George Clooney May Be A Hollywood Superstar, But He’s Been Keeping One Strange Secret Under His Hat

Apr 21, 2021Salwa

It wasn't until recently when George Clooney opened up about his deepest secret on TV. He was sitting on the sets of CBS Sunday Morning when the host asked him about something unexpected. For a brief moment, Clooney thought if he should reveal the truth or not, and then he decided to tell his big secret in front of the camera. People weren't expecting something like this from the superstar. The viewers couldn't believe that he kept this secret for so long!

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His Secret

When George Clooney revealed the secret he had been keeping for the longest time, the interviewer couldn't believe her ears. She reconfirmed Clooney's words by asking him to repeat what he just said. What Clooney was hiding was something extraordinary. No one could have imagined him doing something like that. His words had shocked the interviewer as well as the viewers.

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The Hollywood Star

If you think about the most successful and good-looking actors of Hollywood, Clooney's name would be somewhere near the top of the list. He has won the hearts of many people all around the world with his phenomenal performances. He's the perfect combination of extraordinary acting skills and good looks. Surprisingly, his big secret also revolves around his great looks.

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A Difficult Start

It wasn't easy for Clooney to get into the industry. He used to get roles that he didn't want to do, but he still had to do it for the sake of doing work. In the beginning, he wished he could have done some better roles, but there's no denying that you can't do anything about the things that fate has in store for you. All you need to do is wait for the right time for things to fall into place, and that's what Clooney did.

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A Good Looking Man 

Clooney was a good-looking man since the beginning, and that's one of the reasons he got some great films. His good looks helped him make his way into the industry and also find a girl later on in his life. It seemed like he always tried his best to look good and never compromised on the way people would see him. He wanted to be the best man, and that's what he later became in his life.

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The Films That Became Famous

The 1994 drama ER was Clooney's first big break where he played the role of Dr. Doug Ross - the empathetic pediatrician and the man ladies loved the most. Soon after the show went on air, Clooney also showed up in various super-hit movies, including Out of Sight and Three Kings. Clooney's performances in these films made him famous within no time. 

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A Father At 50 

After reaching the peak of his career and enjoying the good things in life, Clooney became a father at the age of 50. He felt empty despite achieving so many things in life, so he decided to become a father, and surprisingly, fatherhood gave him everything he had been looking for. It taught him how to enjoy life and view it through a positive lens. Clooney also recalled how he taught his kids some terrible things. 

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Teaching Them Terrible Things

Clooney loves introducing new pranks to his kids, and that's because he has a great sense of humor and wants his kids to develop the same. In an interview, Clooney recalled that he told his 3-year-old twins to spread Nutella inside their diaper and on their legs as well, and then take the diaper off in front of their mother and eat the spread in front of her. Surprisingly, the twins played the prank well on their mother, Amal Clooney, the woman who meant everything to George.

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He Met The Right Person

The actor further revealed that Amal doesn't have any problem with her children playing pranks on her. She loves the fact that they are learning the skill of being funny from the man who's best at it. Amal is one of the best things that ever happened to George. He doesn't regret tying the knot with her. After all, they make a superb team whenever they are together. 

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They Are a Team

"We have been a team really since we met," revealed George. He always talks about his wife positively, which shows the love developed over the years between them. When interviewers asked him about when he met Amal for the first time in his life, he revealed how he never left the house while meeting his future wife for the first time. 

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Meeting Amal 

George revealed that he met his wife, Amal, through a mutual friend who brought her over to his house while the two women traveled to Cannes. Their mutual friend asked George if she could bring someone over to his place for a while, and the man welcomed them without knowing who the other girl was. He was attracted to her from the moment he saw her for the first time. 

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Talking To Her

It was a coincidence that George's parents were visiting him, so they also got to meet the new girl he didn't know he would be marrying within a few months. They bonded with Amal very well and promised to send them their pictures that she had just clicked. Amal and George exchanged their email addresses to send the images, marking the beginning of their friendship. The two had begun writing to each other.

