Celebrities Who Are Incredibly Ageless

Oct 21, 2020Rita Kumar

What, are you kidding me? If this is the kind of question you're gonna throw at us after seeing Mila Kunis and Rachel Bilson, then wait—the list isn't over yet! Perhaps, these A-listers are here to tell us that age is just a number on their cards. We really don't know how these celebs are immune to aging, but all we can do is admire their stunning battle against the sands of time! Take a look at some of the celebs who are incredibly ageless no matter what! 

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Mila Kunis—37

Yay...! We're starting this incredible ageless journey with none other than the former teen idol herself—Mila Kunis! It's almost more than a decade since she attended the party for the high school drama, That '70s Show, in 2006. Can you believe that the mother of two turned 37 this year? Sigh...! She looks practically mirrored from how she looked decades ago. Now keep reading to find out more...!

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Natalie Imbruglia—45

Guess the only differences between Natalie Imbruglia on the left and the one on the right are her broad smile and hairdo! She's 45, but that doesn't mean she looks an inch different from her Johnny English days. Perhaps, the Australian diva has left many wondering how she's able to stay as youthful as ever. Natalie is reportedly a BIG fan of skincare and has her own line, Iluka. Maybe that's where she's getting all that glow from! 

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Rachel Bilson—39

Almost eight years ago, brunette beauty Rachel Bilson almost didn't make it past the security guard at the airport. It was because he stopped her and said: "Honey, where is your family?" She was like—Duh! I'm 31...! Now she's 39 but looks nothing short of the teenager she played a decade ago. Though these pictures are ages apart, they still mirror Bilson, who seems to have concealed her age for life!

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt—39

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has worked his way to become a household name in his 33-year-old career. Though he hit the pause button and took some time off from acting for fatherhood, guess he paused his aging factor too. The 39-year-old actor was last seen in the Netflix action/fantasy, Project Power. If you ask us, we'll cheer for that evergreen charm he has carried forward through the decades!  

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Julia Roberts—52

Whoa...! Looks like Julia Roberts has sworn by a resolution not to age in this life! Roberts has been shining under the limelight since the late '80s, and honestly, she hasn't aged a bit. Throughout all her signature roles, the 52-year-old diva makes us wonder what she's been doing to freeze her beauty through the years. Does she swear by skincare tips to mummify her age? Well, maybe...!

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Enrique Iglesias—45

Guess 45 is just an odd number Enrique Iglesias has neglected on his birthday this year! If you guessed it right, then yes, the Spanish singing sensation is just 45. Over the years, Iglesias has managed to preserve the youthful attitude he had when he was introduced to the world in 1995. The truth is—his physical appearance has changed very little in all that time we've cheered out loud over his voice.   

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Jennifer Lopez—51

Jennifer Lopez has elegantly shut the doors on aging for years. Perhaps, some even argue that the American diva hasn't aged a bit ever since she rose to stardom in the '90s. But preserving such an ageless appeal requires a lot of work. At 51, Lopez still dons like an empress in the looks department. Please don't ask us anything further because we're shocked just like you! Sigh...!   

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John Stamos—57

Except for his hairdo, Stamos still rocks his youthful look—even at 57! But did you know that the Fuller House actor hasn't shied away from exhibiting his love for beauty? Like you and me, Stamos believes in following some skincare routines to freeze his looks in time. Guess he is here to remain visibly ageless and give us that little bit of envy over how he does it so perfectly! 

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Vanna White—63

At 63, American television personality, Vanna White, swears by her youthful appeal. If you've ever looked at White turning those letters on "Wheel of Fortune," then you might wonder how she's able to stay in such enviable shape and looks. The mother of two believes that hard work pays well to gain eternal beauty. Well, maybe she's absolutely right, don't you think?!

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Tobey Maguire—45

All of us would've been in love with Peter Parker at some point in our lives! So, who takes the credits for giving us that high-school crush? Ahem...! It's undoubtedly—Tobey Maguire! But it's not often you see the Spider-Man turned father of two do his stints webbing from one building to another! Despite adding +1 to his age, Maguire doesn't look a bit like he's 45. Maybe his four-day bearded look on the right is the only proof of the difference between his former and present self!   

