Bad Texts Sent To The Wrong Person

May 14, 2020Hayden

More people send messages and texts to communicate than even talking right now. The problem is, sometimes things get a little confusing. When you aren't hearing the other person's voice on the end, some things might go a little...wrong. That's what happened to these poor people when they tried to send texts to someone else. They got the wrong person, and the results are us anyway. Check it out!


Getting someone's number at a bar or club is always a risky proposition. Sometimes you have to face the fact that someone just isn't into you. This poor guy had to learn that the hard way, unfortunately. 

Image credits: Reddit/_yeetus_memeus_

At least he found a new wingman, but he wasn't even especially interested in that. You have to feel a bit sorry for the poor guy though. Well, maybe not...he should have sent her a text to make sure that he got the number right.

Funny Face

Sometimes, wrong number texts are just plain weird. You have to wonder what was going through this person's mind when they sent this picture. Is there any situation in which this picture might be appropriate?

Image credits: Reddit/bowl_of_granola

"Oops wrong number" doesn't seem to cover the wrongness here. That's a very odd picture to be sent to anyone. And before you say "It's a meme!", clearly it isn't a meme. It's not a gif, and it's not animated, so there.


Sometimes it goes the opposite way too. Grandparents also often don't understand how to use their phones. Check out this one that was mistakenly sent to an unsuspecting grandchild in the middle of the night:

Image credits: Reddit/Catty_kitt

What is "yrgg" anyway? According to Google, it's either a kind of protein, a character from World Of Warcraft, or a record label. It also happens to be the sound that someone might make when they get a text at 7:29 in the morning after a long night.

More Grandparents

Of course, sometimes it goes the opposite way too. This person is pretty clever though. They found a way to not only cover up what they were doing but also found a way to endear themselves to their grandmother too 

Image credits: Reddit/FairyPrincess97

Excellent save by this person. There is only one problem. Now, grandma is going to expect $20 the next time she sees her grandchild. Really, though, she's. just going to give back in their birthday card anyway, so what's the point?

Be Careful Who Has The Phone

Sometimes, you do text the right person, it's just that the wrong person is holding the phone when they get the text. That's what happened to this poor guy. The message starts out so pure and sweet but goes horribly wrong by the end:

Image credits: Reddit/Nipuna1995

Poor guy. He didn't know what he was getting himself into. That's kind of a toxic older brother though. You have to wonder what happened when "Jenny

Wrong App

Sometimes, parents don't text the wrong person because they don't realize that they are texting at all. Google, iMessage,, they all kind of look the same. Except that they look totally different. Tell that to this mom:

Image credits: Reddit/Nipuna1995

You have to wonder whether she got the answers to any of her questions. Also, what's "avacoda"? Just like "yrgg", this one actually gets some results. Apparently it's a coding company of some kind. Perhaps this wasn't a mistake, and mom was just beta testing some new software.

Wrong Girl?

Sometimes people do stupid stuff and get caught. And sometimes, the other person is smart enough to be the person catching them. In this particular text, Josh made a pretty stupid mistake. Don't be like Josh.

Image credits: Reddit/Haveluna55

Josh might have a good excuse for acting this way. Eh, who is he kidding. He definitely doesn't have a good excuse for this. The guy is clearly not very smart. The rest of this exchange can't be found anywhere online, but that's probably for the best.

Neighbor Number

One new trend that has started recently is the concept of the neighbor number. The idea is that you text the number one above or one below your actual phone number. For example, if you have 555-1234, you'll text 555-1235. Sometimes this works, and sometimes...

Image credits: Reddit/TubularWeasel

Well, either the original text-er is clueless or just insensitive is not clear. Either way, this is a classic example of texting the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time. Maybe this person had better luck with the other neighbor.


If there's one thing that you should get out of this article, it's that you should always check the name of the contact that you text. In this case, there were four people in this selfie, and none of them bothered to check to whom they were sending this picture:

Image credits: Reddit/KinaGrace96

Fortunately, it appears that these ladies texted a nice group of Air Force Airmen. These guys were clearly happy to see them. Apparently, these guys were actually inside of a plane when one of them received the original picture, which is why they were able to reproduce it so accurately.

Mistaken Identity

This is why it's important to back up your contacts somehow. This can be done on both Android and iOS. If you're really smart, you already have this working for you and they are being backed up automatically. That way, you can avoid situations like this:

Image credits: Reddit/Nipuna1995

There is a bright side to this rather sad conversation. At least she didn't have to talk to the Uber driver on the way home. That must have been one awkward drive, and hopefully, it didn't last for very long. It wouldn't have happened if she had just backed up her stuff!

The Nuclear Option

What if you text something to the wrong person and you want it gone permanently? You can't just delete the conversation because it will still be on the other person's phone. Better to do what this person did, after they sent something to a wrong number:

Image credits: Reddit

This was done on WhatsApp, which is good because it makes it that much easier to delete everything in a conversation. Looks like they did forget to delete one single line of it. Can you spot the line that wasn't deleted?

Mom And Dad

Ever wonder how your mom and dad talk to each other? You grow up with them, you're around them all the time, but you never hear them interact one-on-one. Well, sometimes a misplaced text is all you need to find out:

Image credits: Reddit/PotatoTurtle13

At least in this case it was nothing too embarrassing. The nickname "Sweet Pea" might be a little sappy though. Now you know the answer to a question that has probably bothered you for your entire life though. That might not be a good thing.

Poor Brody

Well, at least this wasn't too bad. Brody was just trying to be protective of something, whatever or whoever it was. Somebody thought it was pretty funny, although it couldn't have been that bad because they did ask for permission:

Image credits: Reddit/jedzedled

Then again, it looks like it's actually Brody who was asking for permission. Maybe he's not as overprotective as these girls thought. Or, maybe he just wants to show off how overprotective he can be. It's not necessarily a bad thing!


Pedro messed up with this one. First of all, he met a girl at a club, so starting off the conversation with "yo" might not be the best way to go. Second of all, if she had an iPhone, he should be suspicious if the little bubbles are green and not blue.

Image credits: Reddit/probablyaddison

Really, though, you have to feel sorry for the person on the other end of this exchange. She might have been giving out a fake number for YEARS, and it could've been the same one. He looks like he's used to getting random text messages.

Private Tutor

Well, someone needs to check her homework. It looks like she can't see the number right at the top of the phone, so she probably needs help with her spelling and grammar too. There's no reason that "not Bailey" has to be the one to do it though.

Image credits: Reddit/GamerbroJ

At least "not Bailey" managed to figure it out in time. It could have been worse. They could have wasted all of that time checking the homework and not actually gotten any English work done. And it was another number to block.

Those are all of the texts sent to the wrong people that we could find. Remember, always back up your contacts and make sure that you look at the top number. It could save you a world of embarrassment. If you like this story, please share it with your friends. Or, if you don't have any friends, text it to a random number! Thanks for reading!

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