Unbelievable Innovations That Will Surprise You

Apr 28, 2021Salwa

Are you looking for some fantastic household innovations to make your life easy? The first one on our list is this super-cool home decor hack for which you only need a glue stick, a couple of sticky notes, and a circular cardboard piece. First, take a sticky note and apply glue on its sticky part. Next, fold it in such a way that it forms a mini cone, as shown here. Now that you have a mini cone repeat the same steps using different-colored sticky notes until you have ten cones of each color. Next, take the cardboard piece and stick the cones in a circular pattern to form a lovely flower that you can use to decorate your house. That was pretty quick and simple, right?

Image Credits: Instagram/gihawoo_design

Lego Waffles

This product is for people who look at this world wearing a lego lens. Here's a building bricks waffle maker that lets you make lego-shaped waffles of different sizes. If your child is a picky eater who doesn't like eating the regular stuff for breakfast, then this innovative product will surely solve your problem because no one can rest lego-shaped waffles, right?

Image Credits: Reddit/TheNamingOfCats

Slide At University

The slide you see in this picture is present in the Technical University of Munich, where students use it to slide down from the fourth floor of the university building to the ground floor. They can also take the stairs, but they can use the slide to reach their classes on time if they're in a hurry. Don't you wish your school had one of these too?

Image Credits: YouTube/stoyq

Dividing The Tissue

Do you always end up dividing the rectangular toilet paper piece into two so that you can get a square-shaped piece? These innovative toilet rolls are exactly what you need. You can easily tear these to get the perfect square-shaped toilet paper that you always wanted. 

Image Credits: Reddit/SecretPotatoChip

The Built-In Water Hole

Are you a pet lover? If you are, then this innovation is just the right thing for you. Here's a water hole for pets that won't make your house look messy. This hidden water hole can also be used for another purpose - dipping your mop in the water when you decide that your home needs a deep cleaning. 

Image Credits: Reddit/ahfir

The Perfect Shelf

Are you tired of finding the right place to store the toilet papers in your bathroom? This shelf is exactly what you need. Not only will it allow you to keep the toilet paper rolls in the right place, but it will also make your bathroom look beautiful, and it might even make your guests smile when they look at it. If you're wondering how the toilet paper rolls aren't falling off, then that's because there is a tiny clip that's keeping them from rolling down the slope. 

Image Credits: Reddit/munkybren

Washable Ink Bedsheets

Here's another out-of-the-box innovation that will leave you speechless. These bedsheets you see in this photo come with a set of markers that you can use to draw anything you want on these sheets. The best part about these doodle bedsheets is that you can wash them to get rid of your artwork and start over with a clean canvas. Isn't that a great idea? It's perfect for kids who just can't stop scribbling on your expensive bedsheets. 

Image Credits: Instagram/eatsleepdoodle_

Crazy Vinyl Stickers

A Redditor posted an image of their fridge, and people were shocked to see what's happening on it. They had pasted this crazy vinyl sticker that gives the impression of a man stuck inside the refrigerator. Would you stick something scary like this on your refrigerator?

Image Credits: Reddit/everydaydude

The Oil Burner

Are you looking for the most creative oil burner for your house? This one looks like it came straight out of the chemistry lab. All you need to do is pour the essential oil inside the round-bottom flask and light the candle below it. The oil's positive effect will spread throughout your house, while the elegant burner would add beauty to your home. 

Image Credits: Reddit/YBZ

The Manta Ray Blanket 

Are you tired of using the same old blankets and quilts? All of them have almost the same design, right? If your answer is yes, then you would love to sleep in these manta ray blankets. They make it look like a giant fish is resting on top of you while you're cozily sleeping on the bed.  

Image Credits: Reddit/hoebeng

Dishonest Window Covers

Here's another cool household innovation that will add value to your home and make your rooms look lively. These window covers make it look like it's nighttime when the sun is shining brightly outside. If someone enters the room for the first time and looks at the windows, they would find it difficult to guess what time of the day it is.

Image Credits: Reddit/harjeet_hellboy123

The Mini Dinosaur 

What's the coolest kitchen tool you've ever come across? We're sure it would be nothing like these dinosaur ladles. If you put them inside a bowl of soup, it will look like there's a dinosaur sitting inside the bowl with its eyes looking at you.

