, that signature delivery on a package is there with good reason. If you don't have a cute and cuddly pup to guard your packages, the signature tells you exactly who DID get them so you can track them down in case the package "disappears."

Image credits: Reddit/hmowilliams

It doesn't seem like this would be an actual signature though. It might have been a fun signature to actually see. What do you suppose it looks like when a bench signs a piece of paperwork? How does it hold the pen? Maybe it was enchanted, like in Beauty And The Beast?

Do Not Bend

Someone really, really did not want this package bent. You can tell because the label has the phrase "Do Not Bend" in 13 different languages all over it. And they also know that most people in the US speak English, so they highlighted that one.

Image credits: Reddit/t_a_6847646847646476

Whether the driver was trying to be funny or not isn't clear, but he sure bent in all possible ways this package. It is possible that he spoke some other language that's not on here, but it seems unlikely.

Royal Mail

If you live on the first floor or have a lower floor to your house, you might leave your windows open on a hot day. This is a bad idea for a number of reasons, because of burglary or whatnot, but there is another reason that you might not expect.

Image credits: Reddit/amethicc

Yup, the Royal Mail decided to throw all of this person's nice packages through the window. What the tweet doesn't say is whether the window was actually open or not when they did this. It probably was, but if it wasn't, it's open now!

Windows: Take 2, Floor 2

That last one at least had the good fortune of being on the bottom floor of the house. This driver seems to have a much better arm though. That's right, he threw the package up to the second story window right into the bedroom.

Image credits: Reddit/sparkyfrodo

This one is so impressive and so horrifying all at the same time. It's a good thing that there was a nice, soft bed for the package to land upon. Hopefully, there wasn't any liquid in that envelope or anything. Still, it did get a nice soft landing.


Ring doorbells are a nifty invention, and you can see exactly what is being delivered and who is delivering it. Sometimes though, you have a ridiculously photogenic delivery person who just can't help themselves when they see a camera.

Image credits: Reddit/Bzeager

This guy seems WAY too excited about delivering those packages. Nice job, delivery driver. At least no one will forget who you are, and everyone knows that you delivered the package on time. Bravo!

Those are the worst delivery fails and silliest delivery problems that we could find for today. If you order something, make sure to be VERY specific where you want it delivered so you don't end up like these poor people. If you liked this story, don't hide it under the doormat! Share it with your friends! Thanks for reading!

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