These Pics Prove The Incredible Power Of Genetics

Nov 09, 2020Rita Kumar

It could be anytime and almost anywhere when someone spots you with a shock-centric second look! The reason—well, you could look like you've snatched some features from your parents or even distant relatives. Perhaps, it's the stunning artwork of "genes" that gives us the features we can closely relate to our family members. If you still need proof, then take a look at these stunning pictures where "passing on of traits" is made more apparent!

Some Strong Persian Genes

Image Credits: Twitter/MagStewart

This throwback picture is something a mom takes pride in boasting. If there's a paramount reason, it's how her young daughter has taken on some of her husband's aunt's traits. She even captioned the photo on Twitter: "Those Persian genes are strong!"

Mom-Daughter Duo's Genes Drift From Grandma 

Image Credits: Twitter/SweetCandeegirl

Having a line of gene carriers could be fun altogether, especially if the traits are passed on in a three-line generation! Here, it's first the grandmother who has instilled her genes in her daughter who's almost close to the frame. Finally, it's the granddaughter who looks like she's gotten twice the "gene" dosage in the family line—thanks to her mom and granny alike!

Like Father Like Son 

Image Credits: Reddit/gassmaster

When this Redditor made some warm Father's Day wishes, he posted something that made the audience look at the picture twice. Perhaps, the dad-son duo in the collage posted by the user has all reasons for that electrified look we have in our eyes right now! He captioned: "Happy Father's Day! My dad in 1978, me in 2013."

There Goes The Next-Generation Smile! 

Image Credits: Instagram/noonoo.j.p

This picture-perfect memory for a lifetime boasts a mom-son duo flaunting the inner meaning of peace and happiness. However, the little man picked up his mom's features like a pro. Whether it's their strikingly similar smiles or their cleft chin appeal, this mother and son are here to flaunt their genes for life!

The Younger Version Of The Bigger Gene Factory  

Image Credits: Instagram/deannaband

This aunt looks like someone who can't get enough of her twin niece! Their resemblance is too uncanny and cute to avoid and for those who guessed that they are a mom-daughter duo, then it's not the case here! Perhaps, the aunt has given some of her family line measures to her little niece as well.

Straight From The Family Portrait 

Image Credits: Instagram/mystifrost

This pretty and throwing resemblance bounces off the family portrait and onto the great-great-grandchild in the family line! They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Here, this photo speaks about all those genes young Alice has inherited from her great-great-grandmother, who also shared the same name! Now that's what we call genetics!

Grandfather Vs. Grandson 

Image Credits: Instagram/kayla_does_makeup

Both the little champs in this picture are Peters! But if there's something to call them apart, it would be nothing but a generation gap. The throwback picture features grandfather, Peter, who has passed on some of his traits to his grandson, also, Peter! Sometimes, it's crazy how strong family genetics can get until you see it in person!

Dipping Into Great-Grandma's Features 

Image Credits: Instagram/linemarievt

This picture illustrates how Instagrammer Line Marie Veng-Taasti's great-grandma looked like about 90 years ago. Perhaps, her great-grandmother Olga Veng's throwback picture gives us the idea of what a family portrait lookalike might be, especially if you're sharing some genes from your retrograde elders!


Image Credits: Instagram/lizpen02

This side-by-side genetic treat is of Elizabeth Hippmann and Elizabeth Pennington—grandmother and granddaughter. Sometimes, it could be quite hard to read the similarities between two different faces unless they're on a single frame. But here, it looks like Pennington's features are drawn straight from her granny and this collage is an impeccable proof of it all.

Almost 75 Years Apart!

Image Credits: Instagram/straysunfield

The thrill of being almost 75 years apart hasn't given Sanne van Zonneveld a single reason to stop celebrating her genetic carryforward she's got from her grandma. Though their ages differ in this picture, it's evident that the granddaughter has quite a lot of her from her granny. We guess that their smiles might match too! 

Daddy's Girl! 

