Hilarious Photos Printed In School Books

May 19, 2021Danica

It is safe to say that we have all been to school at some point, and during our time in this institution, we might have stumbled upon bits of funny photos printed on our school books. There are many hilarious printing mishaps that happened worldwide, and school books are not an exception! Check out the funniest and the oddest photo fails printed on school books!

Image Credits: Reddit/serhm

Who Gave the “Go Signal” to Print These?

Sometimes we see photos printed on random books, and we wonder, whoever gave the “go signal” to print these things? When we see them on our children’s or our own school books, that is an entirely different story—sometimes it is comical, but sometimes it is a bit ludicrous. If you think we are a bit exaggerating, then wait until you see a hand with ten fingers on it!

Image Credits: Imgur/B18vB

A Very Poor Dog

This physics school book wanted to show how a dog can be measured using quite an interesting angle. Although, we are not sure that this is the best way to measure a poor dog because it might end in a horrific disaster—do you not think so? Well, this next one seems a bit more of a cultural appropriation.

Image Credits: Reddit/rachfaceishere

Does This Guy Look Mexican?

Nowadays, issues and scandals point out cultural appropriation, and we think that this school book should check what goes in their books before printing them. Honestly, we love the hat, but we do not think that this guy looks Mexican at all! Now, this next one has something to do with finance and a highly unlikely talent in flexibility.

Image Credits: Reddit/moose5

Is This the Right Kind of Flexibility?

It is true that whenever we are dealing with finance or economics, we must always have a great sense of flexibility. However, we are not sure if the flexibility they are talking about is this kind of physical talent; although, it might as well be since that does look pretty hard to do! Well, this next one seems like it was done out of a budget.

Image Credits: Imgur/monikabee

Who Drew These Faces?

Sometimes there are things that we want to do or incorporate with our work, but we might be way out of budget. This school book might not have the proper funds to hire an illustrator, so maybe they simply tasked a random worker to draw some faces on their personal computers. Another school book that might be done out of a budget is this next one!

Image Credits: Imgur/bPWhp

Maybe They Were On A Budget

The internet is a prominent place, and if we are looking for a specific photo, we can quickly get it with the help of contributor websites. However, this school book did not even bother paying for the picture they took since it has been printed with a huge watermark on it—oops! Well, this might be a bit better than seeing this pop star’s face on our psychology book...

Image Credits: Imgur/QFVzj

Justin Bieber’s Cameo in Psychology

Maybe thinking about Justin Bieber can seriously give you major brain issues since his face has been used in a psychological book. Now, we know that many people love the Biebs, but maybe you should try not to think about him every once in a while? It might actually do you good!

Image Credits: Imgur/V9qp1

So Political Science is Not A Real Science?

Now, this is a hot topic, and we are kind of surprised that a school book would print something so controversial (not really). Try not to show this photo to any Liberal Arts major since you might just engage yourself in a pretty long debate about why political science is real science (it is). Now, this next one may be a trip down memory lane.

Image Credits: Reddit/Karmanacht

What is Typical About This?

In this school book, they showed a photo of a computer system that was considered typical. We would get it if this book was printed in the 1990s or the early 2000s, but it was published in 2010, so you would wonder why they did not try and put a newer computer system model? Well, this next photo shows us what it really is like to live a good life.

Image Credits: Imgur/dghughes

The Good Life

You would think that most school books would strive to show a better example towards students, but no. This book printed a man drinking soda for breakfast while still in his bathrobe, and well, maybe that is the good life that many people aspire to achieve? We do not know about you, but perhaps each person just rolls quite differently?

Image Credits: Imgur/coldercanadian

Did Egypt Move Continents?

We are not particularly good at geography, but if you told us to point out where Egypt is on the map, we surely would not go as far as South America. Although, this school book misplaced the beautiful country of Egypt since it now sits with the countries of Latin America. They did say to stay in school, but they never really told us why...

Image Credits: Twitter/LoganNantais

Some Text Book Models

These people look like an ordinary friend group, but when you realize that they are school book models, then that is when the mind-boggling starts to take place. Plus, when you realize that these people are holding the school book they are modeling for, with their faces on it, you would wonder how that was even possible in the first place. There are so many questions!

Image Credits: Reddit/LargeCoinPurse

He Took So Many Cakes!

As we all know, Lex Luthor has never been up to any good, so does it really surprise you that he would take forty cakes? Well, according to this school book, that is four tens—that is way too much even for an infamous supervillain, right? Now, this next one might make your heart melt because of cuteness...

