Astonishing Pictures Captured By Trail Cameras

Jun 02, 2021Shanal Govender

Trail cameras manage to capture the most unbelievably bizarre sights ... These gadgets are set up in the woods to gather valuable animal information, but they sometimes capture more than expected. Have you ever seen a bear who can read, the first-ever "unicorn," or an elk rolling in the mud to attract the ladies? Well, hold your horses because the following footage will show you this and more! Animals are always up to no good, and now we finally have a glimpse into their world when nobody is watching! Seeing what these cameras captured will leave you speechless ... 

Image Credits: Instagram/wiseeyetech

Bear Fight

When you think of bear fights, you might assume they'd be tackling each other, but this photo proves that isn't the case. Here we have one dramatic animal shouting while the other bows its head in shame. We wonder if they're a married couple or if this is how things always go in the wild ... 

Image Credits: Instagram/desert_edge_trailcams

Rolling in the Mud 

This elk is rolling around in the mud, much to the delight of his female friends. Elks usually coat themselves in mud to make themselves more attractive. Unfortunately, the camera seems to have caught him at a bad time, unlike this next animal who's ready to do a sultry pose!  

Image Credits:Instagram/desert_edge_trailcams


This gorgeous coyote is putting on a show for the camera. We suppose even animals love being the center of attention. And why not? This creature is truly magnificent. Now, this next image is sure to make you laugh—here's what the animals in Vegas get up to during the night. 

Image Credits: Instagram/crwildlifecams

Intense Staring 

This bighorn sheep wants to spend its night staring at the camera. We can only imagine the shock the photographer felt when he viewed the footage for the first time. It seems Vegas has all kinds of characters, especially at night! Well, maybe it doesn't have this gyming bear ...

Image Credits: Instagram/juan_manuel924

Gyming Bear  

Even though it's the middle of the night, this animal is still working out—such dedication! The camera caught a picture of him flashing his massive biceps. We're guessing he gets all the ladies. But not all the animals are interested in staying fit; some prefer to sleep in—look at the king of the jungle stretching ... 

Image Credits: Instagram/holematthi_fuelling_change

A Huge Yawn 

This mountain lion just woke up and appeared to be basking in the sun while he stretches. His huge yawn showcases his terrifyingly large teeth. Clearly, this wild creature had a long night! While he lords over the ground, let's take a look at this deer who can't seem to mind its own business. 

Image Credits: Instagram/cindymeliza

A Tall Peek 

In addition to being adorable, it appears white tail deers are also very nosy. This trail camera captured the animal standing on her hind legs to see what was happening on the other side of the forest. And if that wasn't unusual enough, her friend wants to sniff her abdomen. Next, we showcase the surprising way that big cats drink water. 

Image Credits: Instagram/thethankfuloutdoorsman

Taking Turns 

Big cats are royalty in the jungle, and they have certain privileges. These two have "bodyguards" to protect them while they drink water. But no amount of protection could save them from getting caught by the trail cam! Now, if you've ever heard the saying, "the early bird catches the worm," here's some evidence to prove it. 

Image Credits: Instagram/mossbackaz

Pretty Owl  

This gorgeous owl is having a late-night snack before flying off to do "owl business." We suppose those huge eyes aren't just for looking pretty ... it also helps them get the best meals. Sadly these next two aren't as lucky as the owl, and the camera caught them in a huge standoff. 

Image Credits: Instagram/jim_465


This is what happens when you decide to take a midnight stroll by yourself. We wonder for how long these two stared at each other. Hopefully, they both made it home without being too scarred by the incident. We doubt the same can be said for the following deers after being scolded by their mother. 

Image Credits: Instagram/alpha_strong_tv

Trail Rage 

These young deers look like they're being reprimanded for spending too much time in the snow. The mother goes as far as giving them a few warning shots. We guess even animal parents are afraid of their kids catching a cold. Next, we have a great buck trying to determine which side of his face makes him look better—it's hilarious!

Image Credits: Instagram/thethankfuloutdoorsman

Right Side Glamour

While the rest of his friends look on, this brave buck has wandered over to the camera to take a selfie. He only wants to show off his right side; we suppose he looks better from this angle. Who knew animals were so self-conscious. However, this next creature doesn't care how he looks; he's too wasted from all the food he ate. 

Image Credits: Instagram/cnewman2712

Food Hungover

This black bear looked as if he's just consumed an entire Christmas feast and forgot about some of the toppings. Now, he's ready to put his feet up and relax while all that yumminess passes through his body. At least he doesn't have to answer for his decisions like this next guy ...

