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Jun 09, 2021Kara

Caution, this post will contain spoilers. Do you remember the ending episode of How I Met Your Mother? We finally knew who Ted's wife was but only in a few episodes were we totally backtracked. It was not the best ending, and this is not the only one. Let's look back at some episodes of popular TV series that didn't satisfy the audience's taste.

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A Perfect Show

It's rare to find a TV show that has a perfectly woven plot from start to end. Highly-rated shows have episodes that are far below the usual level of quality than the previous episodes. Even the best TV shows have made some mid-run mishaps. These stinkers cannot avoid public scrutiny, so they are easily noticed.  

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Less-Than Episode

A scene, episode, or maybe the whole season, whatever it may be, it is clear that fans would always point out the “less-than” parts of a TV series. Producers cannot avoid that there’s usually one episode that stands out as the most disliked one. Consequently, fans are quick to agree that it is a bit of a misstep. Here’s a look at those most commonly disliked episodes of popular TV series.

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Last Forever From How I Met Your Mother

Last Forever is the series finale of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. It is the final episode, which makes it long-awaited. Fans are hyped up to know how the TV series will conclude. However, to their surprise, the last episode ruined what the popular show had established.

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Ended with A Twist

Fans were upset when the show didn’t finish the way they expected it to conclude. It seems like that the ending undid everything that had taken place in the previous seasons, which makes them irrelevant now that the female lead is gone. It ended in an emotional moment removing the female lead from the picture. Although fans felt they were created, it is not unusual for a show to deviate from a happy ending.

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Lisa Goes Gaga from The Simpsons

"Lisa goes gaga" is the concluding episode of season 23 of the sitcom The Simpsons. It is the season finale where the American singer Lady Gaga appeared as a guest. Many fans tuned in because of the singer's appearance on this show. They were thrilled for the cameo, but then fans quickly noticed that the episode is a bit disappointing and bland for their taste.

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Episode’s Plot Holes

Throughout the whole episode, fans noticed some discrepancies and poorly written scenes. Some fans suggest that the 22-minute episode is like a Lady Gaga advertisement. Not only does it lack the usual "The Simpsons" vibe, but it also forces to include particular things and events in the episode without explanation, which makes it nonsensical.  

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Poor Characterization

Lisa, as the main character of the episode, is often overshadowed by the guest star. Aside from that, she is poorly characterized in some scenes. She appears to be hot-tempered and indecisive when she wanted some attention, but she refused when Lady Gaga wanted to help her. Everything is not neatly produced, and the scenes were all over the place. Confusing.

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The Best Bad Example

The show garnered negative feedback from the fans of both Lady Gaga and The Simpsons. Many avid viewers claim that the show hasn't been giving them satisfying episodes and much more so than this one. Apparently, this episode became an excellent example of an unsatisfactory and poor ending of a season finale. Fans felt that the long-awaited cameo and season finale was a rip-off. 

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The Fly from Breaking Bad

The tenth episode of season 3 of Breaking Bad was actually a bottle episode. The whole episode took place in one location, which is a laboratory, because of budget reasons. Fans expected thrilling storytelling from the action-packed crime TV series. However, they were disappointed with this episode because most fighting scenes happened with a fly! 

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Fly-In Action

Due to financial constraints, the production crew had to develop an idea to film a cost-effective episode. The fact that the production quality is compromised may be the cause why it is received poorly. Garnering the lowest rating ever given by the viewers for the series, the episode "The fly" became one of the most disliked episodes of a popular TV series.   Nevertheless, fans are divided whether it is truly a ridiculous or an ingenious episode.

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Advanced Introduction to Finality From Community

Have you seen an episode so bad that even the writers disliked it? Let me introduce you to the 13th and final episode of Community, the Advanced Introduction to Finality. It is known to most writers that when you write something, you must consider your audience first. Dan Harmon's departure left the crew unaware of what their loyal audience liked, leading to a shameful episode.