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Michelle Williams—40

American actress Michelle Williams might have added another digit to her birthday this year, rounding it off to 40. But that hasn't harmed her looks in any angle. Maybe we're eyeing Williams' ditto version even after a gap of decades from pictures left to right. Her kinky curls have transformed into that asymmetrical bob. But her divine smile and youthful appearance give us some stylistic lessons that age is nothing but just a number!   

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Jennifer Aniston—51

If there's something Jennifer Aniston cannot reverse, it's her age. But that doesn't accord for the way she graciously carries forward her youthful appeal year after year. It's like every year Anniston adds +1 to her age, she leaps into attiring that fresh-faced look. Aside from bagging the PEOPLE's  World's Most Beautiful Woman title in 2016, the Friends star is here to tell us that she's not gonna age this time or ever!   

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Halle Berry—54

Have you ever envied over how the "Catwoman" still looks so young at 54?! Honestly, Halle Berry flaunts the skin of the woman who's decades younger—smooth, wrinkle-free, and glowing. Guess Berry is an epitome of what aging graciously is all about! The only difference you can spot here is her hairdo and nothing else. Are you still skeptical about how she's locked her youthful look even at 54? Well, maybe it's the power of stardom!   

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Tom Cruise—58

Speak of the man, and he gives us the goosebumps over his ever-enchanting and handsome appeal! Tom Cruise is continuing to entertain the world with his impeccable acting prowess. So, he's 58, and what's the big deal in it?! If there are other things that haven't changed apart from his smile, then it's his work ethics and that charming body of a man half his age!   

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Salma Hayek—54

Unbelievable—here you go again—it's Salma Hayek this time! The Desperado fame actress gives us all the reasons to envy her stunning youthful appeal though she's 54. Ahem! So, do you believe that Hayek on the right is decades older than the one on the left? We know it's quite hard to believe, but anything is possible when you're a celeb. So, aging is never a thing, and Hayek proves that she's not the wrinkle person now or ever! 

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Jared Leto—48

What, Jared Leto is 48 years old? We don't think so. But there you go again, Suicide Squad's "Joker" is definitely in his late 40s. By the way, that doesn't mean Leto has stopped dreaming about his endeavor in the industry. Perhaps, he needn't because he still looks as young as he was decades back. So, has Leto stopped aging like the others in the ageless squad? Ahem! A picture speaks a thousand words—so judge for yourself at what you're eyeing now!   

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan—46

If you call her an ageless beauty, then you're probably right! First, she wins the Miss World title in 1994. Then, she rocks her career in Bollywood. Later, she becomes the face of Hollywood! At 46, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan proves that beauty is not a big deal despite the cruelty of time. Though the picture on the left is a blast from almost two decades, what she looks like today is incredibly surprising! 

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Heather Graham—50

Can you believe your eyes if Heather Graham walked to you and said she is just 50? If you ask us, we might make a dozen comparisons and stick to Googling to map what exactly her age is! That's because Graham is certainly giving us some creepy beauty goals owing to how she looks so stunningly gorgeous at 50. She not only looks half her age but gives us some new reasons to envy her spectacular wrinkle-free smile! 

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Jennifer Garner—48

Adding a new number to our age means a lot of things—precisely beauty. So, the fear of wrinkles, grey hair, and whatnot are unpredictable nightmares that might only give us the creeps after every birthday. But for Jennifer Garner, she's determined to keep smiling because she's honestly not worried about what aging can do to her. At 48, Garner is pretty confident that age is just a number and her picture on the right illustrates it all! Sigh...!   

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How lucky these celebs are to sleep and wake up to stardom all day long! But that doesn't mean we commoners can't reverse our aging goals. Maybe we could use a little help from these A-listers and know how they manage to freeze their youthfulness against the sands of time, right?! If you're given a golden chance to swap your age with one of these celebs, who would it be, and why?! Let us know what you think. And please don't forget to click the "Share" button!

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