Image Credits: Instagram/humoroushomemaking

Don't you think that this little girl is the spitting image of her daddy? Guess she'll grow up to be another mini-me of her dad, who has impeccably given his daughter most of his traits. Everything from their eyes, the cheeks, smiles, and even their brows give us how transparent genetics can get in the family tree!

Little Man On The Left Vs. Grandfather On The Right! 

Image Credits: Instagram/margaretwhitekaus

Sometimes, it's quite hard to believe without proof and this is something this mom learned after she had a side-by-side view of this picture. It features her 3-year-old son on the left, who has taken an abundant genetic makeover from his grandfather! The B/W picture on the right is of the little man's grandpa, taken sometime when he was still young. Don't they look similar to the extreme?!

The Father And Son Duo 

Image Credits: Instagram/ccadvisorygroup

Though both these little men look strikingly through and through of the other, there's a small catch. One is the father and the other is the son! A closer look at this picture might give you an insight into how the dad on the photo on the left threw his genetic traits to his son whose photo is stacked above on the right. If you ask us—we're utterly amazed how the little man has grabbed so much from his father in the looks department!

Mom's Uncanny Duplicate 

Image Credits: Instagram/ccadvisorygroup

As evident as it might seem, this throwback picture depicts the endless possibilities genes can turn you into if you believe you're the spitting image of your parents. Here, the mom on the left has given most of her genetic traits to her daughter! Perhaps, it could be quite challenging to tell them apart if it hadn't been for the mom's aged photo.  Don't you think that the daughter has even snatched that hairdo from her mom?!

Twinned At About The Same Age 

Image Credits: Instagram/kerrbearrr

When Instagrammer Kerry Lefebvre dug out one of the most memorable photos of her mom, she couldn't get enough of how closely her childhood photo matched her mom's. Perhaps, her mother has brushed her daughter with enough genetic traits to call her a mini-me at about the same age. Kerry has most of her mom's traits and looks like she was through and through mama's girl years back!

When Grandpa And Grandson Turned 7—Years Apart!

Image Credits: Instagram/threedoglife

When the boy on the left turned 7, the boy on the right turned 7 almost 59 years back! Genetic traits passing on to other members of the family is something thrilling altogether, especially if the young member looks like someone from the past ancestral lineage. Everything else apart, their eyes are strikingly similar too!

Son Takes Over Mom's Dad

Image Credits: Instagram/mrsrandy04

When Instagrammer Teresa Sharp captioned her post like this: "He does look like my dad."—she meant it! Perhaps, the young lad in question did walk with the cake after he showed the kind of genes he drew from his grandfather. Whether it's their ears or sharp nose, and even Adam's apple, the grandfather-grandson duo fosters us what genetic theology is all about!

Great-Grandmother Twinned 

Image Credits: Instagram/meggos_journey_to_parenthood

The joy of an elder seeing his or her parent in you can be a thrilling experience, especially if you have what it takes to resemble someone from the family tree. Perhaps, this is the kind of feeling Instagrammer Meghan dealt with when her grandfather pointed out how much she resembled his mother. It sounds great that we can actually reprise how someone looked like in the family and all thanks to the amazing power of the genetics.

Aren't Their Poses Identical Too?!

Image Credits: Instagram/dina_massery

Sometimes, you can feel free to find some great memories at your grandparents' house! When Dina Massery visited her grandmother's house, she couldn't get over the throwback picture where she's seen holding another photo of her mom while she was a baby herself! If their genetic appeal is strikingly similar altogether, even their poses seem to be the replica of the other! On the genetic front, guess Dina has gotten all that curls and face-wide smile from her mom!

It's so obvious that genetics plays an elemental role in shaping us the way we look, talk, or even see! Perhaps, it's something that makes us the way we are! So, whose genes do you think makes up for the most in you? Is it your father's, mother's, or both? If you're someone who has absorbed too much of the genetic magic from your grandparents or distant members in the family tree, tell us more about it! Share your thoughts with us, but before that, please take a second to share this article! 

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