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Complete Waste of Time

Fans were dismayed by the sudden change of story flow in the episode. Not only that, but the writer admitted that she wished she could redo the whole thing. The episode’s ending revealed that the entire plot was a dream leaving fans upset because the whole story leading to the finale was just a waste of time. The last episode gets flak by multiple viewers, which most think was a far cry and off the track.

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Sub Rosa From Star Trek

Sub Rosa is the 14th episode of season 7's Star Trek: The Next Generation. The show awakened the viewer's love for a space adventure.  However, this particular episode had a weird and creepy scene that led fans to disavow the whole season. Want to know why?

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Full of Issues

The episode gave a controversial and unsettling chapter that led fans to condemn it. Fans were filled with cringe and objection when the show entangle Beverly with a ghost who had a relationship with her grandmother. What's more, the show gave the fans an episode loaded with cliche and chauvinist ideas. No wonder it is considered one of the worst episodes to air on television.

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The Farm from The Office

The Farm is the 17th episode of the 9th season of The Office. It is an American television comedy series that is loved by many. The farm was supposed to be a spinoff of The Office's TV series, but things didn’t pan out as planned. Why do you think it was a flop?

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Dead in the Water

Unlike the episodes listed above, the farm wasn’t rejected or disliked by the fans. The story was supposed to revolve around Dwight and his family’s beet farm. There’s nothing wrong with the show, but unfortunately, NBC did not pick it up to succeed The Office. An executive producer said that The Farm would have been an “excellent episode,” yet the reason behind NBC halting the show is still unknown.

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Sister City from Parks and Recreation

The Sister City is the 5th episode of the American political satire TV series Parks and Recreation. It is a comedic mockumentary about government workers and all of the above. After some time, the TV series was brought to a grinding halt for particular reasons. They received comments from viewers that it was not up to par with their expectations. 

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Poorly Written

It turns out that many viewers dislike the episode for a couple of reasons. Viewers find the show dry-humored, and the scenes are cringe-worthy. Aside from that, it harshly portrays the Venezuelans. The sexist jokes didn't remain unnoticed by fans since they were quick to criticize them.

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Black Market from Battlestar Galactica

The Black Market is the 14th episode of the second season of the TV series Battlestar Galactica.  The TV series depicts the struggle of humanity to survive on a dying planet. With a long 22-episode season, the show strived hard to keep the story engaging and avoid redundancy. Due to its limited theme, the show compromised the story by adding different conflicts, but fans didn’t go for it.

Image Credits: Youtube/Battlestar Galactica | Battlestar Galactica/Syfy

Inconsequential Chapter

The producer released an irrelevant issue to fill the void to maintain the show's excellent space saga. Out of nowhere, they added an unchecked black market for supplies to start another conflict in the story. The show featured a stubborn and heroic Lee who was utterly useless when fulfilling his task. Fans don’t like this episode because it seems like it came out of nowhere and didn’t progress at all.

Image Credits: Youtube/Battlestar Galactica | Battlestar Galactica/Syfy

The Highlights of 100 from Seinfeld

The episode was divided into two parts, episodes 14 and 15 of season 6. To celebrate their 100th episode, the production crews aired a one-hour retrospective with clips taken from previous episodes. The clips were introduced by a host, which is no other than Jerry Seinfeld. However, what seems to be the problem with this celebratory clip?

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Story About Nothing

It turned out that the clips were woven into a piece of nothing. In the episode, the story's main idea was so unclear, and it led to nowhere. The clips taken from the previous episode were meant to be sentimental as the host looks back to where they were before. However, fans were disappointed when the clips made no sense and have no story at all! 

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Beer Bad from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In the fourth season of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, they released their fifth episode entitled “Beer Bad.” From the title alone, it was pretty apparent that the story was laced with an obvious message about the dangers of drinking. Later on, the show received money from the Office of National Drug Control Policy for putting positive messages in their story. With an episode having a completely off-track development, how did the fans react?