Image Credits: Reddit/RighteousNeighbor

Herb Scissors

If you want to cut your herbs quickly, then this scissor is what you need to buy. As you may have noticed, this scissor has five sharp blades, which means that if you put your herbs in it, the scissor will slice it into five pieces simultaneously.

Image Credits: Reddit/hotdog_ripper

Rummy, Anyone?

If you play multiplayer card games, then you know the struggle of hiding your cards from your opponents. However, with these cards, you don't have to worry about others peeking into your set of cards. These matte cards reveal what's on them only to the person who is directly looking at them. We must agree that this is a fantastic innovation. 

Image Credits: Reddit/Rafapex

Lightsaber Chopsticks

If you're a Star Wars fan, you would love to have some delicious sushi with these lightsaber chopsticks. Even if you're not a fan, you can still buy these innovative chopsticks and eat your ramen in the dark while watching your favorite movie. 

Image Credits: Reddit/FOTOJONICK

The Disco Planter

Who says you can't go a little extra when it comes to planters? This disco ball planter is the perfect piece of decor for all the party animals out there. It makes the room pop and also allows your green fingers to keep your plants growing. 

Image Credits: Reddit/sadmachine1219

Raincoat Lamp

Would you mind if a little man wearing a raincoat would sit on your desk while you work on your laptop? This mini-raincoat lamp is an adorable innovation, and we are sure most of you would love to buy this cute little lamp. Not will does it illuminate your workspace, but it will also add beauty to your desk. 

Image Credits: Instagram/yankodesign

Draw Straight Lines

If you have always struggled to draw a straight line, then this tiny device is the best thing you can buy for yourself. Gihawoo Design is the mastermind behind this innovation which can help you draw the perfect straight line without using a ruler. We wonder how these designers develop such unique ideas to make things simpler for people like us.

Image Credits: Instagram/gihawoo_design

Chair Socks

We are sure this is the cutest thing you'll see on the internet today. People obsess over chair socks not only because they save your floor from getting ugly scratches but also because it also makes your chair's legs look adorable. We are definitely in favor of buying these tiny socks for all the chairs in the house.

Image Credits: Instagram/knittingwithchopsticks

Kitchen Aquarium 

Here's a great idea to give your kitchen a whole new look. This kitchen island aquarium is undoubtedly one of the best innovations that can add value to your home and allow you to cook a delicious meal while observing if fish sleep with their eyes open or not. 

Image Credits: Instagram/robertkolenik

Goodbye, Fridge Magnets!

With this innovation, it's time to say goodbye to fridge magnets that you usually use to hold notes on the fridge. This note holder is called Gripet, sold by a company called Dreamfarm. It's very simple to use. All you need to do is push the paper inside the note holder and gently pull it to get it out of the holder. It's a neat way to organize all of the essential documents you need to stick on the refrigerator.  

Image Credits: Instagram/buymythingsaustralia

Seal The Bag

Are you someone who can't finish the entire potato crisp bag in one go? Do you wish you had the superpower to reseal the packet so that the crisps stay fresh? Worry no more! With this invention, it is possible to keep the crisps fresh by resealing the bag. This mini plastic bag sealer is what you need in your life right now.

Image Credits: Instagram/arisekeyamz_homedaily

The Spray Bottle You Need

Whether you need to make a disinfectant solution or make some other DIY liquid, this spray bottle can come in handy when you need to be precise with the liquid concentrations. Adding too much water will dilute your solution, while adding a small amount of water will unnecessarily increase the concentration.

Image Credits: Reddit/MrSeaBoot

The Tilted Sofa

Why does this sofa look so strange? If you look at it carefully, there's nothing wrong with it. Despite its right legs not being there, you won't feel that you're sitting on a tilted sofa because the cushions have a variable thickness, which balances the tilted effect that the couch may have otherwise. It's a nice piece to make your living room look more vibrant.

Image Credits: Reddit/FloX04

Cute Coasters

Looking at these cute coasters will make you want to buy these mini wooden pallets. These are all you need to impress your guests who decide to come over to have a cup of coffee. Looking at such cute pieces makes us wonder how do these designers come up with such innovative ideas.

Image Credits: Reddit/tverofvulcan

Video Game Lover

That's how you make your TV screen turn into a gigantic Nintendo Switch. Just kidding, it's a TV frame that makes it look like a gaming console. In reality, the side panels are shelves that you can use to store anything you like. The idea of turning your TV screen into a gaming console is genuinely unique. 