Image Credits: Instagram/espionature

Blow to the Head

Mama deer doesn't seem too happy with her young fawn. We wonder what he did to receive a blow to the head from his mom. Clearly, this little guy will be grounded for a while. It is fascinating to see how similar human and animal relationships can be. Have a look at these elks gossiping if you want more proof!

Image Credits: Instagram/thethankfuloutdoorsman

Secretive Elks 

The elk in the middle seems to be sharing important information with his friend. He even made sure to get as close to his mate's ear as he could so the others can't eavesdrop. Well, here's someone who's not interested in the latest animal news—he looks ready to fly off with Santa ...

Image Credits: Instagram/thethankfuloutdoorsman

Flying Lessons 

This animal has been watching too many Christmas movies. It seems like he believes he is a flying reindeer. Let's hope he doesn't make it all the way to the North Pole before he realizes that Santa isn't there. Next, we have the winner for mother of the year! 

Image Credits: Instagram/wiseeyetech

Mom's Back 

These young monkeys have time to pose for a picture while they ride on their mothers' backs. After witnessing how some of the other species treat their offspring, we've got to admit; these mothers would surely take the mother-of-the-year trophy. Well, from motherly love to a slightly different kind of love, you won't believe what this next picture showcases ...

Image Credits: Instagram/sleeping_bison

My Deer  

A perfect spot for a little loving. These two share an intimate moment away from the prying eyes of their herd. We wonder if they'll also carve their names into a nearby tree. It's impressive that the trail cam managed to snap a pic of the "love deers" and this next catwalk model! 

Image Credits: Instagram/thethankfuloutdoorsman

Life on the Edge

Even a drink of water can turn into a photo shoot when the camera is positioned correctly. Here we have a literal catwalk. This huge feline looks extremely confident while she struts her stuff at the watering hole. But not all the animals seem to care about their appearance as much; look at how this next guy is chilling. 

Image Credits: Instagram/fisherhunts

Weekend Vibes 

Everybody wants to let loose on the weekends, and this bull is having a great time in the mud hole. Luckily, he has it all to himself. We hope the rest of his herd doesn't complain about the smell when he gets back. Perhaps he could go and live with this next animal—she doesn't mind other species. 

Image Credits: Instagram/genonadrchal

The Lion and the Eggs

We all know that a lioness is extremely protective of her cubs, but now we get to see her reaction to other species' babies. This animal has stumbled upon a rhea's nest. We wonder what she will do with the birds once they've hatched. Next, we take a look at what an animal party looks like! 

Image Credits: Instagram/cerroguido.conservacion

Party Time 

Now, this is more accurate of what the weekend in the jungle would look like. A party at the watering hole. These guys have to stay hydrated so that they can keep dancing for the camera. While the common folk continues to party, this bear has found a throne for himself. 

Image Credits: Instagram/josh93wilson

Bear Throne 

Someone's neatly placed logs have doubled as a throne for this black bear. We suppose there's a new king of the jungle now. Let's hope he's able to keep his title and chair. So far, it's been coincidental that the animals were caught on the trail cams, but this smart cat actually found one all by himself. 

Image Credits: Instagram/wcs.canada

Cat Caught on Camera

Judging from the expression on this cat's face, he doesn't like being spied on. Now that he's found the vertically positioned trail cam, we're sure he'll tell his mates to steer clear from the area. Next, we showcase the true meaning of locking horns—it's hilarious!  

Image Credits: Instagram/timtorell

Locking Horns 

It appears that these two animals have had a falling out. We wonder if they knew they were staging their fight in front of the trail cam. Hopefully, no one loses a horn in this process. Speaking of horns, we've also found the mythical unicorn that everyone seems to love. 

Image Credits: Instagram/trailcameraphotos

The Unicorn 

Even though this is an elk, who can miss the antler sticking straight out of its forehead, the animal does resemble the elusive mythical unicorn that stalks pages of children's books. We wonder how the other elks feel about their unique friend. The following creature seems to have found the perfect camera pose, but his wife doesn't seem too happy about it ...

Image Credits: Instagram/thethankfuloutdoorsman

Playing Dead 

This bear has chosen to plop himself on the ground, much to the dismay of those behind him. We're not sure what he's trying to prove, but it does make for an adorable picture! Let's hope he got up before his wife could get more annoyed. At least he chose a soft sandy spot to lay down; the next animal is making snow angels in the dead of winter. 

Image Credits: Instagram/steepandsolo

Red Fox Angels 

Everyone loves playing in the snow, and that includes red foxes. The trail cam managed to capture one that was rolling around in the snow early in the morning. We wonder how long his snow angel lasted before being covered up again. The following animal is also out in the snow, but she has a completely different experience than the fox ...

