Clothing Tips That Help Celebrities Look Stunning!

Aug 18, 2020Thato

You and celebrities may be worlds apart, but you both have your little insecurities. Nobody is gifted with a perfect body. At least not most of us. But, celebrities have figured out their way to look awesome nevertheless. They can be seen flaunting their classic looks, be it a public event or something as mundane as airports. Stylists or no stylists, there are at their best all the time. So, here we are to learn from the stars. We have packed several clothing tips that help celebrities look stunning. We have covered all the body types and the clothing hacks that can help you overcome your insecurities. So, let's start uncovering the secrets of their style.

Angelina Jolie

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/M Autrey

Angelina Jolie is a style icon and one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. She manages to look fabulous every time she is in public. Most of us have never noticed that she beautifully covers her broad shoulders and narrow hips, which is why she is the queen of style. How does she manage it? Well, simply go for fluffy skirts, or oversized jackets, large accessories at the chest level. And voila! Look your best.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Image Credits: Instagram/sarahjessicaparker

Sarah Jessica Parker is THE style icon of Hollywood. However, even she has her little flaws. Yes, she tries to improve her bust-shape. But she takes it healthy. Instead of adopting notorious plastic surgeries that so many go for, she stays confident and has some style hacks. So what's her style hack? That's simple, go for V-Necks, frills, ruffles, and solid bright colors, or large prints. That sounds simple, but these hacks go a long way in making you look flawless and classy all the time.

Reese Witherspoon

Image Credits: Instagram/reesewitherspoon

The ever-gorgeous Reese Witherspoon always looks chic and classy. And she carries herself pretty nicely. But do you know that she is just 5'1'' tall? Well, you must be thinking this hack is easy. It is as simple as wearing significant heels. But no, she knows more than that. So, how does she do it, and what can we short girls learn from her? Well, high heels are a big help. But accentuate your pumps with a knee-length dress. An added tip to this is that the platform under the toe should remain hidden. So, this is how she cracks that perfect look every time.

Victoria Beckham

Image Credits: Instagram/victoriabeckham

Victoria Beckham looks classy whenever you see her. Be it at a casual outing or a public event. She knows how to crack that perfect look. Being a style icon, she has a few style secrets of her own. Victoria Beckham has a slight physique. But have you ever noticed that in any of her pictures? Probably not. So, let's see how does she crack that look and how can we too? So, wear loose pants, fitted coats, or fluffy silk blouses. And use her knowledge of style and look just perfect anywhere anytime.

Keira Knightley

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/GabboT

Keira Knightley is beautiful, but do you know she has a longer upper body and shorter legs? Maybe no. Because she has some excellent tips for clothing up her sleeves, with their help, she looks incredible every time; stylists or no stylists. So, what's her secret? She breaks the silhouette of her body and flaunts pencil skirts. She mostly wears high-waisted dresses. And well, now you can do that too and flaunt a perfect body.

Meghan Markle

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Genevieve

You may or may not be knowing that she has a rectangular body. But she very impressively creates an hourglass effect with her clothing secrets. Let's find out what her secret is. So, what she does is, she highlights her waist with accessories or wide belts. And she wears pencil skirts that bring out her hip curves beautifully. Easy, isn't it?

Vanessa Hudgens

Image Credits: Instagram/vanessahudgens

Have you ever noticed that Vanessa Hudgens has a short neck? Most of us never have. So, we never noticed that because she highlights her neck with long chains, earrings, or chunky necklaces. That's what we, too, can do!

Tilda Swinton

Image Credits: Twitter/Chanel

Tilda Swinton is known for her unique style. But do you know that she has a foot size of US8? Well, that flaw is rarely noticed! So, her style hack behind that trick is that she uses the legendary Coco Chanel shoes. These shoes are two-toned. Also, you can wear shoes with a rounded toe. This will also help your foot look smaller.

Kate Winslet

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/GabboT

Kate Winslet evergreen beauty. But even she has some flaws today. She hides a few extra inches by emphasizing her best advantages and distracting attention from her faults. How she does it is, well, she has many tricks. Like wearing a bright print or a low neckline. Further a belt, an asymmetrical cut or thick fabrics. All help to give you an 'in-shape' look. Choose the tips that suit you the best.

Britney Spears

Image Credits: Instagram/britneyspears

The diva. Britney Spears is always in style. But whatever she wears, have you ever noticed that she has the 'apple' figure. She has a bigger waist. But that does not come to see. Does it? Well, you can do that too! The secrets she has been, she goes for a higher waist or an A-Line Dress or a wrap dress. These dresses steal the show from the lower body and highlight the upper body. This simple hack distracts attention from your flaws and draws it to your advantages.

Liv Tyler

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Joella Marano

Beautiful, isn't she? Liv Tyler carries herself well. And her extended height does not get noticed at all. A significant height doesn't always mean only long legs. But it can also bring with it broad shoulders. So what does she do? Well, the broad shoulders can be easily handled by V-necks. Both at the front and the back. While wearing short pants or high-waisted jeans are your best bet. You can also experiment with skirts. But that too, not too short.

Nicki Minaj

Image Credits: Instagram/nickiminaj

Nicki Minaj, the singer, don't you think she is just perfect with her style? But, how many of you have felt that she is full-figured? She was the one that brought the revolution in style for full-figured women. Earlier, black was the only color in their lives. She makes a style statement through her dressing. So, how does she manage that? And how can we too? She recommends that do not go for patterns or animal prints: simple, bold, solid colors, and oversized silhouettes. Also, elements like fringes, bows, etc. are a no-no. And accessorizing anything with a belt is impressive.


Image Credits: Instagram/badgalriri

The singer has good hips and narrow shoulders. Well, this is not exactly a flaw. Many of us want that kind of body. But, there are two ways to dress that kind of shape. The first is to bring to focus on the differences in the body. And the other is a more subtle way. Rihanna goes for the second. She dresses in an A-Line dress, with vertical lines in a gradient, and skirts widen from the waist. Quite similar to the white dress of Marilyn Monroe.

Camryn Manheim

Image Credits: Instagram/camrynmanheim

She is cute and beautiful. But, like many women, she also has the so-called 'batwings.' Yes, they are a problem that comes to many of us with age. But like everything, there is a solution to it. And we can look up to her for it. How does she do it? She wears a top with billowy sleeves. The beauty is that these sleeves extend till the mid-arm and bare your wrists, which are the slimmest part of your arm. Also, capes are a great solution, as well.

Jessica Simpson

Image Credits: Instagram/jessicasimpson

When we talked about all the flaws girls face. One major problem is the heavy bustline. Jessica Simpson happens to be one of those who have one. But she manages to look stylish even in that. So, how does she manage to do so? Easy, she pairs a cami with a blazer combo—a perfect strategy and quite easy to follow.

So, we guess, many of you must have found solutions to your clothing problems. Be it plus-sized or petite, tall or short, or any other body type. It took us quite some time to find out all the body types and study them for you. But we hope we did justice. Lastly, we would like to say that we are all unique, and we are beautiful in our way. And what we love is dressing. So, shop and dress according to your wishes and express your personality to look fantastic and stylish as you are.

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