Image Credits: Youtube/MsMojo | Buffy The Vampire Slayer/The WB

Dumbed-Down Message

The show took advantage of producing an anti-drug and alcohol storyline, which resulted in an episode well beneath the series. Fans consider it a dull and corny episode highlighting an obvious message about the dangers of irresponsible drinking. The far-fetched scene where handsome college men drunk and turned into hairy cave-dwellers dismayed the fans beyond belief. As an expected result, most fans ended up skipping the episode.

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Isaac and Ishmael from The West Wing

The Isaac and Ishmael is the first episode in season 3 of The West Wing. The script of the episode was quickly revised when a horrific worldwide event happened. The show produced it as a special episode that features some questions and current issues that the world was facing. Fans were anxiously excited for a new episode of the political drama TV series, but what they received as an episode didn't live up to their expectations.

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It Was Off-Track 

As a response to the event, Aaron Sorkin felt a need to respond by using his political TV series. The episode was completely off track and distant from the whole series. What's more disappointing is that the series stars were out of character and portrayed entirely differently. Complaints from avid viewers started surfacing after the release of Isaac and Ishmael. 

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Stranger in A Strange Land from Lost

International famous TV series Lost released its 9th episode, Stranger in a Strange Land. Since it was a long-running series, creators ran out of ideas on how to continue the storyline. Writers could've outlined the plot, but sadly they didn't. As a result, the story was running like a headless chicken.

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Unnecessary Filler

Talking about a poorly planned and written episode, Strangers in a Strange Land was an excellent example. Out of all its 121 episodes, the episode stuck out as a series low point. Not to mention that it was excessively off-putting that the creators demanded an end date. It was apparent that by the time Lost entered season three, the series was starting to appear aimless, which led to fans disliking this episode for being filler.

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Redeeming End

After the demand for an end date, producers had a clear vision of the timeline. This good news led them to an opportunity to redeem the season’s fiasco. With a fixed schedule for the series, they could progress the storyline more smartly. In the end, season 3 turned out to be one of the best in the TV series history!

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The Iron Throne from Game of Thrones

The Iron Throne is the 6th episode of the 8th season of Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones remained its iconic status as a TV series. It was one of the most successful fantasy series of all time, but all TV series have low points. For GOT, it's the episode The Iron Throne because it was the ending of the whole series, and viewers were not happy at all!

Image Credits: Facebook/Game of Thrones | Game of Thrones/HBO

That Was the End?

After Daenerys died, there was no thrilling excitement anymore from the characters. Most of their storylines were not a fulfilling as the critics had hoped for. Even the one to sit on the Iron Throne was a bit bland for our taste. Sarah Rense from Esquire shared, "The final season and the final episode were so empty of deeper character analysis the actors had to fill in the blanks."

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Akane No Mai from Westworld

It is the 5th episode in the second season of the thriller TV series West World. Akane No Mai entered the Shogun World. The show abruptly changed what is happening in the story. The sudden detour of the plot left fans puzzled and completely confused.

Image Credits: Facebook/Westworld | Westworld/HBO

Fleeting and Aimless

With its sudden introduction of the new world, the story diverted it to the original intention of the characters. Fans were confused about what they are truly going through. Aside from its diversion from the main story, it also ended quickly. The sudden introduction and ending of that episode left fans unsatisfied.

Image Credits: Youtube/Westworld | Westworld/HBO

Fight Club From The X-Files

The Fight Club is the 20th episode in the seventh season of The X-Files. The episode earned the reputation of being the most disliked episode of the season. Fans agreed that the episode was poorly written and terribly performed. One can measure how bad it was by just looking at the countless criticisms thrown at it.

Image Credits: Facebook/The X-Files | The X-Files/FOX

Harsh Criticism

The episode garnered numerous criticisms and was mostly harsh and aggressive. They say it was too unbearable that fans said they pushed it out of their memory. The lines of the script were "lazy and repetitive." Scathing comments came rushing in as more and more people voiced their sentiments, leaving Fight Club as the best example for a bad episode.

