The Extraordinary Life Of A Giant Teenager

The Extraordinary Life Of A Giant Teenager

Jul 02, 2020Manuela Mitevova

Have you ever wondered what would happen if humanity started growing disproportionately large? Aside from how sci-fi seems to have people of gigantic sizes walking the Earth, it would also be nearly impossible to fit into society as it is, not to mention all the health problems that would accompany such as size. But one boy had to live this nightmare for years.

The Boy Behind The Giant

Broc Brown was born on April 14, 1997, in Jackson, Michigan, and it looked like he would be yet another perfectly healthy and happy child. His parents adored him from day one and were ecstatic to have such a wonderful new addition to their family. But their fate turned when Broc was just five years old. 

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The Growth Spurt

When Broc was approaching the age of five, his mother noticed something strange going on with her child. He seemed to have been growing more than was expected. At first, she didn’t give much thought to this, as she thought it must have been a natural growth spurt, but when Broc wouldn’t stop growing, she became worried.

The First Doctor Check

Broc’s parents very quickly realized that their son’s growth was anything but natural. They immediately took him to the doctor to check what was wrong with Broc’s body, and they left his office with news that crushed their world. Broc was indeed, not as healthy as everyone though. 

The Fateful Diagnosis

When Broc appeared in front of the doctor at age five, he was 5ft 2ins tall. This shocked everyone in the hospital, and not in a good way. Broc was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that affects one in 10,000-14,000 people, and the prospects for him were not very good.

Sotos Syndrome

Broc was diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome, which is a condition caused by a mutation of a single gene. The children affected by Sotos often have distinct facial features, overgrow in childhood, and have behavioral and learning disabilities. But that is not all Sotos Syndrome children, like Broc, have to endure.

The Many Effects Of The Mutation

Aside from the delayed development of mental and movement abilities, and extreme growth, Sotos Syndrome also brings about organ problems. Broc, unfortunately, was affected by that too. He was born with only one kidney and suffered from heart problems. And the single kidney especially posed a big problem for him.

Unending Back Pain

Broc, due to his height and size, as well as his narrowing spinal cord, experienced severe back pain all his life. However, doctors couldn’t prescribe him medication for it. This is because most of them need two kidneys to filter the unwanted contents of the pills properly. If Broc took the medicine for his back pain, he could risk his only kidney failure. But doctors didn’t give Broc much chance anyway.

The Bad Prospects

Knowing the rate of deterioration when it comes to Sotos Syndrome, and seeing just how affected Broc was, the doctors concluded that he would probably never live to be older than a teenager. His growth would simply never stop, and this would be fatal to his body. But then, the family got some good news. 

Living Life To The Fullest

Despite being very affected by Sotos Syndrome, Broc seemed to have been getting on with life just fine. He cared for his loved ones, and he interacted with them well, which is why, after more tests, doctors came out with better news. They told Broc that he could go on to live a normal life. And Broc and his family were over the moon. 

A New Chance

For Broc, hearing these words of encouragement and hope was priceless. He suddenly had a completely new outlook on life, believing he could go on to be whatever he wanted to and to achieve big things. But the doctors warned him of something which he will have to live with forever.

The Pain

Although it might be possible that Broc could live for a long time, everyone knew that his life simply wouldn’t be easy. He would have to deal with the constant pain of many kinds, and Broc was well aware of this. Still, the prospect of living was too good for him, and he was determined to push through no matter what. All the while, he was growing more than ever.

The Giant Teenager

When Broc was in high school, he was more than 7 feet tall. He was officially the world’s tallest teenager below the age of 18. And while that might seem like an honorable award to hold, Broc would exchange it for normalcy in the blink of an eye. But he was not about to stop growing.

Rising Up

Broc could easily grow six inches within one year, but aside from all the health and social problems that implied, it was also tough on his family financially. Naturally, Broc could not fit any of the accessible clothes sizes, and neither could he have regular furniture in his room. And the extra expenses to the family were pretty staggering.

Paying For The Height

Brock’s clothes and shoes, ever since he was a child, had to be specially made for him. His huge size meant his parents had to pay a premium for custom-made clothes, and he needed a lot of them. But he would grow out of the new clothes and shoes faster than he could wear them twice. And that was not even the biggest expense.

Furniture To Measure

Broc was as tall as can be, and no bed would ever fit him comfortably. This meant that his parents had to get his bed made specifically for his height. It ended up measuring 8 feet, and they sincerely hoped he would not outgrow it. Similarly, chairs for Broc to sit in had to be custom designed. But despite all the trouble, Broc’s parents could love their son more. 

Broc’s life might have been a difficult ordeal for him and his family, but they couldn’t have been more hopeful about a long future with him. Where there is parental love, no obstacle is big enough, and Broc’s family was perfect proof of that. Being happy is not about the size of the bodies, but about the size of the hearts.