Tech Support Nightmares

May 12, 2020Peter File

Tech support, the unsung heroes of our times. The internet brings us closer in many ways - and in this case, it allows us to understand the pain that tech support goes through every day. Somewhere on the internet, there are dedicated posts and groups for tech support nightmares, basically, things that defy logic and shouldn't exist at all...yet they do, and tech support is there to fix it, somehow. This is an article dedicated to them, to show you the non-sense they go through every day. 

"I Straightened Bent Pins With Tweezer"

Image Credits: Reddit/ShermanLiu

If you ever wondered how a computer works, just remember that it has some kind of "brain" called a CPU that does all the calculations for it to function. And like our brain, it is also a very, very delicate component, and it is connected with the rest of the components via small, tiny pins. Protect them at all costs, and if somehow you do end up bending some of them...using tweezers won't really help. Time to get a new CPU. We will feel sorry for you, Redditor ShermanLiu, for dealing with this on a regular basis. 

"Can You Replace This One Chip?"

Image Credits: Reddit/lafoxxx92

The title of the post goes as follows - "Other repair shop tried to find parts, but they could not. There is just one chip to replace. Maybe you can? Urgently, if possible." If you are wondering, nope, that's not just a chip. The entire motherboard is fried. Fried deeper than a bucket of dry, over-cooked KFC. How did the user even get it to this point? We can only fathom. 

"Is This Covered By the Warranty?"

Image Credits: Reddit/_BASS_GUITAR_DRUMS_

Short answer? No. Long answer? Companies do not cover damage caused by the user or on purpose. We are not saying that design flaws will not cause similar damage, but this is external damage for sure, something caused by humans, which is generally not covered by the warranty. So yeah, don't even bother to call up tech support or customer support for that matter, probably won't help. 

"Isn't it Heat Resistant?"

Image Credits: Reddit/PyroCPP

Redditor GoBuuku posted this with the following comment: "Teacher was "multitasking" and set laptop on hot still works other than a few lines on the screen." If that's not lucky, we don't know what is. Okay, we give her the benefit of the doubt that it was a careless mistake...but still. A laptop on the stove? Seriously? Be careful of where you place your laptop. Even if you don't place it on a stove, putting it on an unstable surface is enough for you to bid farewell to your trusty laptop. 

"I Spilled Water in a Couple Months Ago"

Image Credits: Reddit/PyroCPP

Okay, this one is a little bit different, since this is Redditor PyroCPP's own laptop, so theoretically speaking this is not from tech support - though we believe this is not an uncommon sight for them. According to him, he spilled water a few months ago and finally decided to clean it up after those few months, this is the result. It was turned into a winter wonderland, can you imagine having all these stuff on your keyboard? Nope. Nope. Nooooooope. 

Field of Broken Pins

Image Credits: Reddit/nokacper24

We are not sure if this was done intentionally or not, cause we could not have thought of anyone who can put a chair on it accidentally. This is one of those moments in life where you cannot keep asking yourself "Why?", over and over again. It hurts just to look at it, it really does. Thanks, nokacper24, for giving us nightmares while we sleep tonight. 

"Dropped my Laptop this Morning. Any Fixes?"

Image Credits: Reddit/Muddycarpenter

Redditor Muddycarpenter humorously posted this on the internet, and presumably, this is his own laptop. While we also presume that he is not working at tech support, though we can imagine tech support getting similar requests on a regular basis. Now, the question - can you fix it? Yes, if you can travel back in time to un-drop it, just make sure you don't bump into yourself and cause a time and space continuum. 

"Boss! I Fixed That European Connector!"

Image Credits: Reddit/bucknutz

This is a post made by Redditor bucknutz, and we sincerely hope this is not true. But since there's photo evidence, it may very well be. Apart from sheer dumbness, this can also lead to electrical or fire hazards. Seriously, why would anyone think this is a good idea? This is not the same "if it works, it works" moment, cause it doesn't. Unless you count potentially putting your house on fire as working. 

"I Brute Forced the CPU"

Image Credits: Reddit/xandercusa

In computer terminology, brute force is a term used in cryptography, where someone tries to crack the password by trying every single combination in a short period of time, submitting a high number of tries simultaneously. Technically not limited to computers, but closely associated with it. Redditor xandercusa posted this with a quirky remark "Brute force delid." A for the pun, F for the joke, since this is a truly gruesome sight. 

"Why the Touchpad Wasn't Working?"

Image Credits: Reddit/Vivaitalia1012

Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true, and we hope it's not. Redditor Vivaitalia1012 posted this and said, "My sister got this from my cousin and couldn't figure out why the touchpad wasn't working..." Yeah...we don't even have to go into details here. We think it's obviously enough why it isn't working. Also, when the battery is swollen, you should replace it immediately, as it can be dangerous - yes, it has the potential to explode


Image Credits: Reddit/madman1101

Ah...some good old irony. A Clearview camera that doesn't really have a clear view. Redditor madman1101 posted this on the internet, and can you figure out why? Yes. Water. The dome was filled with water. We are not sure if it was the design flaw, or that it just wasn't designed to fly in the rain. But according to him, the board was fried long before, since to reach the dome, the water has to pass through the board. Ouch. 

Mounted with Rope

Image Credits: Reddit/accidentalit

On a scale of 1 to 10, using ropes to mount something is probably a 2 when it comes to holding something in place. Even duct tape or zip ties do a better job than the ropes. Redditor accidentalit uploaded this, a 12-year-old switch mounted with rope. A for the effort though. Maybe someone can tell that person that that's not how suspension works. 

"I Thought It Was Protective Plastic!"

Image Credits: Reddit/kohlzine

Redditor kohlzine shared his experience in attempting to remove the protective layer on the screen that didn't end so well. Turns out it wasn't the protective film, it was the polarizing film. Long story short, you need that layer to be able to view the screen. Putting it back on is pretty much out of the question. But luckily for him, there's a weird workaround

Not the Way It Should Be

Image Credits: Reddit/arabrazilianguy

If you have something similar at home, seriously, clean it up, or send it to an expert. Redditor arabrazilianguy posted this, saying "Now I'm no expert but I don't think it should be like that." No, it isn't, and we can even smell it from our screen. Talking about that, better check our laptops now...

A Moldy Mac

Image Credits: Reddit/cobeirne

This moldy Mac is perhaps a more ghastly sight than a moldy Big Mac. Redditor cobeirne uploaded this picture of a moldy MacBook Air, presumably from a customer. There are times when you can't help but ask yourself how - this is one of them. But well, guess it's now a rotten apple? Okay, we'll see ourselves out. 

Here they are, some of the worst nightmares for tech support. Next time when you talk to tech support, be nice to them, cause as you can tell here, they went through a lot. If you know someone who does tech support, why not share this with them? On second thought...maybe not, unless you know they can take it. Lastly, when they ask you if you tried turning it off and on again, they mean it

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