'Gilligan's Island' Top Mistakes Eagle-Eyed Fans Might Have Missed

Jun 17, 2020Peter File

Gilligan was one of the 60s most loveable characters and a lot of people remember him for his crazy antics and a kind smile. Each week fans would escape onto his island world and often miss the small glitches and bloopers. We have gathered all the moments you might have missed... Let's explore the revealing digital prints of the one and only Gilligan's Island!

The Things You Need To Know About This Hit Series

Sherwood Schwartz is the man behind the great production of this American sitcom and despite the many bloopers, he did create a pretty great show. The show also featured an array of stellar actors and actresses like Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, Russell Johnson, Tina Louise, and Dawn Wells.

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What's it About?

For three great seasons, we witnessed the misadventures of a group of castaways. From the time of their shipwreck to the day the series ends, we came along for all the comedy and action. 98 episodes later and many years of syndication, one thing is certain, Gilligan's Island was an iconic show!

What Did The Star-Studded Cast Think Of The Show and The Bloopers

Before we give away the show's bloopers and mistakes, we need to take a look at what the cast was thinking back then. They had great camaraderie on-screen and received solid ratings for their tenure. So what did Dawn Wells have to say about Tina Louise? She said:

“She’s a big movie star. I was in awe. She was glamorous, knew the camera angles. I was an ingénue, just coming along, and I learned a lot … by observing. She was glamorous all the time.”

What Others Have to Say? 

Russell Johnson on the other hand also had some of his own comments about the legendary Jim Backus from the show... He said:

“Jim was one of those guys who you’d meet in the morning when you’re getting made up and all of that kind of thing, and he’d start telling you stories — or jokes and stories — and he would never stop. All day long, the guy could do it, but he was naturally a funny fellow, and stuff just tumbled out of him, and he would do this grumbling ad lib — you know, he played Mr. Magoo — there was a little Mr. Magoo in Mr. Howell.”

The Error In The Opening Credits 

As the series opens we get to see the S.S. Minnow. The footage shown before and after the cruise departs and beaches are somewhat problematic... Why? Well, the same boat is not used in these two scenes... Fans have pointed out that there were differences with the helm and the front of the cabin...

The Hidden Joke In The Name, S.S. Minnow

This might not have been a mistake on the part of the producers but it is a good point of clarification... While fans often think the name S.S. Minnow refers to a tiny species of fish... this is actually not the case. It was actually a fun pun used to reference The president of the F.C.C. at the time, Newton Minow.

Wait, Was The Main Star Gilligan Married On The Show?

Bob Denver made one small but very obvious blooper on the series... He was spotted wearing a wedding ring. Some thought they may have missed an episode where the main star gets hitched but they didn't... Bob must have forgotten to remove the ring before coming on to the set... Awkward!  

Making Magic Happen Is Not As Easy As It Looks 

The great illusions that fans got to witness in Gilligan's Island were not all executed perfectly... In fact, one of the biggest magical moments falls a bit flat. As an array of pears and grapes float across the dinner table we can clearly see the wires used to lift up the prop fruit as they are reflecting on the roof!  

The Setting Often Gave Away The Show's California Location

While we all assumed the series was filmed near a real lagoon out in the middle of an island landscape, this was not the case. Gilligan's Island was actually recorded in a California studio. CBS tasked a special team with the job of creating a lagoon in the studio city parking lot. But this caused a few problems... Sometimes production would be stopped because of the loud traffic from Ventura Freeway. Another issue was the city landscape and skyline that was sometimes slightly visible in the backdrop of their scenes... Only true Gilligan's Island sleuths would have spotted this blooper!

Why Did Gillian's Outfit Look So Bulky 

Another mistake made by the producers was a slightly unavoidable one... Fans sometimes remarked that Gilligan's clothing seemed tight and bulky... This might be because he had to wear a wetsuit under his clothing! The water temperature of the makeshift lagoon was 40 degrees and pretty unbearable for him!

Keep Your Eyes Closed Natalie!

The "Man with a Net" episode is one of the most action-packed. Not only does a strange scientist explorer visit the island but he also knocks out all seven of the castaways. However, Natalie Schafer gives the game away when she is seen quickly opening her eyes while still filming! 

The Radio Announcer On The Show Caused A Big Issue 

Every now and then the radio announcer would mention the radio the castaways were supposedly listening too. The call sign started with a W but this is practically impossible... The castaways were said to be in the South Pacific and would only get an AM radio station... 

Deciphering The Difference Between A Steam Ship And A Gas Engine

The SS Minnow boat is one of the most famous symbols of this beloved series but the meaning behind the SS is actually faulty. SS indicated that it was a type of steamship... But for such a small boat, the vessel would have been run as a diesel or gas engine boat. Shocking!

What's That In The Background

In the episode, "Pass the Vegetables, Please" it seems like the actors start spitting bubbles. While it looks pretty realistic, one thing gives them away... The metallic machine that is seen hiding in the background. It is obviously the metal clamp that was making the bubble effect happen!

The Curious Amount Of Island People 

Throughout the series, we meet various people who claim to have been living on the island for around 10 years. However, each islander claims to be the only one to live there... How is it possible that all of these characters think they are alone, having never bumped into another fellow islander in all those years?! 

A Submarine Or A Scuba Tank? 

Gilligan entertains us with a pretty great scene regarding his exploration in a submarine. There's just one tiny catch, every now and then we can see the scuba tank of the prop man moving around the machine... If you slow down the film speed this blooper becomes all the more evident.

Why Did They Have So Much Luggage 

A well-known fact is that the boat trip was only meant to be a short three-hour trip... Why then do the characters seem to have so many items with them? The ladies don't wear the same clothes again and again... while the men have many books and luxury items... This small detail causes quite a bit of confusion!

How Many People Really Boarded The SS Minnow

In certain photos, we count more people on the initial boat ride than the number who arrive at the island. There is never a mention of losing passengers along the way... So what happened to the extra passengers or were they simply crew members who accidentally got into the filming shot? We'll never know... 

The Fabric Creases Gave Them Away 

In the episode titled "Two on a Raft" attentive viewers will also have seen indications of the false background amidst Gilligan and the Skipper. In a brief moment when sharks are surrounding them, the fabric creases and a gap can be seen between the bottom of the boat and the water... 

The Series May Have Bloopers But It Was Very Believable

One striking happening caused by the show was the number of actual people who called the official coast guard. The very dedicated fans of the series wanted Gilligan and the rest of his castaways to be rescued in real life... Whether this was a prank or a sincere worry remains a mystery. It does however say one thing about the show... That it was pretty believable at the time! And suffice to say, very few fans noticed any of the bloopers we've been investigating! One worried viewer actually sent in this exact telegram: 

“For several weeks, now, we have seen American citizens stranded on some Pacific island. We spend millions in foreign aid. Why not send one U.S. destroyer to rescue those poor people..." 

We hope these bloopers don't spoil this great series for you! In fact, they should heighten your interest in it because you can now go sleuthing to see if there are any more little mistakes that we missed! Which blooper is the most surprising in our list on Gillian's Island? Leave us your comments and be sure to click the share button.  

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