Image Credits: Instagram/vivs_insties

Call of the Wild

It might seem like this doe is imitating a howling wolf, but she's actually just stopping for a snack. Now that a layer of snow covers the ground, this herd has to find creative means of getting their food. Next, we get to see what a game of tag between bobcats looks like. 

Image Credits: Instagram/vivs_insties

A Friendly Game 

A beautiful showcase of bobcats having fun on the trail. It looks like the one in the back is winning this game of tag. Unfortunately, the next animal isn't having a pleasant time. He's stuck with a scary companion and is traveling above his comfort zone. 

Image Credits: Instagram/oaklandnaturepreserve

Not So Big Foot 

Strangely, this bear's foot looks pretty similar to a human's foot. No wonder they're excellent runners and swimmers. It is truly amazing what the trail cams catch! Have a look at this next picture where we see two moms fighting over whose kid is better ... 

Image Credits: Instagram/vivs_insties

Listen to Me

It appears that these two are going to have it out while the kid watches. We wonder what's happened to make the mother so angry. Can't this be settled over a drink at the watering hole? At least their issues aren't as bad as this next animal's—her date seems to look very different than his profile picture. 

Image Credits: Instagram/thethankfuloutdoorsman


This is that awkward moment when you realize the person you're supposed to be meeting up with is not who you expected. Either that or these two always have shocked expressions on their faces. Luckily this midnight meeting was captured on camera. Next, we have the animal kingdom's very own Sherlock Holmes! 

Image Credits: Instagram/thethankfuloutdoorsman


These two red deers are fascinated by the barrel in front of them. They even stayed out late into the night trying to figure out this mystery. We wonder if they solved the case. Maybe the deers could teach this next pair about teamwork because they're not speaking to each other right now, and it looks hilarious. 

Image Credits: Instagram/huntingczechia_trophies

Too Late to Apologize

The falling out between these two has created some distance in their relationship. Either that or they're both peeking at the trail cam in front of them with one eye. Well, whatever their reasoning, at least they don't require emotional support like this next creature. 

Image Credits: Instagram/bowman.justin.hunt

A Pat on the Back

Animals also comfort each other when things get tough. Here we have a whitetail deer showing support to her friend who's staring off into the distance. Unfortunately, no one could help this moose scratching his ears, so he had to do this instead. 

Image Credits: Instagram/thethankfuloutdoorsman

Itch Remover 

Moose's shed their winter coat once the season begins to change. This process makes their body very itchy. That's probably why this creature found a small branch to get into those difficult-to-reach places. Next, we take a look at a flying raccoon. 

Image Credits: Instagram/thethankfuloutdoorsman


This raccoon is proving that you don't need wings to fly. He was captured, showing off his super skills as he launched into attack mode. We sure wouldn't want to be on the other side of his charge. But this cub might be brave enough—look how he stands up to his mom! 

Image Credits: Instagram/lower_florida_bucks

Not A Kid Anymore

A young cub feels he's old enough to go out by himself, and he's ready to confront his mom about it. We wonder if he was still standing tall after she gave him her reply. Unlike this brave bear, these next two animals are running scared after being spooked by each other! 

Image Credits: Instagram/anthonycairns_bowhunter

Running Scared 

These two animals aren't afraid to show their true feelings. Clearly, they both never want to cross paths again. We wonder why they're so spooked by each other that they had to sprint away in the opposite direction. Luckily for the following bobcat, he stumbled upon a face he actually wanted to see: Santa!

Image Credits: Instagram/borntraditions

Meeting Santa 

It's not every day that you get to meet the man in red himself. We wonder if this bobcat was on the "nice" list this year. Sadly, this was an unexpected visit, so there were no milk and cookies left for Father Christmas. Next, we have someone whose camera-shy; if only he could see how awesome this picture turned out ...

Image Credits: Instagram/oaklandnaturepreserve

Sneaking Past 

This whitetail deer hates getting his picture taken. You can see him trying, by all means, to avoid the camera on his right. Unfortunately for him, he fails. We can't imagine why he's scared of the camera; after all, he has the face of a model. Well, this next animal certainly isn't afraid of anything; he's even come out to read the news. 

Image Credits: Instagram/lllbphoto

Smart Bear 

Humans need to be careful of the signs they put up in the forest because this bear looks like he can read every word. No wonder we frequently hear stories of bears at campsites. Well, let's hope he agrees with whatever was written on that tree.

Image Credits: Instagram/desert_edge_trailcams

These are some of the best pictures captured by trail cameras. We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the world of animals. It's truly fascinating to see what they get up to when no one is watching. Please let us know what you think of these images by leaving a comment below, and don't forget to share this article!

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