Wealthiest “Law & Order: SVU” Cast Members

Jul 02, 2020Shilo Maloney

Law & Order: SVU has been a marquee for crime shows for over two decades now. That, for the cast members, means they've deserved and earned a lot of accolades, rewards, and pennies for their labor over the years. Many casts members have come and gone, but many of them have lived out most of their illustrious careers there. The money must be good, and honestly, it is. Check out the most well-paid SVU cast members, some of the numbers may blow your mind too.

Upping The Net-worth

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With a more than trusted fanbase, the Law & Order franchise has the type of longevity we've only seen in The Simpsons. With SVU destined to run for a few more seasons, it means two things. One, it means the viewership is golden. And two, the pay raises for the cast always launches them into a sweet new tax bracket with every passing season. Who are the most well-paid stars the series has, or ever had?


Jamie Gray Hyder: $1 Million

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There's some serious new blood in the crew and on-camera who goes by Katriona Tamin, Jamie Gray Hyder, expertly plays the role of the new detective in the show's 21st season. With credits in acting, voice-acting, and modeling, she's on the way to breaking some serious ground in her career and the bank.

Peter Scanavino: $1 Million

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Dominick Carisi Jr. has taken his Staten Island Italian essence and made a wonderful little career out of it. As the character Carisi, aka Sonny who joined in the show's 16th season, he became the injection of energy in the squad room that reenergized a crime series that never seems to lose its shine. Peter Scanavino's $1 Million worth is generated from key acting gigs in shows such as The Blacklist, The Good Wife, and Deception, amongst others.

Danny Pino: $3 Million

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Danny Pino portrays the hot-headed and hard to work with Detective Nick Amaro from the shows 13th to 16th seasons. Amaro proves himself to be quite the difficult colleague in the unit, with his professional issues deterring him from doing an effective job as a detective. Still, his stint was memorable and led to some interesting character arcs for the actor which justifies his well-earned $3 Million worth

Dean Winters: $5 Million

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The magnetic Dean Winters plays Detective Brian Cassidy on SVU and Benson's former love interest. With a net worth of over $5 Million, he's certainly earning the kind of money in real life that his high-risk and highly intelligent character should definitely be making too. If only Cassidy worked in Hollywood, things could be this for him too.

Kelli Giddish: $8 Million

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Giddish is a Southern-born and bred actress with a talent to go with her effortless Southern charm and intense charisma. Since the show's 13th season, she's been a consistently refreshing regular we've all fallen in love with when she pops up on screen. The $8 Million to her name is more than warranted rewards for her thrilling efforts on the long-running series.

BD Wong: $8 Million

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The actor BD Wong has thespian blood running inside of him. You may know him as White Rose in the flawless cyber-thriller Mr. Robot. But before that, he was Dr. George Huang, SVU's psychologist for various seasons in the show. He has a well-deserved net worth $8 Million, and if you've ever seen his work, somehow, he seems criminally underpaid.

Raul Esparza: $9 Million

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Many characters will come and go when it comes to shows that run as long as SVU. However, very few departures struck fans in the feels than when Raul Esparaza called it in on his role as DA Rafael Barba in the show's 19th season after six glorious years in the role. It's not all bad, with $9 Million to his name, Raul definitely earned every penning playing a priceless character.

Diane Neal: $10 Million

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The wonderful Diane Neal generates a bulk of her net worth from her role in Law & Order: SVU. She always makes her money from a series of consistent appearances on several other TV shows that have sparkled an already glowing career. With $10 Million to her name, it's no wonder she can't turn away from the phenomenal acclaim and bankroll she's earned since she began her tenure on the show.

Dann Florek: $10 Million

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Somebody has to keep the SVU crew in-check from time to time. Nobody was more fitting to play this part than Captain Donald Cragen, who guided the unit in more ways than one. No one comes to mind who could've been more fitting to play said role than Dann Florek. His time to retire came in the show's 15th season. Here's hoping that the Captain earned something close to Dann's $10 Million price tag.

Richard Belzer: $16 Million

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You can count on one hand the characters that had a greater impact on the show's identity and overall quality than unit's self-titled conspiracy nut, John Munch. Richard Belzer played the iconic role and earned the bulk of his $16 Million net worth from a character he was simply born to play. From the show's birth down to its 15th season, he solved cases and stole scenes, and his departure from the show still hasn't sat right with the show's most devoted fans all these years later

Christopher Meloni: $30 Million

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Everyone deserves a partner like Elliot Stabler, who was Benson's partner for roughly 12 years. He was the devoted family man with a slight tempter that made him wonderfully complex and interesting. His actor, Christopher Meloni, sits pretty with $30 Million to his name. There's no reason to believe the wonderful actor doesn't deserve anything less than that.

Ice-T: $40 Million

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Multi-hyphenated and award-nominated Ice-T stands tall on a stack of money, about $40 Million to be exact. The musician and actor stepped into the shoes of Odafin Tutuola, a detective transferred from the narco department to work in SVU. Ice has since been synonymous with the show to viewers who first met him in the 2000s, and to people today who haven't even seen the show, he's just that iconic.

Mariska Hargitay: $50 Million

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A veteran on the show and a veteran in Hollywood. What would SVU be without the name Mariska Hargitay on the iconic credit sequences? She's the show's catalyst, has been since its pilot that has since spun nearly 500 episodes that have her DNA all over them. $50 Million just about does it for her. Well deserved doesn't even come close to defining her service to the series.

The Priceless Cast

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With a collective net worth that leaps over $100 Million, it's safe to say that the incredible cast of SVU, past and present, have certainly made the money they deserved. The show's been commissioned up until season 24, which we just know will get extended in due time. More will come, more will go, but even with all this money to their name, this cast and this show are priceless in the ever-changing television landscape.

With television evolving so frequently, it's a wonder and an achievement that Law & Order: SVU has maintained its position in the ever-changing land of TV. SVU still runs the linear gamut, but that's its charm. It keeps a devoted fan base year after year, and with a few more seasons left in its name, it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon.

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