Image Credits: Reddit/serhm

A Good Boy Reading

More often than not, we get bored in class; such cute photos like this dog reading can take our minds off of the boredom. The most exciting thing in this photo is how the dog is also wearing cute pink-tinted sunglasses—does it get any better than this? Well, this next one forgot one of the most important things that you should put in a school book...

Image Credits: Imgur/mango5202

They Forgot the “Art”

When you are working as an editor for a history school book, one of the main things you need to put in the book is the photos! So imagine their horror when they realized that they had printed the book without any single image on it. We are not sure, but we think that someone got in big trouble because of that mishap!

Image Credits: Imgur/fiuar

Sooty Had the Time of His Life

We do not know about you, but it would seem that Sooty had such a great time with his two dozen friends. Honestly, this is another example of improper illustration in books, but we guess that it can pass since it seems kind of funny? Although, this following illustration is a whole lot better than this one!

Image Credits: Imgur/RoomForRent

Who Does Not Love A Superhero Cameo?

Physics can seem pretty dull, but when you put a fantastic superhero on its pages, then your students might simply become interested in learning. Plus, can we all agree that Tobey Maguire was the best Spiderman out of the three? Now, this next one can be a bit confusing...

Image Credits: Reddit/quakeaddict

An American Nuclear Family

When you think of an American “nuclear family,” is this the image that automatically comes into mind? Quite frankly, we have no idea what a typical nuclear family even means, so this illustration is a bit confusing as it is. Plus, we love how they clarified that Spongebob was not a part of this nuclear family!

Image Credits: Imgur/DvS6N

Is it Really 15?

We might have taken some vision exams at some point in our lives, and usually, we pass these things with flying colors! So imagine someone’s disappointment when the number they can see in this image was 29 and not 15? Maybe we are just color blind, and we really cannot tell at this point.

Image Credits: Reddit/theDudeRules

The First-Ever Cat Person

Nowadays, we might know a few people who consider themselves as ‘cat persons,’ but can they compare to this man giving valuable life advice? According to him, “The meaning of life is cats,” and we could not agree more! Now, this next one is an investment that can never be returned, so you better think before getting one.

Image Credits: Imgur/AesSedai

A True Irreversible Investment

We know how having children is quite complicated, and it is a life-long commitment, so imagine people’s thoughts when they saw this in a school book. Well, to be fair, it is a pretty funny illustration, although some parents might feel that this is a bit too much. This next one is something that is related to science as well!

Image Credits: Reddit/The_Anonymonster

Who Actually Measures Moles?

Sometimes we have to measure things, and we usually go for typical measurements like kilograms or meters, but never by the mole. This school book has a unique and hilarious method of measuring, and it is “moles per liter.” Honestly, we have no idea what that means, but then again, we might not be that good in measurements?

Image Credits: Reddit/FloodedHollow

No, You Tell Us Why!

When a school book puts a photo of a raccoon on their pages and asks their readers why it is pictured there, what would you think? We are unsure whether these editors are doing their jobs quite effectively, but who are we to judge? Plus, that raccoon is quite cute, so that might be any consolation.

Image Credits: Reddit/Distroyer32

Those Are Some Terrible Odds

Sometimes, we like to think of odds when faced with different situations, but these odds are pretty horrifying. To be fair, we would rather walk if these are the odds that we could be facing—hopefully, the readers of this school book are not that young since they might be left mortified. Thankfully, this following illustration has a bit of cuteness in it!

Image Credits: Reddit/alixxlove

A Skydiving Cat

If you think of a well-prepared cat, what kind of image comes to mind? Well, we are not sure about you, but we do not instantly think of a cat with a parachute on its back and ready to go skydiving. Although, this is a pretty cute illustration, just like this next one.

Image Credits: Reddit/aarwynn

What A Sweet Ride

They did say that some children develop some pretty fantastic motor skills earlier than others, and this kid driving his tiny car is a testament to that. We do not know about you, but that is a pretty sweet ride, and this is a little car that we hoped we had when we were younger! Now, this next one is another illustration that has something to do with color.

Image Credits: Reddit/ismo420

Maybe We Are Colorblind?

This school book had the idea that they would teach color, but maybe it might have slipped their minds that it would be printed in black and white. If you are fluent in French, then you might know what colors this book is talking about, but if not, then maybe you might have a hard time looking it up on the internet. Well, what about this next one on our list?

