Weird Looking Restaurant Food

Jun 23, 2020Hayden

When you go to a restaurant, you expect certain things. First, you expect everything to be clean. Second, you expect helpful, friendly service from the staff. Most importantly, you expect good food. All of that is important, but it's also important that the food looks good on the plate too. No one wants to eat food that is presented poorly. The restaurants in this article might have made great-tasting food, but they failed when they put it on the plate. Check it out? Would you eat this stuff?

Mystery Meat

One baffling thing done at some restaurants is to completely obscure what it is that you're supposed to be eating. In this case, the Redditor who posted it surmised that it must be some kind of mini-quesadilla. Does that look like a mini-quesadilla?

Image credits: Reddit/MazdaRx7Guy

It also looks like there might be some raw fish or something there. Whatever it is, it looks like it's sitting in a bowl of what looks like mold or moss. It's probably some sort of fancy Easter grass or something. It still looks unappetizing.

Sushi Fail

As you'll see more than a few times in this article, sushi is super tricky. You can give it a fancy presentation, but you have to be careful. It's still raw fish and rice, and putting it on any kind of a plate risks a big fat fail. 

Image credits: Reddit/MarysonofSteve

This particular one has some odd sauce in the middle, or maybe it's a paint stain. Also, why would you do this for only two pieces of a sushi roll? Unless that sushi roll is full of extremely rare fish, it seems like a bad idea to only have two pieces.

Nasty Fries

OK, on the one hand, you have to admire the technical part of this. Look closely at the burger and fries. You'll notice that it isn't a burger and fries at all! This was actually someone's birthday cake, which they had made in the shape of a burger and fries.

Image credits: Reddit/idk_chase

You probably have lots of questions about this cake. First and foremost, why is there ketchup on the fries and also in the cup? How do you cut this? And, most importantly of all, why would you order this. It seems like someone wanted food in the shape of another food. This is a classic case of "Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should do it..."


Well, here's a new one. Can you even spot the food in this picture? Here's a hint, most of the sculpture there is inedible. No, it's not the red part in the front, or the blue part on the one in the background, sorry. Have you figured it out yet?

Image credits: Reddit/yulscakes

That's right, the only thing edible on this whole sculpture is the little truffle on the top. Hopefully, whoever ordered this actually knew that and didn't try and take a giant bite out of the ceramic sculpture first. That's a good way to break a tooth.

Tetanus Trap

So, this seems like a horrible idea, and it's badly executed too. First of all, why would you want to only eat one little vegetable at a time? Second, why use a big green leaf to demonstrate it? There's an elephant in the room that we need to discuss too.

Image credits: Reddit/mlohk

Why are there bare, galvanized nails sticking out of it, point side up? If you need some sort of melee weapon with your meal for some reason, this is a great idea. For everyone else, it seems like they might poke their eyes out. Or at least cut a finger.

A Bad Idea

Someone clearly thought they had an idea when they came up with this horrible cocktail. Whatever is in this drink doesn't really matter because it's being drunk from a lightbulb. That's right, they broke a lightbulb to use as a serving container.

Image credits: Reddit/sorry-4-jon

Also, if the jagged edges and razor-sharp metal weren't quite enough, it appears that you're supposed to stir this one too. Oh well, at least they give you a straw. That has to help you drink this, right?


When you present any kind of food, it's important that there is more food than non-edible objects on it, especially if it's a cake. This person seems to have forgotten that. The only thing that's edible here is the stuff in the beaker.

Image credits: Reddit/DerivativeConstant

And, by the way, whatever that is in the beaker doesn't look too good either. So, to sum this up: it's a cake, with mostly inedible parts, that also happens to look like... That's a bad combination.

Surf And Turf

Most restaurants go out of the way to make the kitchen clean. They have to have it free of mice, germs, and most of all, cockroaches. That being said, why would you do this to a nice piece of shrimp? It's just...there are no words...

Image credits: Reddit/MazdaRX7Guy

Most people don't want to eat bugs, even if the bugs are supposed to be high in protein. Even as sushi, this is high on the list of bad food presentation. Hopefully, it's at least a lucky bug or something.

Uh Oh!

This one has to be the work of someone who is bored and eating every last thing in their pantry. It's really the only way possible to explain this. They went out of their way to make a cool pepperoni bowl, so you'd think they'd put something good in there.

Image credits: Reddit/LavaSauceLover

Nope. They used Spaghetti-Os. Now there's nothing inherently wrong with Spaghetti-Os unless you are over the age of 10 years old. Also, if you have taste buds. So for kids under ten who can't taste anything, this is great!

That's Not A Sink!

This elaborate concoction is apparently called "the kitchen sink" from Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor in Florida. Now, the ice cream itself looks delicious, and it probably is, but there's something that just bothers us about the presentation.

Image credits: Reddit/GreenEngrams

Right. It looks like you're eating it out of a Smurf's bathtub. Sinks should probably have a faucet or handles or something. No one wants to eat out of a Smurf tub. Those little guys get nasty after a long day of picking smurf-berries.

Ultimate Bloody Mary

Well, if you want to have your drink and eat it too, this one might be for you. There are a lot of overly-elaborate Bloody Mary recipes out there, but not too many involve a corn cob, eight olives, and a turkey drumstick.

Image credits: Reddit/Sciencemusk

How do you start to even eat this? Does it involve eating the turkey wing first? Do you drink the tomato juice first? Maybe the corn cob? One thing is for sure, and that is that you need a plate, which might be a first for a mixed drink.

Take A Guess

Here's a mystery for you. See if you can guess what exactly this is supposed to be. Look very closely. If you're reading this article on a mobile device of some kind, it might help to flip the device upside down to be able to see it.

Image credits: Reddit/Thatglassesgirl

That's right, it's just a hamburger. Someone thought it would be a good idea to take a hamburger, put the bun on upside down and put some blue chips in a little tea diffuser cup. Is this what they call a deconstructed burger?

Apple Makes Everything

Sometimes you can get a bit too clever for your own good. This restaurant has opted for the world's most expensive dinnerware. Or maybe you could call it virtual dinnerware. Whatever you call it, it's pasta served on an iPad.

Image credits: Reddit

There's a joke to be made here about how there's an app for that or whatever. To be honest, the more important thing here is to find out how they don't crack the iPad screen when they are eating the pasta. They usually crack when you look at them wrong.

Upside Down

There seems to be an odd fascination with some of these about turning things upside down. You already saw the upside-down hamburger bun, but this one kind of takes the cake. It's not even clear what kind of food this is.

Image credits: Reddit/shreddingfish92

It lookalike some kind of weird fruit cocktail along with some olive oil and feta cheese. Here's a hint to restaurants: if your customer has to solve a puzzle, it's probably not a great way to serve food. Yuck.


There are really a few things wrong with this. There is so much sauce that it weighs the same amount as the wontons. That means you're either getting too much sauce or not enough wontons. No one wants either one of those things.

Image credits: Reddit/shreddingfish92

Also, who wants to be reminded of scales when eating a bunch of fried food? This also seems like an absolutely terrible idea. The wontons look awfully tasty though, even if there is way too much sauce for them.

Well, those are some of the worst presented dishes on the internet. We hope you weren't too grossed out by any of them, and they give you an idea about what NOT to do. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends! Thanks for looking!

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