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George revealed that he loved writing to Amal during the initial days, but they were only friends for each other. There was no element of romance in their relationship at that time. They kept on talking to each other through emails, and after some days, it became clear that their relationship had escalated to a point where they were "more than just friends." 

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Their First Date 

After realizing that they had developed feelings for each other, George invited Amal to London, working on Monuments Men in 2013. They spent a great time at the studio and then went out for dinner later that night. It was an excellent opportunity for George to see how Amal would tackle the media and press attention while they were on the way to the restaurant. As soon as their car stopped in front of the venue, the paparazzi surrounded their vehicle. George recalls that "Amal handled it like a champ."

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The Proposal

After going out with Amal a few more times, George realized that she was the one he had to marry. He was sure about his decision, so he planned everything for the big day when he would propose to the love of his life. He invited her to his house on April 28, 2014, and they chatted over dinner. After finishing their meals, George asked Amal to open the drawer and get him the lighter to light the candles. It wasn't until she opened the drawer that she realized what was happening.

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On His Knees

She took out the ring from the drawer and realized that George was about to propose to her. Amal wasn't expecting something like this to happen. She was in shock after looking at the gorgeous ring. Within a few moments, George got down on his knees and asked Amal if she would marry him while a romantic track played in the background. The lady didn't say anything for the next twenty minutes

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She Said Yes

Who wouldn't say yes when they see George Clooney down on his knees? Amal was no exception, so she had to say yes to the handsome hunk. The only difference was that she took 20 minutes to figure out the answer to his question. "She just kept staring at the ring, going, ‘Oh, my God.’ It was 20 minutes of me on my knee, waiting for her to say yes because she was so shocked.” revealed George in an interview. Amal was one of the few people who knew his biggest secret. 

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She Knows His Secret

George couldn't keep his wife away from the big secret that he revealed in an interview. He held the secret for the longest time and never let anyone know about it, but the person living with him had to know what he was doing behind closed doors. Luckily, Amal didn't tell the world about his secret. He made her keep it with her until he thought it was the right time to let the world know about it. 

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Getting Married

Amal and George tied the knot in September 2014 and took the first step towards their new life. Getting married gave them a chance to live together and get to know each other better. It was during these days that Amal found out what George had been hiding all this time. It was a big secret. A big beauty secret that he had been keeping from the world all this time.

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The Pregnancy

After tying the knot, Amal and Clooney had planned on adding another member to their family. They were planning for a baby but didn't know that fate had other things in store for them. When they went to the doctor, they were caught by surprise they weren't expecting. It was a good surprise, something that they had never thought about.

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He Thought It Was A Mistake 

The doctor handed the ultrasound reports to George. He pointed out where his baby was, and George felt ecstatic to see the first image of his little bundle of joy. He had no idea that Amal was pregnant with twin babies until the doctor showed him the second baby's ultrasound image. George thought it was a mistake. He couldn't believe it.

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Little Bundles Of Joy

After waiting for nine months, the Clooney family welcomed their twin babies into this world on June 6, 2017. The couple was very excited to hold their twins — Alexander and Ella Clooney. The feeling of becoming a father was totally new and different for George. He felt complete after adding two adorable babies to the family, but there was a downside of having new family members that he didn't realize at that time.

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They Know His Secret

As Alexander and Ella grew up, they saw their father do something strange in the bathroom. Two more people were now a part of George's big secret. He had no idea that he would have to share his secret with his babies as well before they came into this world. What was George hiding for so long? It wasn't until 2020 that he told the world about it.

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Hiding For Two Decades

Surprisingly, George had been hiding his secret for more than twenty years. No one knew about this thing before he made it public on CBS Sunday Morning. The interview clip went viral, and people couldn't stop talking about it because they never expected something like this from the superstar George Clooney. He was hiding something big.

