345 Pound Woman Was Bullied Her Entire Life - Now She Looks Hardly Recognizable

Image Credits: YouTube/carly asse

Image Credits: YouTube/carly asse

Sometimes, when the people around throw a look that might speak a thousand taunts and sarcasm, words might fall short to explain the pain that springs from within. And perhaps, this was what Tracy Ryan went through almost her entire life. Weighing around 345 pounds wasn't an easy joke, and Ryan had never asked for such a massive build on her physical statistics. Nevertheless, she was bullied, mocked, and tagged with an over-weight personality symbol ever since she knew the world through her eyes. But that's not how it's going to be for the rest of her life! Now, Tracy Ryan's astounding weight loss story has become an overnight inspiration for people around the world, especially those who've faced similar emotional stress and bullying like her.

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