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Aug 28, 2020Peter File

Always look on the bright side of life - afraid of flying? No worries, just look around you and you can always find something to cheer you up, even if your neighbor is snoring all the way through his 20-hour flight. Here's something to remind that flying can be fun... sometimes. 

The bird is the Word


"Bird bird bird, bird is the word..." okay, now the song will probably be stuck in your head for quite some time... thank us later. It is surely a fascinating yet harrowing sight to see that many birds boarding the same plane as you did. However, judging from the environment, it is likely that a group just came back from their hunting trip. Well, the good news is that they probably won't snore.

How NOT to Use a Mask 


This is fun and educating at the same time - this is exactly how you should not wear a mask. Seriously, this is not a sleeping mask, it's a surgical mask, and it is of utmost importance to do properly amidst the situation we have now. Need a sleeping mask? Maybe ask the flight attendant? 

Well Prepared 


According to Redditor HangukFrench, who posted the picture, "A friend took a plane for China (from France) this week. Some of the passengers came prepared." Well, safety first, right? We do wonder how this person managed to go through airport security, though. 

A Selfie


Here is a man taking a selfie by himself before he boards the plane... just kidding, you know the joke. Is this picture funny? Maybe not. But is this awesome? Definitely! Hey, it's John Cena, after all! It's not every day you manage to capture the elusive WWE superstar. Good job, Redditor Lohr700

Cosmo and Wanda


This is a rare sighting of Cosmo and Wanda in the wild... okay, maybe not as rare as seeing John Cena, but still. Apparently, it's a thing on the internet, to the point that they actually have a dedicated subreddit for it. And yea, finding ordinary items that resemble Cosmo and Wanda is apparently a meme... what a time to be alive. 

Good Manner 


This photo is probably staged as you can tell, but still a good message nonetheless - seriously, stand up only when the flight attendants/ captains tell you to - just the plane landed doesn't mean you can get off the plane right away, a moving plane on the ground can still pose certain safety risks. Just be a good passenger and follow the protocols. 

Who's a Good Boy???????


Dogs aren't always funny.. true. But they are awesome, so we will leave it here anyway. Moreover, how often do you see a doggo on a plane? And sitting right in front of you and taking a peek back at you at the same time? We just have to leave it here to cheer up your day. 

Scared Doggo 


While, as we said, it's not that common to see dogs boarding a plane with us... so they probably have every right to be scared. Like this doggo here - however, we are sure everything was fine, as he/she would grow to enjoy the plane ride, or at least the vacation would make up for it. Also, extra points for the owner, for his authentic three-striped Adidas outfit. 

Just Stretching 


We know we know...during a long flight we do want to stretch our legs once in a while, for a little bit at least - it's good for the blood circulation anyway. However, what should you do if you have limited space? Well, apparently someone flexible enough came up with a solution. 

What Kind of Sign is That?


The sign itself is pretty clear, written in both Chinese and English... however, what's with the green guy? What were they trying to convey here? It looks like the green dude is trying to box the red dude...? What's going on here? We are not sure which is worse, having a fever on the plane, or having someone who's trying to box you there. 

Expert Salad Tosser


It is a funny picture (tank top) nonetheless, just that it happens to be taken on the plane, therefore made its way to this article. What does that even mean, though? Did something just decided to print something on a tank top but couldn't make up their mind? And decided that the best way to go about it is to print whatever words that came up? 

When's the Plane Leaving Again?

Image Credits: Reddit/luckytopher

You would think that airplanes have a strict schedule, and they work by the minutes (despite the frequent delay) - apparently, it wasn't the case with Southwest Airlines, or perhaps with people with Austin... What time is it anyway? Now'ish? How many more minutes? So when it's delayed, it would become later-ish? 

When Pigs Fly


Nothing is impossible - when you put in enough belief and effort, everything is possible—inspiring, right? In case you don't understand the reference to this photo - it's a Simpsons reference, which in turn is a reference/ parody of an old saying. "It's just a little airborne. It's still good. It's still good."

Bad Luck 


According to Redditor Gvanantham, who uploaded this picture, "Paid 125 for window seat." Well... sounds like really bad luck, considering sometimes it isn't cheap to have a window upgrade, thinking you can admire the view while hovering above the breathtaking sceneries below... that really sucks, to be honest. 

Should've Thought it Through


Redditor SucculentGravy, who uploaded the picture, talked of the picture itself. "My local airport added a new display to mimic the inside of a plane. They chose an underwater scene as the background. How reassuring..." Yea... how reassuring... whose idea is it to put underwater scene outside the plane window? Superbad superstitions here. 

Here are some of the funny scenes captured on airplanes (or airports sometimes.) Which one is your favorite? Did you see anything interesting on your flights? If this brightened up your day, why not share it with some friends and family? 

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