Image Credits: Reddit/josicat

Green Fingers

Are you continually working on reducing the amount of water you waste every day? If you are, then this dishwashing stand is what you need. The excess water dripping from the utensils goes into the planters you see at the edges of the stand. Isn't that a fantastic idea to reduce water wastage?

Image Credits: Reddit/ExpertAccident

Convenient Garlic Crusher

Crushing garlic cloves is one of the most annoying tasks that you can ever come across, and that's mainly because of the long-lasting smell these tiny veggies leave on your fingers. With this innovative tool, all you need to do is put the garlic clove under the circular blades and push the crusher down so that the garlic clove splits into multiple pieces. How easy is that?

Image Credits: Instagram/josephjosephofficial

It's A Banana

This is what you call creative designing. This caution sign is designed like a banana peel which is enough to make you land on the ground, and if this doesn't stop people from not walking carefully on wet floors, then nothing will. Trust us. 

Image Credits: Reddit/tuckMCWizard

Don't Litter

Here's a great idea to encourage people in your area not to litter your neighborhood. The basket would attract them to throw their litter in the garbage by passing it through the basket. That's really how humans work. They don't follow instructions when you simply tell them to do something. They need motivation. 

Image Credits: Reddit/elay3n

It's An Octopus

This octopus chandelier is what you need to add a mysterious touch to your living room. You can even place this crazy chandelier in the corridor to give it a creepy touch. Once you get your hands on it, your visitors won't stop coming to your house to look at this masterpiece.

Image Credits: Reddit/Whitlow14

The Scary Lighting 

You thought the octopus chandelier was the craziest idea? No. Here's an even better chandelier that will make your room look super scary. The frightening tree shadows are enough to scare your friends when they come to your house for a horror movie night. We're sure they will reuse to watch the film with you in this room.  

Image Credits: Reddit/ClandesTyne

Chicken Legs

A muscular guy with chicken legs? That doesn't sound right. These socks are great if you want to make your gym mates laugh because this man's legs do really look like chicken legs, don't they? This is undoubtedly one of the hilarious pictures of the article.

Image Credits: Reddit/AristonD

It's Raining 

Here's an innovative idea to water your greens and make it look like it's raining from that tiny cloud. To use this planter, you need to pour water into the cloud and then watch it seep through the small holes, making it look like the plant is living on rainfall. 

Image Credits: Reddit/Cocobear27

Inbuilt Extension

The most annoying part about charging your phone is finding a power outlet that allows you to use your phone comfortably while it charges. If it doesn't, then you need to get up and look for the extension when you know you're never going to find it. This inbuilt extension will save your time and allow you to play your favorite game on your phone without worrying about the length of your charging cable. 

Image Credits: Reddit/joeepeterson03

The Protractor Mat

This protractor mat is what every math teacher needs. They can use it to measure the angle at which the door opens and teach students about different types of angles. Isn't this a great way to introduce the concept of angles to young students? 

Image Credits: Reddit/Sn4p77

Say No More

This is the perfect table for people who love to have their lunch while dining outdoors. The solar panel you see on the top not only provides shade but also allows people to charge their phones through the charging docks present in the middle of the table. These tables are perfect for restaurants because they will help them cut electricity costs while providing the best customer service.  

Image Credits: Reddit/gatheryourmagic

The Creepy Doorhandle 

Would you open a door that has a tentacle-shaped door handle? This innovation looks very interesting, but it might trigger some people who don't like to see or touch octopuses. Moreover, it might help you in keeping unwanted visitors away from your doorstep.  

Image Credits: Reddit/KluntFertberge

Oil Measurements

It's tricky to pour the right amount of oil in the wok when you have to use measuring cups or spoons for that purpose. This innovative wok doesn't need you to use a measuring spoon to get the right amount of oil in it. All you need to do is pour oil and measure it using the markings on this wok. Pretty cool, right?

Image Credits: Reddit/emilyr3183

The Helicopter Bed

If you want to make your child's room look fancy, then you need to get your hands on this helicopter bed. Not only will it act as an excellent decorative piece, but it will also encourage your child to go to bed because it makes them think they are sleeping inside a helicopter.

Image Credits: Reddit/squid50s

It takes an innovative mind to develop such brilliant ideas, and not everyone can design such marvelous things. If you enjoyed reading about these cool innovations, don't forget to share this article with your friends and family. They might end up buying one of the things on our list. 

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