Image Credits: Reddit/joshcoles

A Tiger in Prison

Tiger is a cat who has been to prison with his owner, Romeo Phillion, and judging by the look he has given this photo, he must have seen some pretty interesting scenarios in there. Plus, we had no idea that you could take your pets to prison? Try not to get any ideas from this school book!

Image Credits: Reddit/NoceboHadal

Just Some Bonus Pages

When you are a few pages short, you probably need to compensate by writing a few paragraphs of nonsense. This was precisely what this school book did; they had to add a few more pages to meet their minimum requirement, so they simply wanted to blabber on. Smart, if you ask us, just like this next one.

Image Credits: Reddit/sweetlemon1025

They Are Not Wrong…

Honestly, is there anybody out there who actually enjoys going to statistics or any other math classes? Naturally, we think that these classes are a bit boring and only for the geniuses, and this school book writer thought so too when they wrote this little note on the back of their book. Well, the following illustration is something that the naked eye cannot see...

Image Credits: Reddit/bjester

The Invisible Man

We wonder what this school book’s editor and illustrator were thinking when they were coming up with these pages. Maybe the invisible man walking his dog is superhuman, and he has accumulated some invisible powers? We can never really know, but one thing we can know is this next one!

Image Credits: Reddit/gbCerberus

Michael Phelps’ First Photo

When you think of Michael Phelps, you instantly get the idea that he is probably one of the best swimmers in the world. So when this school book depicted his first photograph, this was the best they could come up with. To be entirely fair, we think it is funny, and we would love to know what Michael’s thoughts on this are.

Image Credits: Imgur/I9CyZ

Poor Red Haired Babies

So, we do not know what causes people to be born with red hair, but we think that this school book is pretty inaccurate. Also, can you imagine being a redhead and realizing that genetics will come out to get you at some point in your lives? Well, this next one is a bit hilarious yet creepy at the same time!

Image Credits: Reddit/aereeve

He Just Wants A High Five

Why is there a hand on the back of this truck? Well, maybe this guy is a dumpster diver, or perhaps he just simply wants a high five? We might never really know, just like how we would never know what this next couple is up to behind that bush...

Image Credits: Reddit/bab7880

Bonjour to You Too!

This lady was simply walking her dog when she stumbled upon a couple doing some ‘things’ behind a bush. Now, we cannot really tell you what they were doing behind it, but we are hoping that they, at least, greeted the lady and her dog back. Now, this next one is another school book fail that is pretty hilarious!

Image Credits: Reddit/AwkwardTurtIe

Using A Different Number

Typically, people ask other’s numbers while they are talking in person. So what kind of person would ask another person’s number while they were already talking on the phone? Well, maybe they were using their parents’ phones or their friends, so perhaps let us just give them the benefit of the doubt.

Image Credits: Reddit/laurlaur21

How Many Fingers Are There?

This particular school book teaches kids an unideal way to count since most people only have five fingers on each of their hands. So how are we supposed to count to ten by using only one hand? Well, we are not sure, but maybe we should just use two of our hands?

Image Credits: Reddit/ev1ltje

We Wonder if He Got Out…

When this book’s owner flipped through the back of their book, they saw a pretty distressing note that says, “Help! I’m trapped in a bar code factory.” We are unsure whether this was a prank or a genuine call for help, but we are hoping that the person who was allegedly stuck in a bar code factory got out in time. Who knows what would happen if they did not?

Image Credits: Reddit/dominicjames

Just An Adorable Red Panda

This adorable red panda was a welcome distraction from the learnings of HTML. Honestly, some of these books do know how to show cute photos of tiny animals, and we are here for it! Now, this next one is a bit odd...

Image Credits: Reddit/to__blave

What Was the Fourth F?

When this school book mentioned that there were four f’s but only put three, you would surely wonder what the fourth f might be. However, for discretion purposes, the writers must have preferred not to put the original word and instead changed it to a more ‘innocent’ one. Well, what about this next one on our list?

Image Credits: Reddit/Codexlibero

Do People Read Footnotes?

To be entirely fair, nobody reads both the introduction and the footnotes, which is something that this school book got right. So there is no lie when their writers wrote this tiny footnote calling out its readers. Although, sometimes we can read some pretty interesting things on footnotes, so you might as well develop a habit of reading them.

Image Credits: Reddit/scottg96

Honestly, we have no idea what these school book companies were thinking when they were working on these books, but some of them are pretty funny. Which one of these illustrations is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your family and friends!

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