The Twin Sisters Who Share An Incredible Coincidence

Oct 14, 2020Shilo Maloney

Being a twin, even before birth, you share so many things with your sibling that it's almost impossible for that behavior not to carry over well after birth. When twins come out into their world, they share more than looks, but clothes and rooms and a plethora of other things. For identical twins, Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers, they took their twinning to the extreme in the most life-changing moments.

The Twin Experience

The twins have been on the same page on anything. From a young age, they followed the tropes that come with twinning for most identical siblings. From the looks to the clothes to schools to the spaces, they were well aware of the drill that being a twin means that your entire identity is synonymous with that of your siblings. But, for these two darling sisters, they just never seemed to grow out of this habit, and well into adulthood, they made the news for a shocking occasion that took them to the next level.

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The Remarkable Rugrats

The identical sisters (who are now approaching 40) were 35 when they went viral for an absurdly unplanned and unscripted moment that proved that they may be the greatest twins the world has ever seen since Phil and Lil in Rugrats. Doing the same exact thing wasn't just a matter of a cute quirk, it was a sincere way of life that the two lived by. And, when they were 34-years-old, they had some incredible news that they never prepared for.

Twin Telepathy

If you're aware of twin telepathy, you'll know that it's a quality and a trait purely reserved for twins who have a special intuitive connection with one another. Though the sisters had lived separate lives in their adult journies, there were still some seamless connections that the two were tethered to that not even they knew existed. And, when it came to the Thanksgiving of 2015, the two found themselves in a convenient and coincidental position that blew both their minds!

Twins On Thanksgiving

Leah and Sarah lived lives in separate cities, but they knew the value of family was everything. Every major holiday that carried a family spirit was vital to the two of them, and therefore, the Thanksgiving of 2015 was no different than any other family-oriented holiday that had come across them on the calendar. But, there was far more going on that very day, as the twins were not the same people they were prior to this holiday.

11 Minute Difference

Having been a meer 11-minutes apart, the two had an established relationship that no one but themselves could possibly understand the way they did. So, when that Thanksgiving came along it was Rodgers who could intuitively tell that there was something going with her loving sister. Though it was first assumption and speculation, their particular connection brought a certain level of credibility to her suspicions that would soon come to light. Eventually, they would in a truly striking fashion.

The Sharing Siblings

Despite always being apart due to different obligations in their lives, they still managed to keep a very close relationship due to their emphasis on family and their inherent sisterhood. They cherished their love for each other, but, there were so many other things that brought them together. If in growing up their relationship no longer had the matching outfits and classic twin tropes, they shared so many more other things in their lives. 

Every Moment And Milestone

From sharing moments and milestones with each other, the two celebrated the achievements together despite being apart living happily married lives with their partners. So, anything great that the sisters experienced on their own, it instinctively became the success of the loving sister who was always in the other's life. So, when Rodgers could almost immediately tell that her sister was different, it was a big moment for her too.

Sister Always Knows 

From the very moment that Sarah and her husband Nick Mariuz walked into their home to celebrate Thanksgiving, Leah knew in an instant that her sister was pregnant! But, Leah didn't burst out in excitement and spoil any plans of a grandiose announcement that she felt her sister had in mind. She chose to remain quiet and waited for her twin sister to tell her what she already knew just by looking at her.


Rodgers has referred to it as her 'twintuition' and waited for her 11-minutes-older sister to make the announcement herself. She was right on the money with her guesswork as her sister eventually did give birth the following year. But, that Thanksgiving dinner was memorable and special for another reason, a reason that made for quite a phenomenal coincidence that tells you everything you need to know about how close these two are.

The Perfect Pregnancy

Leah was pregnant at the exact same time too! While her intuition may have played a massive role, she must've seen the changes in Sarah's figure and face that she identified with her own. Being identical twins, the changes were truly uncanny and therefore, Leah's credibility on the pregnancy had a much thinner margin of being wrong. This was an incredible coincidence that led to an astounding pregnancy story.

The Shocking Siblings

Both weren't just pregnant at the same time, they were actually planning on telling each other on the same day too, just to make their last Thanksgiving as non-mothers that much more special and memorable. Eventually, Sarah's announcement came, and with this announcement came another piece of coincidental information that made Leah, her sister, and everyone else burst in excitement that made that so shocking in more ways than one.

In Sync Sisters

Leah was selfless and therefore wanted Sarah to have her moment and receive the touching response. But, once she learned what her sister's due date was, Leah simply couldn't hold back her shock and exasperation over the announcement. She ran to her bedroom to fetch her ultrasound and show the entire dinner party exactly why this pregnancy was so remarkable, and it adds more reason as to why these two may have just been the most complete and in tune twins the world had ever seen.

More Coincidences

See, it's not that Sarah and Leah happened to be with child at the same time, there was actually more to it. The sisters' due dates were only four days apart, meaning there was a good chance their children would be born in the same week. That means both of them had gotten pregnant roughly at the same exact time, and simply allowed the Thanksgiving party to erupt in cheers and congratulations! There were much more shocking coincidences down the line waiting for them.

Same Day Delivery

The announcement of the pregnancy shocked most people who assumed that the twins had planned this. Neither one was expecting this to happen, so this was a matter of a complete coincidence. Months later, as the babies were at the end of their incubation road, another stellar moment occurred. You guessed it--Sarah and Leah gave birth on the same exact day instead of the supposed 4 days apart. And this stunned everyone even more than they had been stunned already.

The Cousins Arrive!

The identical cousins were Reid Joseph, Rodger's son born in Denver, while Mariuz gave birth to a daughter named Samantha Lynn who was born in California. The two have since grown up together following their remarkable births. Sisters, Sarah and Leah, had lived a long and beautiful life side by side that created the greatest bond in their life, and now could cultivate that into their children as well, which is all they want for their phenomenal bundles of joy.

"We've always lived in separate places, but all of us — we have two sisters — are very close in age and very close," Rodgers said. "But certainly there's another connection at the twin level." and listening to their wildly parallel pregnancy story, there's simply no denying this fact.

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