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Christopher from The Sopranos

The Sopranos is an American crime TV series featuring a family run by the mafia. In episode 3 of season 4 of the series, it shows how Columbus Day ignites tensions between Italians and Native Americans. The episode was action-packed and thrilling, but fans think it's a less-than episode of the season. Here's why ...

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Poorly Written Episode

In the 3rd episode, Christopher didn't live up to the expectation of the fans. It focuses more on the pros and cons of Columbus Day than the main story of the season. The Native Americans are depicted corruptly, and the episode also deviates from the usual nature of the characters. The episode was poorly written that fans think it stood out as the most disliked one.

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I Dream of Genie from The Twilight Zone

I Dream of Genie is the 12th episode of season 4 of an American anthology TV series, The Twilight Zone. In this episode, a wise genie appeared before a meek man. The episode gained popularity among its fans after it was aired. But is it positive publicity?

Image Credits: Facebook/The Twilight Zone | The Twilight Zone/CBS

A Dire Effort

It turned out the show experienced a lack of innovative ideas. It struggled to keep the series entertaining towards its end, which makes the episodes repetitive. It seemed like they overstayed their welcome when doubled in length, with lots of repetitive filler. This issue placed the episode in one of the most disliked episodes of a popular TV series.

Image Credits: Facebook/The Twilight Zone | The Twilight Zone/CBS

Tea Leaves from Mad Men

In the 3rd episode, Tea Leaves of season 5 of Mad Men, the show was packed with meaningful events. The American TV series had its fans on the edge of their seats for its next episode. However, when the 3rd episode was aired on television, fans felt dissatisfied with the story. Do you know why?

Image Credits: Facebook/Mad Men | Mad Men/Lionsgate Television

Forced Storyline

The episode started a little off from its usual tone-downed drama. What's more, is that the storyline felt rushed and fast-paced. The sudden change in the mood of the show confused the fans. Overall, the episode was out of place, and the events deviated from the typical characteristic of Mad Men.

Image Credits: Facebook/Mad Men | Mad Men/Lionsgate Television

Seahorse Seashell Party from The Family Guy

The Seahorse Seashell Party is the 2nd episode of season 10 of The Family Guy. The episode showed that a hurricane hit them, and the story turned into a whirlwind. Thanks to its clever social commentary, the American animated TV series has been on television for a long time. However, the show had some low points that fans wouldn't forget.

Image Credits: Facebook/Family Guy | Family Guy/Fox

The Show Fell Flat

This particular episode earned the reputation of being the worst out of the whole series. It seemed like people were quick to notice that the show somehow aired an episode that promotes violence. The episode revolves around Meg finally speaking up for herself, only to realize that her family doesn't mind her. Absurd right? After that episode, the fans thought that the show is generally uninteresting and fell flat.

Image Credits: Facebook/Family Guy | Family Guy/Fox

The Matrimonial Momentum from The Big Bang Theory

The Matrimonial Momentum is the first episode of season 9 of The Big Bang Theory. The episode revolves around the two couples. For a usual comedy series, the dramatic plot between the couples is a little off. The fans' reaction to that episode brought the episode a bad reputation.

Image Credits: Youtube/Netflix UK & Ireland | The Big Bang Theory/CBS

Devoid of Any Laughs

The whole episode was entirely different from the usual vibe of the show. Fans didn't buy it when it became too dramatic for their liking. They were uninterested when the show aired an unfunny plotline. The episode left viewers on a peculiarly sour note and devoided any laughs. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Netflix UK & Ireland | The Big Bang Theory/CBS

It's surprising how many TV series have awful season finales and episodes that usually ruin the whole show. Nevertheless, nothing and no one is perfect after all. Even the most excellent and renowned shows in television have their loopholes and rock bottoms ... well, failure is a chance to learn. Are there other TV series that you personally think are highly disliked by fans? Tell us in the comments why you think so, and share this article with your family and friends!

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