Animal Moms Who Show What Parenting Is All About

Jul 30, 2020Rita Kumar

If you but knew—animals are the true parenting heroes! For instance, an elephant's pregnancy can last for almost two years. And after she welcomes the baby elephant, the mommy spends over two years breastfeeding and nurturing her baby. Perhaps, almost all the animals do just the same. These adorable pictures of animals clearly prove that maternity and parenting are not exclusively human concepts!

Mom Sleeps With Eyes Wide Open

Becoming a parent is an unexplainable burst of excitement, and moms might understand that better! This mommy hedgehog might be enjoying her nap in the lush green grass, but is it even possible with eyes wide open?! Her two babies have made their mom master the art of sleeping without closing those sleepy eyes!

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I'm Done!

"Help me, please!"—might be what this cat seemingly felt when she looked a the camera. But her life isn't bad, after all. She is a happily married family cat who is blessed with two pairs of twins—perhaps, what more could she ask for than this?! But from our perspective, it's as though she's done with life after he kids mob her every time she's around!

No Time To Take a Nap

There might be hardly any reason to take some time off from the daily parenting errands with kids in the house. When parental balancing demands a bit from the mom's time, then this might be the ultimate result! It looks like the baby elephant here couldn't stop playing with the ball while his mom is almost waiting for a quick nap break!

Double Trouble!

It's always fun when kids slip into their blanket and say their goodnight without much trouble! But what if they expect to cuddle on their mom's back all the time?! Well, this is precisely the daily situation this ring-tailed mommy lemur has to put up with her double-trouble! Perhaps, it looks like she doesn't mind a bit as long as they leave her to nap peacefully! 

Nothing, Just Faking My Smile!

Motherhood changes it all—including the once aggressive and tomboyish women! Maybe this Rottweiler mommy is a befitting example of how her marital life arrested her focus on her two little munchkins! With so much responsibility around, guess there is hardly any time for bossing around with other folks!

Dad To The Rescue

When the mom is away, it's undoubtedly the dad's duty to share some of her duties and the burden! But here, the tale is quite different. Guess the mom cat didn't inform dad that he has some extra duty than just babysitting! Though he looks aggressive, he has no choice rather than putting up with some kitty trouble in the sink. Doesn't he look as though he's eagerly waiting for the mom to arrive soon so that he can escape from his naughty kids?!

How I Wish I Remained Single!

Having a small bundle of joy wrapped in the arms brings some abundant bliss to moms. But in some cases, they might appear to hate the point of life where they have reached after a baby comes in the picture! However, Charlie, the howler monkey is a proud mommy of not one, but two babies, Louie and Riley! However, her gaze at the camera gives humorous signs of how she prefers being single to her marital state!

Mom Hen On Duty

Whether it's indoors or outdoors, moms always pack some extra responsibilities when kids are around. Not to forget a rainy day where the mom gets wet but sheaths every inch of her kid in the umbrella! The hen mommy here is ideally of the same parental genes. It looks like she missed the weather forecast and got caught out on a rainy day! Yet, she made sure that her chicks stayed warm and safe while she enjoyed getting soaked!

Sigh...! The Side Effects of Having Children!

It could've been a long day at work, and when moms come home, they are always welcomed by their little DNAs! But when it comes to nightshift workers, aka the nocturnal lemur here, the tale is entirely off the edge! Perhaps, she stayed up all night arranging the best meal for her kids, but sadly, she never gets to make it for a peaceful slumber when her little boy is using her for a couch! That's pretty sad, mommy, but don't worry, he'll grow up soon!

A Reason to Cuddle

There's no harm in taking some time off after a hectic babysitting schedule. Perhaps, this is what most of us do after tending to our little ones. Shedding the focus on the mom-son duo here, it looks like mommy sea lion did manage to get some time off to herself! However, she has made sure that the little fellow doesn't slip off while she's fast asleep. For this, she has beautifully used him as a baby pillow!

Mom is Utterly Tired Now! 

Parenting comes with a bit of awareness from all sides, especially when you know your kid is sleeping, you got to just make sure on that one! Sometimes, kids might pretend to fall asleep until their parents snore off and quietly sneak away, doing their things. The mom rat here seemingly mistook her son's dramatic slumber, and in the bargain, she is enjoying her nap. Hopefully, she wakes up before the little guy vanishes into some mischief!

The Idea Behind Co-Parenting

Sometimes, it's always nice to see both the parents babysit their kids together! Doesn't it give us the "Aaaaah, the joy of parenting" kind of a feeling?! Maybe that’s precisely the case with this little cat family here. It looks like daddy cat can't lead a minute without his Mrs. and their little troop! At this range, the kitties might enjoy all the love, fun, and warmth from both their elders!

This is What Happens When I'm Away For a While

A kid in the house is all reasons for staying alert and cautious, especially when you're not around. From locking the cupboards to closing the bathroom doors, parents might find uneasy ways to stay worried till the very minute they reach home. Yet, some of us are always home to a fluff of flying cotton and toppled bookshelf! Maybe the mother orangutan should've been a bit alert on what her son might end up with while she was away!

Oh Boy! Can't I Go Out For a Walk?

The joy of parenting might sometimes get ceiled with just one kid. But that doesn't stop moms from their daily duties. No, not even a bit! Perhaps, a single baby around packs some huge responsibilities and hours of babysitting. That's something that impeccably underlines this feline momma's life. She has one son who means the world to her, yet, she can't find a reason to go out for a walk with her friends!

Unique Perspectives

The life of a mother changes the moment she has a little one by her side. Perhaps, every bit of this is true owing to motherhood and parenting. But what about seeing the world through an out of the world perspective? Well, mommy sloth here never minds carrying her kid, but from her expressions, it looks like she can't wait for him to grow up and hang around on his own!

Guess it's quite clear that animals are not a dot away from teaching us what parenting is all about! Though nothing matches motherhood in the animal and the human world, the emotions, love, and care are all the same and unconditional. Do you have a pet that has babies? If yes, tell us how you perceive parenting through your pet?!

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