Interesting Sponge Hacks

Your household is full of tools that can be hacked to help you out for various situations. Did you know that the kitchen sponge is far from just a little piece of foam used for cleaning up the dishes? You can turn it into a safe glue applicator, and even take it to the gym to help you get some gains painlessly! We have some of the best sponge hacks for you!

Water Plants

Image Credit: Family Handiman

Image Credit: Family Handiman

Watering plants is a tricky business, and not being careful with how little, or how much, water you give them can lead to a disaster. To keep the plants from flooding and molding, keep a sponge at the bottom of the pot. It will soak up any excess liquid that the plant doesn’t need, and it will keep it hydrated for when you forget to water it.

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