Woman Is Shocked When She Sees This Young Girl In Her Daughter's Dance Class

Aug 11, 2020Rita Kumar

Mothers always find a reason to admire their children being themselves. Likewise, this mother had been watching her daughter rehearse her dance when suddenly, the young girl walked to her mother with an expression she hadn't seen in years. Though the ambiance filled with noise and laughter, a certain incident spooked the mother, who didn't have the courage and strength to pinch herself to reality.

The Unpredictable Situation

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Gina Crotts, a happy mother like other women, felt blessed when her children completed her life. Perhaps, motherhood is the best thing that could happen to any woman, and Gina fell under the same category. But that day, while she was busy watching her daughter, Evie, practice her ballet, she noticed something strange on her teen daughter's face. Evie's expressions weren't anything that Gina had read in years. But when she turned to what her daughter pointed...

Something Gina Hadn't Seen In Years

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A writer who loves to pen her heart with words, Gina hails from Saratoga Springs, Utah. A proud mom of three—two boys and a girl—Gina knew that her life concluded with the joy in her children's eyes. They meant the world to her. However, the 38-year-old mom couldn't figure out how to come out from her past that shadowed her through the ages. She knew that the decision she took years ago wasn't anything ordinary, and the very thought of it fogged her with broken and dark memories. The story flashes back to the ballet class, and that day...

Hounded By Clueless Expressions

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Gina couldn't put a finger to Evie's strange expressions. She asked her daughter what the matter was, and that's when Evie pointed at the floor-length window behind them. A girl was standing there—throwing her eyes at the mother-daughter duo. At first, Gina couldn't believe what she was seeing. But soon, her lost emotions pictured back into her memories, and stood right before her eyes.

A Shattered Past Takes Shape

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Having married Brandon, Gina couldn't have asked for better than a happily married life and, of course, her three children. Life was at its best, yet, there was something that occupied the mom, giving her a glimpse of her bitter past. Till now, Gina never knew whether what she did back then was right or wrong, but she wasn't left with a choice. However, Gina was now ready to face it last, and the bitter truth took shape through a girl. Her name was Kalyn.

Pushing Down The Guilt

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This was a tough decision Gina had to take almost 18 years ago. There was nothing she could do than live with the harsh reality through the years that followed. She knew that she was hitting hard at the wrong thing, yet, Gina was forced to give up on her happiness to pave the way for a better life. You know, sometimes, pushing down the guilt and keeping the scale of regrets to zero is quite hard. Gina now knew that she couldn't silence her dark past forever.

The Decision That Shook Gina

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It happened before two decades when Gina was just 19. She couldn't have imagined what went through her when she saw the double lines on the pregnancy test kit. Perhaps, this would've been a tough situation to put up with after facing the bitter truth in her hands. Despite praying her heart out for a negative result, the kit showed nothing but positive. The ugly truth flashed the teenager's mind, and it was the moment she realized what her future would be like. She had no choice but to leave her past behind her. And that's when she came up with the most significant decision of her life.

Putting The Past Behind

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Though courage sprung from all corners, Gina knew that she had to do it. It was such a strange thing to happen to her, yet, she braved herself against all the odds and the harsh side of her reality. "I'm fine. I'll be OK. I can do this." were the mantras Gina repeated in her helpless mind back then. She decided to carry her pregnancy but put the baby for adoption as soon as she arrived. It was an emotional struggle apart from the physical reality of a little innocent life growing inside Gina each day for the next nine months. She wasn't sure whether she made the right call.

In Her Arms For One Last Time

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After spending a night with her mother, Gina, and her grandparents, the baby girl was placed for adoption the next day. Gina penned a poem, "My Little Butterfly" for her baby girl. It cast light on her broken emotions and the biggest sacrifice she made. The little girl was later adopted by a loving couple, which made Gina feel confident about her decision. Having moved on in her life, Gina then met Brandon and started a new life with him. But she never expected to stumble upon her past once again.

When Gina's Past Came Crashing Into Her Present

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Her eyes were filled with tears while Gina broke out from her memories. She stood there, silent and motionless, looking at the girl who did the same from the window. It was Kalyn—the baby girl Gina had given for adoption years back. She was now all grown and ready to embrace harsh realities that led her mother to put up with the bitter decision. But the strangest part was, Evie was able to recognize each bit of this situation, including her elder sister. How was this even possible?

Gina Braves Herself To Face It Again

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Evie was 13 when all this happened on that day at the ballet class. When Gina locked eyes with Kalyn's, the two recognized each other without having to speak or share anything other than their intense gaze. Gina saw Kayln some 17 years ago when she was just a day old. At first, Gina was confused. She didn't want to walk to Kalyn, to see her walking away without a word. After a few minutes of gathering all the courage she could. Gina took a deep breath and head outside.

The Reunion That Made Their Hearts Light

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She hoped that Kalyn didn't disappear from the spot. It was not a day or two—it was 17 long years since this mother faced her daughter. "Are you happy?" was the first set of a few words Gina threw at young Kalyn. "Yes," came the reply from the happy daughter, and the two hugged immediately after the brief conversation. The air gushed with laughter, warmth, and smiles—something Gina had missed for 17 years ever since she handed over Kalyn to her adoptive parents. Amidst all this, there's this question of how Evie was able to recognize Kalyn?

Gina's Wise Decision Paves The Way For Unsurpassed Joy

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The truth was, the adoptive parents would send Gina letters and Kalyn's photographs to keep her updated about her daughter. Moreover, Gina stuck to her point that her three children needed to know that they have an elder sister. As a matter of fact, Evie had Kalyn's photograph in her room! Perhaps, Gina decided on the right thing about not having the matter of her first daughter a secret.

Understanding Grew Deeper Than Questions

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Though Kalyn stood by her adoptive parents' side and perspectives, she still respected Gina and how she loved her from a distance for the past 17 years. Now a high school senior, it was quite easy for Kalyn to picture what went through her mother for having taken that decision back then. On the other hand, Gina was happy to learn that her teenage daughter had no resentment toward her.

The 'Happily Ever After' Moment

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The dream of their reunion didn't stay behind closed eyes anymore! Now, Gina, Kalyn, and her three half-siblings share a beautiful bond that needed null explanations about what urged the mother to give up on her newborn years back. Gina's emotional side on how she felt right from day one of her biggest decision is all penned in her book, "A Seemingly Unfillable Heart."

We're happy to know that Gina's life is now complete with zero regrets and heartbreak. With nothing to worry about, including her dark past, Gina is en route to living life to the fullest with her family, including her eldest daughter, Kalyn—how cool is that! Well, what do you think about the mother-daughter reunion? Please share your comments with us, and don't forget to click the share button!

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