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A Beauty Secret

We all love how George Clooney looks, don't we? His secret is related to his beauty. It's something that many people had been waiting to find out, and Clooney finally revealed it in a killer episode of CBS Sunday Morning. Even the host couldn't digest his big secret. The viral clip made rounds on the internet as well as TV channels. People went crazy after hearing what he said. 

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It's About His Hair

The big secret revolves around his hair. The superstar hair that everyone adores. People have been trying to copy Clooney's hairstyle, but they couldn't because he never told the world what he was doing with his hair. If it were someone else instead of Clooney telling what he does in the bathroom, people would have believed it. But hearing these words from him was pretty unbelievable. 

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He Doesn't Need A Barber

Clooney revealed his big secret in front of the host, and she couldn't believe what the oscar-winning actor does at home. He said that he doesn't need a barber because he cuts his hair at home. Yes, you read that right. Clooney uses a special device to cut his hair, and he has been hiding it for more than twenty years. That's the big secret behind his "superstar hair." 

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Cutting His Own Hair

Clooney revealed that he has been using a device called "Flowbee" to cut his hair. "The thing with vacuum cleaner and clippers, yeah, I still have it," said Clooney with an innocent smile spreading across his face. The interviewer found it difficult to believe that a famous guy like Clooney uses an old device like Flowbee to trim his hair. He also revealed how he does it. 

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More Details

"My haircuts take, literally, two minutes," said Clooney as he gestured his hand as he does it while cutting his hair with his device. The Flowbee has a built-in vacuum that sucks your hair, and then the clippers inside it trim the hair. It's a quick and easy process, but coming from a superstar, it sounds pretty unbelievable. After the video clip went viral, people stepped out of their houses to buy this magical device.   

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His Assistant Bought It

In another interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Clooney revealed that his assistant had bought the device by watching the famous Flowbee commercial. Unfortunately, after a few uses, the machine broke down, and then Clooney wanted to order another one but couldn't get his hands on it for a while. Something similar happened recently after Clooney's video went viral.

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Sold Out

When the news broke out, the ones who didn't know what a Flowbee is Googled it, and the rest of them went out to buy it from stores near them. Within a few days, Flowbee sales increased exponentially, and it was sold out within a few days. People bought the device because they wanted to look like George Clooney. He even showed the viewers how to use Flowbee at home.

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Live Tutorial

Jimmy Kimmel was so excited to know that Clooney uses a Flowbee to trim his hair, so he decided to bring two devices on his set and ask Clooney to give a live demonstration. As the superstar hovered the device over his hair, Kimmel followed in his footsteps and did the same. He was surprised to see Clooney trim his hair so fast. Kimmel also made the man spill some more secrets. 

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More Secrets 

Clooney also revealed that he is a great chef. He cooked the dinner for thanksgiving, and everyone loved it. When Kimmel asked him to reveal the secret behind his excellent cooking skills, Clooney replied, "The secret is, you just cover everything in butter, and everybody's like it's great!" He also told Kimmel about when he had to sacrifice something close to him for his twins.

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Turning His Office Into A Nursery

When you become a parent, the most important people in your life are your children, and you can do anything for them. That's what happened with Clooney. He had to turn his office into a nursery when his twins came into this world, and that was a big deal for him. His office was dear to him, but he had to remove the furniture and place stuffed toys in it. "It's a terrible thing..." he said.

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He Loves His Family

In every other interview, Clooney shares incidents from his life that reflect the love and respect he has for his wife and children. This superstar is a family-oriented person who loves spending time with Amal, Alexander, and Ella. They are the center of his world, and he surely doesn't mind sharing his secrets with them. 

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George Clooney's big secret made the people go out and get their hands on a Flowbee. It shows how popular he is and that his endorsement greatly impacted the company's sales. If you enjoyed reading this article, don't forget to share it with your friends and family. They would love to know about the superstar's big secret.

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