Celebrities Who Do Not Meet Hollywood Beauty Standards

Jul 21, 2020Shilo Maloney

We all know that Hollywood has a particular beauty standard when it comes to the famous faces that form part of the glitzy underworld. From Margot Robbie, Zendaya, and Chris Hemsworth, there's a particular flawless look that the industry guns for that just works with the standards. You'd be right to assume that these standards are the only norm accepted in Hollywood. But if you take a step back, you'll notice that there's a shift happening that is cultivating the image of Hollywood in all the right ways possible. 

The Celebrity Standard

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Yes, there are particular standards, and if you're blonde and beautiful, chances are, your big break in Hollywood is coming. But, there are exceptional exceptions taking shape. Others haven't conformed to fit the common standards expected from the world. They proved their individuality and beauty. They proved you don't have to be either tall, skinny, or look a certain way to be seen as gorgeous, and some of them have consistently proved that there's no limit or standard to the concept of beauty.


The Boundaries of Beauty

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with being beautiful in Hollywood, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with seeing a need to change for the sake of looking the way that you want. Every single person must be able to identify with different standards of beauty, and it's equally important for Hollywood (the place that creates many of the rules) to embrace those changes so that there's more than one kind of face and body that people should consider as desirable. 

In The Eye of the Beholder

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There are natural beauties like Rihanna, who may have been noticed for how gorgeous they are and made their careers through their talents. And there are, of course, others who have spent fortunes to look a certain way, and have done so perfectly. There is no finite description of the concept of beauty.

Diversity In Beauty

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In an era where the world has so many different faces to idolize and obsess over, there's a serious need for the faces of acceptable beauty to develop and change. This concept is a necessity as people have become more and more conscious of how they look and how they don't look in the face of social media and the pressures that come with it. Thankfully, there are famous idols that are helping change several perspectives.

Diverse Definitions of Beauty

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Not every single person is born with cut jawlines and slim perfect faces. And not everyone has the necessary height genes and crystal blue eyes that have made Hollywood look like a dreamland. There are now, more than ever, a sea of different faces and figures that people can look at that proves that there is a multitude of versions of beauty that the world can look at and aspire to.

Tina Fey

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The glorious Tina Fey has consistently worked her way through Hollywood behind and in front of the camera to Emmy-winning effect. Since then, she has constantly poked fun at her uncommon beauty that doesn't meet any of the common standards. But, irrespective, Fey has managed to create her own standard the same way she's managed to change the rule of comedy through her once-in-a-generation comedic gifts that have led her to success for the last two decades.


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Pop sensation Lizzo broke out of nowhere and became a breath of musical and celebrity fresh air who openly repelled the image expectations that many wanted to force on her. From interviews to her music, she championed looking different and being completely confident in who she was despite the popular opinion that tried to detract her.

Winnie Harlow 

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Winnie Harlow's impact on the fashion and beauty world will never go unsung. Even with her condition of vitiligo, she didn't allow that to stop her from her dream of being a fashion model. She has appeared on magazines, billboards, and several fashion and beauty campaigns where she's been the ground-breaking face of change in an industry that desperately needed it.

Billy Porter

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If you hadn't seen Billy Porter's glorious red carpet look at the 2019 Oscars, you're welcome. This was one of many scene-stealing looks that the Emmy winner has appeared in that completely redefined fashion and the norms that came with it. Porter, a multi-hyphenate phenom, will no doubt continue his crusade for change in perspective and standards, and the world will be watching him every fearless step of the way.

Lady Gaga

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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, has built a career out of breaking the boundaries and welcoming aesthetics, and challenging standards of beauty, at every turn. Gaga broke out in the late 2000s and redefined a generation that might've been fearful or too stagnant with the state of the world, fashion, and acceptable beauty at the time. She managed to top charts and collect more trophies than we can count, while never missing a chance to make every one of her 'little monsters' embrace the change inside of them and bring it forward without pause.

Amy Schumer

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The consistently comical Amy Schumer has also built her brand of comedy based on her separation from what the world considers beautiful and what she feels is beautiful about herself and other women. From the movies she's penned and the stand-ups she's performed, she has always encouraged her fans and viewers to pursue a different look at beauty, which starts inside before anywhere else.

Billie Eilish

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Eilish has taken bold strides to her fashion and beauty that avoid the cliched looks that were so popular when other sensations her age broke out in the pop scene. With baggy clothes and toned down makeup that she unintentionally turned into her brand, she's managed to make young girls not have to dress a certain way to show off their essence or follow the status quo. This proves how essential the young artist's music and presence are.

Laverne Cox

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Orange Is The New Black didn't just raise the bar for the quality and binge culture for Netflix, but it changed the concept of diversity and representation in its endless and flawless woman cast. One of the cast members was Laverne Cox, a breakout transgender woman who subsequently used her platform and place to provide a much-needed voice and face for transgender people in Hollywood. She normalized how Hollywood saw not just transgender people, but the entire LBGTQI+ community that has since sought out much-needed representation that it is gradually receiving on-screen.

Mindy Kaling

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Mindy Kaling, much like Amy Schumer, has consistently championed the notion of women embracing the inner beauty before looking for approval from the demands of the outside. The impeccable and always entertaining actress-writer-producer has always encouraged people to consistently find confidence within themselves while also embracing their individuality. Her words of inspiration have rung chorus for so many young women, proving that her impact stretches beyond the writer's room, and has a tangible impact in the world outside of it.


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Adele Adkins, the global sensation, has done so much in music and pop culture, we almost forget that she broke onto the scene with her talent and didn't bother to conform to the pop-singer model, rather choosing to be her own phenomenal woman. She may have lost weight now, but long before that, Adele was always a new standard of beauty that proved you didn't have to look a certain way in order to be a massive music star. It was all in her voice and her stunning persona.

The standards of beauty are finding so many different voices and so many different faces that it's truly encouraging and welcoming. This is very necessary, in our opinion, as there's positivity in people with different skin, sizes, and genders being seen as beautiful in today's world.

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