Top Mistakes in 'The Brady Bunch'

Jun 19, 2020Hayden

The TV series experienced a lot of success. Even after it was canceled, it went into syndication for years and a lot of follow-up films were made so that fans could see how the family was doing after the show came to an end. However, there were a lot of mistakes when doing the show. We are going to spill the tea!

The House With Two Floors

When you see the house from the outside, you can clearly see that you could not possibly have two stories. It could perhaps have a split-level. However, you constantly see the family going up and down the stairs to the other floor, which from the outside of the house could not exist.

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The Picture

Furthermore, the main picture of the family, meaning the most famous one, is the one with the whole family on the stairs. How could that have happened if there was no second floor? In addition, if there was a split-floor it would have to be on the left, and the stairs, when they walk in, are on the right side of the house.

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Wrong Name, Buddy

When spending so much time together as a crew of actors, it is only natural that sometimes the wrong name slips out of under their tongue. However, according to MeTV, this happened not once, but three times. There is one episode where Peter is jumping up and down on the trampoline and his mother and brother had a hard time staying in character.

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More On The Error

Although they are saying the right lines - we think -, they are not saying the right names. First Carol calls Peter, portrayed by Christopher Knight, Chris: “Go get ‘em, Chris!”. Afterward, it is his brother who is talking to Jan, portrayed by Eve Plumb, and calls her Eve. Marcia was the second one to call Peter by Chris in another episode!

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The House of Cards

It is completely normal that the crew uses some props to create some scenes. However, they should have been more careful with the props they were using and double-check if they were working properly before actually using them, right? Wrong.

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As stated per MeTV, there is one scene in particular where we can see that they did not do a check on the prop. We are talking about the famous house of cards. When this stunning house of cards comes tumbling down, there are some cards that remain standing up glued together. Shhh, it’s called magic!

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What A Salary!

Mike Brady is an architect, we all know that. At some point in the series, we are even lead to believe that he might also be a partner at the firm, although that is never confirmed. Furthermore, we also know that Carol is a stay-at-home mom, meaning that she does not work. 

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Sole Provider

Therefore, Mike is the only source of income in the house. Now, what he would earn by the 1970s salary standard would clearly not be enough to have a live-in maid such as Alice. Let us not forget that he also has six children to feed, to dress, and to send to school. Children are not a cheap venture.

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Bigger Home Maybe?

In addition, if he was in fact making enough money to support a family of nine, including Alice, why did he not purchase a bigger home for the entire family? The reality is that he could have just kept his initial home from his previous marriage, but after getting together with Carol, a bigger home should have been considered.

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More On The House

Throughout the series, we come to know the house better and better, and, later in the series, Greg moves into the attic to have his own room. This leaves us wondering why this was not done at the beginning when the huge family all moved in together. If he was getting big bonuses, perhaps, they should have gotten another home to accommodate the not-so-little family.

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Oh, The “Grass”!

The Bradys had a beautiful garden, didn’t they? Well, although we are made to believe that there is grass in the backyard, it can clearly be seen that it is astroturf. According to MeTV, there is even a scene when the boys are just playing football and poor Greg rips up a panel of it. The secret is out.

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The White Piece Of Thread

Peter is a hero when he saves the little girl from getting hit by what seems to be a very heavy piece of furniture in the episode ‘The Hero’. However, if you watch closely, you can see a white piece of thread pushing the shelving unit down and causing it to fall. Not so great.

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What About The Shadow?

This was truly a revealing mistake. Whenever it is day and the house is being filmed, we see the shadow cast by the roof in the lower right corner, which is totally normal. However, when they show the house in the evening, that same shadow is still there, which means that they simply darkened the original footage.

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Where Is The Glass?

This happens in more than a few episodes, as stated per MeTV. The sliding doors are nothing but a frame. How can you notice that? Because whenever there is wind, you can see the curtains flowing through the glass. Unless this is magic glass, there was absolutely no glass in the doors, to begin with.

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The Ceiling Is Coming Out, Guys

Oh, the classic episode of the broken vase, we all remember it. As stated per MeTV, there is one part of the episode where Alice is asking the family if anyone has some coins for the fountain. In that particular scene, the camera is so angled down, that you can actually see part of the studio.

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Where Is Alice’s Bathroom?

They let us know that there is a bathroom in the parents’ room, they show us that there is a bathroom for the children, but they never come clean about the live-in maid’s bathroom. It is unlikely that she would get ready to go to bed in the upstairs bathroom, it would be even weirder for her to use Mike and Carol’s bathroom.

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We have already cleared out that it was already strange that the family of nine was leaving in such a small house, but to have Alice using their bathroom and not provide her with her out private bathroom would just be outright insane. Do you believe that there was a bathroom, or would she just use one of theirs?

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Aren’t You Supposed To Be An Architect?

We have already established that there should have been a bigger home, that Mike must have been making good money - that we never found out where it came from - to support all those people. As an architect with a small house, the least we ask for is that is it immaculate.

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Not Perfect

Nonetheless, as stated per MeTV, if you pay close attention, you can see that there is a clear chipped off part in the brick in the entryway. Did the boys ruin it and Mike did not have time to fix it or was he actually not making enough money to make the repair? If so, how was he supporting all those people?

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That Is A Lot Of Different Clothes

Now, we all know that the same episode can be shot on different days, but there has to be some sort of continuity to it, and, by that, we mean that they should have kept more in mind the clothes that the characters were wearing.

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Changing Clothes

As stated per MeTV, there is one episode wherein one scene, Greg is wearing black boots, and in the next one, he has got his Adidas sneakers on. There is also another episode where Jan’s clothes are all over the place and it is noticeable, a lot, in fact.

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Jan Changes Her Clothes A Lot

At first, she comes in and she is wearing a white floral shirt and a red ribbon on her head, on the next shot, she has a striped blouse and a light green ribbon. Afterward, she has changed her clothes, once more, and is wearing a green t-shirt and a dark green ribbon. Then she returns and is already with the striped blouse once more.

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This happens in a lot of episodes and it is a matter of continuity. Unless they were to show us that something happened to the clothes and the character just had to change it, it made absolutely no sense that running from one door to another, their clothes magically change. Is she Cinderella?

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Not Even The Car?

There are a lot of issues when it comes to continuity in the show, even regarding something huge such as the car. As stated per MeTV, there is one episode when the couple takes along Bobby to go for ice cream and they go off in a blue convertible. However, they end up returning in a brown station wagon.

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Lots Of Questions

Now, there are two questions here that need to be posed. The first one is: they could very well have two cars - one for Mike, and another for Carol -, but they cannot possibly come in a vehicle and return in another. The second question comes along the same lines, did they just go out for ice cream and returned with a new car?

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Let us remind you that the series was shot a long time ago, so it is only natural that there were mistakes made that would nowadays, hopefully, not happen - at least as often. Nonetheless, the mistakes in the show made it seem like it was a ‘Harry Potter’ house with all the magic going on. If you enjoyed this story, please share it with your friends! Thanks for reading!

Sources: MeTV

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