Story of a Dog Who Never Slept at Night

Jul 03, 2020Rita Kumar

Have you come across this saying—"Every dog has its day"? Perhaps, putting it the other way round—"Every dog has a story." Especially the one that's adopted from a shelter. And sometimes, an adopted dog's behavior might not sit well with the new owners. Nevertheless, it could be an outcome of something heartbreaking that happened in the poor canine's life. When this man adopted a Golden Retriever from an animal shelter, he didn't know that the dog would teach him how sensitive animals can be.

Dogs—The Only Beings Who Love You No Matter What

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If there's one being on earth whom you can trust blindly, he is undoubtedly a dog. These furry beings are nothing less than angelic companions, and they expect nothing but love from you. In return, they pour out all their unconditional love to you. But why are they abandoned? Is it because their owners can't afford a bowl of food for them? Or are there any other reasons so personal that these unconditionally loving beings are just set aside far from the family? Maybe this Golden guy in this heart-drenching story has a tale to tell.

It all Started Here, in this Animal Shelter

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This animal shelter was quite famous because it had all sorts of dogs—the one picked from the streets, ones that were given out by their owners, and abandoned ones. And each time someone came by to adopt one of them, each of their eyes would fill with eagerness whether they would find a home at last. Perhaps, this is what happens in most of the animal shelters. And there was this Golden Retriever—a calm being who looked at everyone who came by to see if he was taken out next. Perhaps, he was right this time around.

Someone Likes Him

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When a couple knocked by the animal shelter, they couldn't resist the cuteness spread around from one of the cages. And all that charm they witnessed came from a Golden Retriever, who threw a calm look at them. Eventually, they decided that he was the one. In a few minutes, they knew that his name would be Jack and happily adopted their furry mate. Perhaps, there was nothing that could stop them from taking him home that day. But little did they know that it was the beginning of a strange story.

Happiness Blooms in Jack's Life

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Jack was a happy canine in his new home. Moreover, he was a perfect fit, and the family loved him right from day one. In return for his new owners' love, Jack showed them all his affection and happiness, and they meant the world to him ever since he moved out of the shelter with them. Nevertheless, Jack had a strange behavior as the night closed in on them. And it was shockingly bizarre and unexplainable.

His Activities at Night were Quite Unnerving

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All animals in this world, including dogs, carry some unusual traits with them. It could be anything from eating habits to temper, or even strange behavior. And Jack was one of a kind that made him an impeccable fit in this category. When his first night in his new home arrived, Jack refused to go to his pet bed. Instead, he stood by and watched his owner with big beany eyes. It was strange.

Nothing Was Explainable 

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Not a single night escaped Jack's weird behavior. Moreover, the family felt a bit startled with his eerie stares. If Jack or any other dog had a communicable language to tell his heart out, perhaps, the family wouldn't have hated the situation to such an extent. Like any other being of his kind, Jack continued staring at his owners every night and refused to sleep on his pet bed.

Jack Continued with His Mysterious Stares

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Jack's strange behavior continued every night. While he was normal and happy during the day, he would continue to do the same throughout the night. Or at least until his owner slept. But the couple wasn't able to take this anymore. It was kind of troublesome, and they couldn't figure out why Jack behaved so strangely. Eventually, they barricaded their bedroom entrance with a childproof door to prevent him from entering their room. But nothing stopped Jack from staring at them.

Nights Turned Into Nightmares

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Either standing or sitting there all night long, Jack never seemed to be troublesome either. Unlike other dogs, he didn't whine or make noises for untimely snacks or walks. He didn't want to play with them either. Throughout the night, he just stared at his owner without diverting his paws to his pet bed. His strange behavior at night got his owners worried.

His Owners Try Everything Possible to Help Him

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Finally, the couple decided to find out the mystery behind Jack's unruly behavior at night. In the turn of events, they fixed hidden cameras to monitor what was going on with him when they were asleep. The tapes revealed that Jack would sleep for a few minutes and again stare at his owners. His eerie stares were cast upon his owners every night, and the mystery had a missing piece to the bigger picture. The next morning, the couple decided to try their luck with a different approach.

Nothing Seemed to Work, and Jack Continued with His Eerie Routine at Night

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From changing his food to spending more time with him, the couple tried their best to help Jack play more and rest peacefully at night. But all their efforts were spilled in running water. Despite being very active during the day, Jack would stay awake all night and stare at his owners. Soon, they decided to take the next ultimate step.

He is Rushed to the Vet

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Jack was immediately taken to the vet the next day. But upon thorough examination, the vet confirmed that he had nothing worrisome that tampered his health. Was this night-stalking habit the reason why he was left at the dog pound? And that was the moment when the couple decided to dig in the answers they needed from the staff at the shelter from where they adopted Jack.

A Heartbreaking News Awaits Them in the Dog Pound

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Without sparing a second to the clock, the couple rushed to the animal shelter. They knew that they would get all the answers they needed from there. Perhaps, they were right. But neither of them knew that they would be drenched by a story that would break their heart and make them cry. Before this couple adopted Jack, he was sadly abandoned by his previous owner, who had no time to say goodbye to his loving pooch.

Jack was Abandoned 

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When the previous owners were expecting a baby, they decided that Jack wouldn't fit well in their plans. And their cruel decision of moving Jack to the animal shelter while he was asleep didn't go well with the pooch who woke up in a place, caged with other unknown dogs. They did this to save him and themselves from heartbreak, but it was the worst and cruel decision ever.

Jack Didn't Want Any of This Again

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From that day, Jack yearned to see his owners again. He never knew what his fault was that they left him without a goodbye. He was shattered from within, and after his new owners adopted him, he found true love and enjoyed his new life with them. But he couldn't be sure whether they would abandon him while he was asleep just like his previous owners. To make sure that he never faced such a heartbreaking situation again, Jack would watch over his owners the whole night.

His Life Takes a Turn from There

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After learning Jack's heartbreaking story, the couple decided on something that would make their canine comfortable. And to win his trust that they would never abandon him, they removed the makeshift door and moved his pet bed into their bedroom. Though Jack initially found it a bit uncomfortable, he got used to his new bedtime routines and loved accompanying his owners during their slumber.

Jack is Happy and He Trusts His New Family a Lot More Now

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Soon, Jack realized that his owners love him unconditionally and would never repeat the same mistake as his previous owners. His bond with the family grew stronger each day, and they loved being together all the time. And nowadays, Jack never stalks his owners with eerie stares, and he enjoys his share of peaceful nights beside their bed.

Jack's story is a great example that brings out the pain of other such dogs abandoned on the road, in pet shelters and unknown places. Why would anyone do that anyway? When a dog pours out all his love on his owners, waits for them every time they go out, and risks his life to protect them, why would anyone consider their canine a burden and leave them stray on their own? If you have a dog in your house, please know something—he loves you unconditionally and expects nothing from you other than your happiness and affection. Let us know what you think about Jack's story in our comments section!

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