What Not Eating Sugar For Decades Does To You

Jun 20, 2020Manuela Mitevova

Carolyn Hartz is past the age of 70, and yet if you were to judge by how she looks, you would never have guessed that. She appears to be the picture of health, but behind her amazing physique and youthful face lies a diagnosis which drove her to change her lifestyle from the group up. And the way Carolyn dealt with it brought her not only health but also professional success.

Sugar Versus Humans

You probably already know that consuming large amounts of sugar is not exactly the best thing you can do for your body. In fact, humans and sugar don’t mix so well. It’s been scientifically proven that excess sugar leads to many health problems, and our modern society completely fails to address the gravity of the issue. And Carolyn got to learn her sugar lesson the hard way.

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Carolyn Hartz’s Story

Carolyn was a healthy and energetic young woman, living her life to the fullest. And that meant she often indulged in sugary treats. So much so that they became a part of her regular diet. Some days, Carolyn would eat cheesecake for breakfast, and that would be just the beginning of her sweet treats for the day. She was a sugar addict without even realizing it. But the universe made sure to give her a warning sign. 

First Signs Of Trouble

One day, Carolyn felt extremely dizzy, which brought her to the hospital so doctors could check if everything was ok with her. Unaware of Carolyn’s excessive sugar diet, they ascribed her dizziness to the stress she was dealing with in her life. But Carolyn sensed something else was the culprit. It took one more dizzy spell to convince her that she had to act. 

The Fateful Diagnosis

Sometime after her first doctor visit, Carolyn knew her problems were not just going away. She knew she had to really address the issue, and so she went for more medical tests. Unfortunately, her hunch was confirmed. She was not as healthy as she thought she was. Her diagnosis stated pre type 2 diabetes. But she couldn’t understand why she was growing sick. 

Could Happen To Anyone

When Carolyn was finally diagnosed with pre type 2 diabetes, she was 41 years old. She was always the picture of health and did a lot of sports to keep her fitness. But back then, she never could have imagined that what she ate directly affected her health. The sugar problem affected almost everyone, and she was no exception. But it took some time before Carolyn was ready to accept the reality.

Perfectly Healthy, Except

Carolyn led a happy and fulfilled life. She was a stay-at-home mother of three children, and she was free of worry. When the doctors told her her dizziness might be caused by stress, she almost believed them, simply because she couldn’t see any other reason for it. But she wasn’t really stressed, and she was perfectly healthy. Why, then, was she suddenly pre-diabetic?

Alternative Medicine

Carolyn didn’t have much trust in Western medicine when it came to her issue. Doctors not only failed to diagnose her the first time around, but they were also unable to tell her why exactly she was pre-diabetic. So she turned towards traditional Chinese medicine, looking for answers. And her sugar problem was diagnosed within minutes. Then, Carolyn decided to give Western medicine one more try.

A Life With Pills?

Knowing what had caused her pre-diabetic state, Carolyn was now armed with knowledge. However, she still didn’t know how to deal with the problem. She went back to her doctors, who suggested she go on medication, but that seemed like a step too far for Carolyn. She believed there must be a different way of dealing with her state. 

Researching Away

And so Carolyn took matters in her own hands and ventured to learn as much as she could about pre type 2 diabetes. Research took over her life, but it was fruitful. She uncovered that sugar management might be the way forward for her, and so she told her doctors she would go on a strict diet for five months before considering the medications. But that diet was not going to be easy for her.

Going Cold Turkey

Carolyn was so addicted to sugar that she knew the only way to stop was to go cold turkey. Her habits of eating cheesecake for breakfast came to an abrupt halt, and she had to completely revamp her entire diet. Suddenly, Carolyn was sugar-free and on the way to recovery. But back in the day, being sugar-free wasn’t met with much understanding. 

A Sugar-Free Pioneer

These days, most people understand the dangers of excess sugar, and there are specific diets and tailor-made foods catering to people who are following a low-sugar path. However, back when Carolyn was diagnosed, that wasn’t the case. It meant she had to forge her own way in terms of what she ate, often looking crazy to others. But she was as determined as can be. And her diet showed that more than anything.

Carolyn’s Diet

All of a sudden, Carolyn’s diet went from sugary treats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to nutritious meals made up of fish, chicken, and vegetables. She cut out all sugar except for one piece of fruit a day, eaten for its dietary fiber and vitamins. And her life certainly changed because of it. 

The Change In Appearance

Carolyn noticed she began feeling more energized and lively, but that was not the only benefit of her new diet. Whenever she would catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she wouldn’t believe her eyes. She was like a new human. Her eyes, skin, and hair were gorgeous, shiny, and young-looking. That’s when she knew her new lifestyle was a keeper. And she became even more dedicated to it than ever. 

The Alternative 

As time went by, and Carolyn kept feeling better and better, she started looking for new ways of bettering her diet. She knew she had to stick to being sugar-free, but she also wished there was some way she could treat herself every now and then. And it turns out, she could. Natural sweeteners made a fateful appearance in her life, and she never looked back. 


Carolyn was very impressed with how sweeteners could be used for cooking and baking, without compromising on the taste. And so, she decided to start her own pioneering sugar-free company SweetLife. SweetLife today is Australia’s most recognized creator of sugar-free products, and Carolyn is the mastermind behind it all, revered by women and men all over the world for her fit physique, youthful look, and dedication to a healthy diet. 

What Carolyn achieved in her lifetime is an incredible testament to the willpower, inventiveness, and adaptability of humans. She went from slowly but surely ruining her health, to fighting for it with all her might and helping millions of people along the way. Wondrously, SweetLife paved the way for more innovative individuals and companies hoping to better this world through the products they offer.

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