Brilliant Ideas to Reduce Excessive Shedding in Dogs

Brilliant Ideas to Reduce Excessive Shedding in Dogs

Jun 15, 2020Rita Kumar

Though you love your dog with all your heart, there's something unruly and troublesome you have faced, and not just you, but all dog owners out there are concerned over a typical villain—Shedding! If you have a pooch in your house who's messing the living room couch with his fallen fur, then you're not alone in this! Perhaps, all breeds shed at least a little while some shed to the extreme, alarming you beyond your imagination. Well, there are a few tips you could invest in to reduce your canine's shedding.

Use the Ideal Pet Shampoo

First things first—invest in an ideal pet shampoo to reduce all that fluffy mess of fur during the shedding season. Before you make your purchase, you got to be sure that the shampoo you're getting is worth what your dog wants. It should be the ultimate kind of bubble stuff that flawlessly suits your pooch's coat and skin. Mostly, it is always advisable to opt for less fragrant and mild pet shampoos.

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Keep Baths Down

While regular bathing keeps the human skin clean, the same isn't a necessary compromise with your pets, especially canines. Perhaps, too many baths can strip away the natural oils in your dog's coat and might cause further irritation. And eventually, your pooch might shed more than average. A simple trick is to reduce your dog's bath to once or twice a month instead of regular washes.

Towel Dry is a Must Before Blow Drying

After bathing your dog, you might wonder whether he would get dry with a ten-minute sun-soaked rest in your lawn! Well, you might be a little off the path on this one. The first thing you need to get your hands on before blow-drying your dog is to pat him dry with a towel. But make sure you go slow and steady and use a microfiber towel for faster and better absorption of all the wetness!

Use Pet Conditioner

One of the most important tricks to help your dog maintain his coat is to condition it regularly. While many pet conditioners are available in the market, you can wisely opt for a natural homemade conditioning therapy to help your pooch reduce his shedding. And the best solution comes from your kitchen shelf! Try massaging your dog's coat with coconut oil. With regular applications, your dog's fur might improve and shed less with time.

Invest in a Good Shedding Brush

While you may not be able to put a full stop to your dog's shedding, there are simple ways to tackle the situation with ease! Try investing in a shedding brush and groom your canine regularly. This way, all the excess fur stays off your dog's healthy coat and protects him from flaky and itchy skin.

Keep His Diet Under Check

A nutritious and wholesome diet is one of the best ideas to help your dog get done with excess shedding. Perhaps, if he's healthy from within, his external features tend to glow automatically! Make sure you include meat in his diet because it's the best source of fatty acids for overall health and luster. Divide his meals into balanced proportions and never forget to include a meat-rich diet in his bowl!

Hydration is a Must

Just like human beings, animals need to stay hydrated all the time. Perhaps, dehydration or poor hydration might lead to other unforeseen complications in both man and the wild! Regular intake of water is a must to help your dog stay hydrated because a lack of water can lead to dry skin and excess shedding. You just have to make sure that your pooch gets his sip regularly throughout the day.

Exercise and Games to Beat the Stress

When your dog sheds, you have to understand that it isn't just a normal process. Perhaps, the furry pal of yours might need some extra help from you apart from the regular grooming and diet you provide him. Taking your pooch for regular walks and handing him out some fun time running around in your lawn might help him beat the stress of shedding and balance his cardio too!

Get Rid of the Fleas

Believe it or not—your dog sheds more when he's busy grooming himself with his hind leg! And the ridiculous yet hard-to-accept truth behind his unruly scratches is the fleas that tick to his skin. Brushing your dog regularly and investing in a few anti-flea repellants might come handy to reduce excess shedding.

Trim Excess Hair

Though you cannot stop a healthy dog from shedding, you can, of course, reverse the process or slow it down altogether! Trimming their hair on a regular basis helps in keeping shedding on the check and gives them a well-groomed makeover. If you find this a bit nasty to handle it yourself, you can take your pooch to professional pet groomers as well!

Check for Rashes and Allergies

Furry canines are mostly covered in thick coats, and nothing of their skin is visible to the naked eye! Well, you can try setting aside a couple of minutes to check your pooch's skin for any rash or allergy and cure the spot with proper medication if you find any. This way, your dog stops scratching himself all the time, and thus, excessive shedding is reduced.

Brush Him Regularly

Well, this one might hardly take five minutes, as long as your paw buddy cooperates with you! Brush him regularly every day to remove the messy fur that has been already shed and waiting to be removed off his coat. This helps in preventing itchy and dry skin and, thus, further shedding!

Get the Best Conditioner for Him

While you might not like the idea of bathing your dog regularly, you can, of course, choose to groom him every day and also condition his fur frequently. Regular use of pet conditioners helps in strengthening his coat and reduces excessive shedding.

Toss Him Omega 3-Rich Snacks

Treating your pooch with his favorite snack with something like omega 3 fatty acid hidden in it might be a good idea to help him combat skin disorders that are also a few of the reasons behind excessive shedding. But before you proceed with the treat, make sure you consult your vet and note down the best prescriptions for this health supplement.

Fix an Appointment with Your Vet

If you still feel that your canine needs expert help to overcome excessive shedding, then it is always advisable to go by what your mind says—fix an appointment with your vet! Visiting your petcare expert is one of the best ideas to underline the reason behind your dog's shedding and also head home with proper medication and treatment ideas.

Dogs make the best companion at home, and when it is your turn to understand your paw pal better, start by helping him shed less! With these helpful tips by your side, you might not sigh a worry next time you spot your dog's fur sticking on the mat or on your living room couch!